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Christopher Hitchens Thought Evangelist Billy Graham was a Con-Artist

christopher hitchens
Christopher Hitchens

The late Christopher Hitchens shares his thoughts on Evangelist Billy Graham.

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    Hmm I doubt if Billy Graham was insincere. While a $25 million in assets at his death sounds like a lot, he really could have made so much more if he wasn’t transparent. As far as we know there hasn’t been any sex scandals either. Usually if you follow the sex and money you find the true motivation.
    I am not a fan of course. I never found his preaching the least bit compelling. It is just tent revival style scare tactics and regurgitated parables. I saw an essay by a pastor that said he learned his trade by “faking it til you make it” method of copying Billy Graham’s published sermons and then eventually he got the gist of it and could do it on his own. While it was meant to be complimentary I feel it condemns it for the paint by numbers charade that it was.

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    I don’t know if I would characterize Billy Graham as evil, but I do not agree with his fear-mongering message. And he certainly went out of his way to cost up to our presidents in order to make his voice heard.

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    Justine Valinotti

    If someone proclaims him- or her-self to be a man or woman of God and gets cozy with those in power, either the ones in power are pimps, or the self-proclaimed men or women of God are prostitutes.

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