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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Founders of Feminism Were Reprobates Says Lori Alexander

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Christian women are floundering today. They have no idea what they are supposed to do with their lives? Should they work after having children or be home full time? But if they don’t work outside of the home, they will probably get bored and won’t make any money so they will feel useless. Oh, what should they do?

Mark Taspon did an interview with Mallory Millet who is the sister of Kate Millet. Kate is one of the founders of the second wave of feminism. Mallory admits that Kate was mentally ill and was a terror to live with:

I was with them at that table as they founded the Women’s Movement and NOW. The entire stated point of their activities was to destroy the American family and with that, Western Civilization. Is this not crazy? They were tooth-grittingly determined.

They were driven by destruction and deeply violent impulses toward men and the patriarchy. Their goal? To establish a matriarchy in order to end all war because that’s what men do, wage war. They believed that if women ran everything there would be no more war. In their madness they have conspired to destroy masculinity, drugging our little boys while trying to remake them into little girls and thus, emboldening our enemies who now see us as easy pickings. No nation is easier to overwhelm than one which has feminized the men and put females at the head of the tribe. Matriarchies never survive – never have, never will!

God tells us that those who “hold the truth in unrighteousness” (they know the truth but rebel against it) are given over to a reprobate mind (Romans 1). Reprobate means “a person abandoned to sin; one lost to virtue and religion.” This completely describes the founders of feminism since they were against all of God’s beautiful ways and they deceived women, even Christian women, into believing that leaving their homes all day and their children in the care of others is best


Instead of following culture and the lies of the mentally ill, young women should consider this when making life decisions:“If all mothers based their choices on whether to return to work by asking the questions, ‘What does the Bible say?’ and ‘What is best for my child spiritually?’ different choices would be made” (Judy Turner)


Christian women need to wake up and understand that they need to stop following women who had and have reprobate minds and begin following Jesus and His ways instead. Our culture is a mess and it’s because women have left their God-ordained roles at home and pursued their own selfish gain at the expense of their children.

— Lori Anderson, The Transformed Wife, Founders of Feminism Had Reprobate Minds, February 13, 2018


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    That Other Jean

    Oh, please. A demand for equality and a sharing of power with men is not “reprobate.” It is a demand for respect, which the female half (slightly more than half, actually) of humankind is due. If you don’t want your share of the benefits fought for by the generations before you, of course, nobody will force you to take them—but we will keep them safe for your daughters.

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      Exactly! As the Queen of Twitter aka J K Rowling said, ‘Being born with a vagina is not a design fault’. The genie of working towards equality is out of the bottle and is not going to be forced back in. Lori, we’re over here in 2018 should you ever care to join us!

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    So today ‘our culture is a mess and it’s because women have left their God-ordained roles.’ I thought it was because of those pesky gays, or transsexuals, or atheists, or liberals, or Obama, or fake news, or the media or… some other damn thing. Can’t these people make up their minds?

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    I continue to be bemused by the irony of a woman writing a blog, telling women that their role is to stay at home and raise children. I thought it was the role of men to instruct women?

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      Depending on who you ask women are allowed to instruct other women and children but only men can instruct everybody(and then throw in the hierarchy of god then pastor then husband wife and child in that order) and we get a whole convoluted mess. For example can a women instruct her adult son or since he is officially a man would it have to be her husband or pastor. Tough questions need answering.?

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    I remember my grandmother talking in circles about how NOW and ERA and feminism were against God, against the family, an attempt to emasculated men, an attempt to teach children to disrespect their parents (particularly fathers) but when I would press hee on these matters she couldn’t give specifics. It was just “women aren’t to be in authority over men” or some such drivel. Yet her own daughter was a divorced mom probably making less than men in similar positions and struggling to make ends meet. Even as a child I couldn’t see how women asking for equal pay and equal rights was a bad thing. Didn’t that imply that society viewed women as lesser at that point?

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    BBc Radio4 is described as the channel of ‘intelligent speech’ and has a weekly midday phone-in that I just heard. This week was about why so few dads in the UK take up their legal right to parental leave. As usual it was polite and reasonably intelligent. Then a retired lawyer was put on air and ranted about how a man’s role was to provide and a woman’s to look after babies. Men weren’t designed to do so and it was time to go back to the old days when this was universally recognised. The host interrupted his droning with ‘So your wife was OK with this…what does she think now your 4 boys are adults?’ He said ‘Oh she divorced me years ago…’ I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to choke on my lunch at that remark!

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    No nation is easier to overwhelm than one which has feminized the men and put females at the head of the tribe.

    That’s what the Argentinians thought when they invaded the Falkland Islands while Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister. Golda Meir wasn’t exactly a pushover either.

    These people need to check their clichés against the real world before running off at the mouth.

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