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Social Media Warrior Tells Me What He Thinks Of Me — And Liberals, Muslims, and Hispanics Too

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It’s only Tuesday and it already has been one whale of a week. I have lots of “good” stuff to share with readers, so I hope fattening up on turkey, pumpkin pie, and dressing doesn’t get in the way of me sharing the wealth. What follows is a screenshot of a message I received on Facebook from a racist, bigoted, Trump-loving man who thinks I am a sick, fat fuck. His words are typical of Trump’s hardcore devotees. No need for me to comment further.  I will let his word speak for themselves.


racism 2

racism 3


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    So who wants to go through and proofread this crap? Its almost as bad as that letter Moore’s lawyer sent to and wapo over their coverage of Moore’s despicable actions(though al.coms’s reply letter is a serious takedown that should be read)

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    The problem with this uneducated, illiterate, corn-husker is he probably drive, procreates, and votes! As Bugs Bunny would say, “What an Ultra-Maroon”!

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    We never lock the door to our house unless we are going on vacation. Not once has any Muslim person broken in to eat my food. I don’t have anything Halal, so I’m not sure what would be available. We could go shopping together, though, to select appropriate food. That might be fun.

    You know, this guy totally thought he won this argument when he called you a fat f&%#. Oh, yeah, redneck for the WIN!

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    Poor Tony, he really has no redeeming qualities and not a scintilla of intelligence. Not surprisingly, he’s also into rANDom CApitalIZAtioN. Oh dear, he’s quite the hot mess.

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