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Black Collar Crime: IFB Preacher Cameron Giovanelli Accused of Sexual Assault

cameron giovanelli

The Black Collar Crime Series relies on public news stories and publicly available information for its content. If any incorrect information is found, please contact Bruce Gerencser. Nothing in this post should be construed as an accusation of guilt. Those accused of crimes are innocent until proven guilty.

Cameron Giovanelli, the president of Golden State Baptist College — an Independent Fundamentalist Baptist (IFB) institution operated by Pastor Jack Trieber and North Valley Baptist Church in Santa Clara, California, stands accused of repeatedly sexually assaulting a church teenager when he was the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Dundalk, Maryland. As of the writing of this post, no criminal charges have been filed. Giovanelli’s name has been scrubbed from Golden State’s website.

On May 11, 2018, the victim, Sarah Jackson, posted the following on Facebook:

sarah jackson facebook

Stacey Shiflett, the current pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Dundalk, Maryland — the church Giovanellli pastored when he allegedly assaulted Jackson — released the following video:

Video Link

There’s much about this video that irritates the living hell out of me, especially the fact that the pastor “investigated” instead of immediately calling law enforcement. If the allegations against Giovanelli are true, then he sexually assaulted a minor girl while he was in a position of authority over her. This action, in most states, is criminal. I also don’t like the fact that the pastor used the word “consensual” in describing the relationship between Giovanelli and the victim. Again, in most states, the relationship, legally, could not have been consensual. And the general IFB verbiage about ministry, loyalty, and the appeal to authority and personal experience, were, at least to me, unnecessary.  I do give Shiflett credit for one thing: he was willing to publicly call out Cameron Giovanelli, Jack Trieber, and Golden State Baptist College. Kudos for speaking the truth and letting the shit land where it may. Shiflett says in public what many of us have known for years: the IFB church movement tends to cover-up criminal behavior out of fear of damaging their “testimony.”  Here’s to hoping that the light that Shiflett turned on the IFB movement will lead to the exposure of other sexual predators who have been hiding in plain sight for years.


I received an email from Pastor Shiflett about this post. He clarified his use of the word consensual and shared with me that his investigation was for his own peace of mind since Giovanelli was a friend and the former pastor of Calvary Baptist Church. He made it very clear that if such things happen at his church to a minor, it is immediately reported to law enforcement.  Shiflett, as you can imagine, has received a flood of emails, comments, etc. Most pastors would not do what he did, so he deserves a lot of credit for doing the right thing. That said, it should continue to trouble everyone that way too many pastors are either sexual predators/abusers or they go to great lengths to cover-up misconduct in their churches. Imagine how much better it might be for sexual abuse victims if their pastors not only listened to them but acted morally, ethically, decently, and responsibly on their behalf. Instead, abuse victims are often told to shut-up or are blamed for what happened. It is for this reason, that I continue to post Black Collar Crime stories, regardless of the threats and abuse hurled my way. Why? It’s the right thing to do.  I know this blog has high traffic numbers, and leveraging this traffic to expose alleged sexual abuse seems, at least to me, to be something I can and must do. On this point, I stand with Pastor Shiflett.

Golden State Baptist College released the following statement:

It has come to our attention that allegations of inappropriate conduct have been made against Cameron Giovanelli, a member of our staff. Upon receipt of the notice of the allegations, we immediately placed him on administrative leave of all activities and responsibilities, to conduct a thorough and honest investigation. During the course of that investigation, Cameron Giovanelli tendered his resignation to the ministry and his resignation has been accepted. All responsibilities of any nature whatsoever, were permanently and immediately terminated with receipt of his resignation. There were no allegations of wrongdoing of any nature that involved the ministries of North Valley Baptist Church or Golden State Baptist College. Please keep our ministry, the Giovanelli family and all others involved in your prayers.


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    J.D. Matthews

    I do wish he’d involved the police as well, but what Pastor Shiflett has done, in context of the culture of the IFB and other such conservative cult-churches, is fairly ballsy. He’s likely never going to be given the “grace” that Giovanelli will be extended. He may never be able to pastor another church again, and I’m sure those who he is rebuking will come after him for retribution in some way or shape.

    With a few significant adjustments, I wish we had more people like him on our side.

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      Bruce Gerencser

      If you have a link for this, I would appreciate you posting it. I’ve gone through Sarah’s posts twice. I’ve not seen anything that mentions this has been reported to authorities.

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    Sometimes, the truth gets to squirm through into the light. Preacher Stacey Shiflett is trying very hard to raise the bar for the IFB bunch. I would like to see an IFB#metoo take fire and burn its way through the old dried bullshit of well-swept, polished churches that have long gone scott-free with regard to rampant abuse.
    Preacher Shiflett, I am sorry you have been harmed and I am grateful that you are willing to speak out. My fear is the the church will bury you now because you are not willing to be on the team. You clearly believe that your faith has helped you to be open and truthful. I would suggest that the faith you refer to is really you, a character that is to be admired for standing alone against abusers. I suspect you are about to discover that your religious overlords are going to dump on you, to use Jesus himself to harm you. In my 65 years of life it has been my experience that religion harms, that it is the world champion liar of all liars. Still, I thank-you for standing beside Sarah Jackson as someone willing to care and speak the truth.

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      Bruce Gerencser

      Yeah, I know first hand how people are treated who dare to talk out of school or tell where the dead bodies are buried, By far, the worst people I’ve ever had to deal with on this blog are IFB zealots out to defend their pastor or church from exposure or criticism. As with Jack Schaap’s victim, IFB zealots will say the victim seduced Giovanelli; that she was a willing participant; that she is in it for the money.

      I do give Shiflett props for speaking up. I hope he might consider confronting the man who abused him years ago. I understand the desire/need to bury abuse and move on. But, abusers don’t stop until they are made to stop. Rarely do they sexually assault one child and stop. God, the Holy Spirit, prayer, feeling convicted, getting saved — none of these things stop predators. Arrest, prosecution, and imprisonment do.

      As you do, I’d love to see the IFB church movement, along with Evangelicalism burn to the ground. That said, most Evangelicals are generally appalled by sexual misconduct within their churches. That’s the good news. The bad news is that many of them have been conditioned to stay silent; to obey their pastors; to not question leadership. This “Biblical” silence allows abuse to continue.

      One church I know of had a man who sexually assaulted teen boys twice. The church enabled this behavior by giving the man a second chance. “Hey, God has forgiven him and so should we.” The pastor and church board never gave a full accounting of the whats and whys of this man’s behavior and their culpability in the matter. I have family who attends this church and they, to this day, are not sure of what happened beyond what appeared in the newspaper. The victim sued the church. The church’s insurance company paid out a hefty settlement.

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    Kristen Jones

    Absolutely LOVE that pastor Shiflett took this stand! Every preacher across this land should follow his lead.

  4. Avatar

    She originally wasn’t going to press charges but because NVBC mishandled the situation on their live stream with their statement,she pressed charges Thursday morning. Then the video was uploaded on Friday morning because the situation wad not handled right and the people were misinformed.

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    Lauren Knefel

    I just don’t understand how someone can get up at the pulpit every single week and preach the truth and be living a complete and total lie. Had to be such a miserable life. I’m saved! Jesus Christ has freed me from addiction and I STILL fail every single day in soooooo many areas of my life! But I feel horrible and try to make it right and change things. To be able to get up and continue to preach every week and keep it all together really makes me question if he really ever new Christ in the first place. So sad. So so sad. Gives Christians a terrible name. It’s not even the fact that he messed up! We all mess up! It’s the fact that he never fessed up or even just decided to step down because he didn’t feel right preaching anymore. NOTHING! Sad….Sad for this mans poor wife and children and of course the victims. Your sin will ALWAYS find you out. Game over Pastor. Good job to pastor Shiflett.

    • Avatar

      Lauren, I am happy to know that you have managed your ‘addiction’ but among non-believers what you have accomplished is replacing one excess with another. By giving over responsibility to Christ, by being saved, you shift the foundation of your responsibility to, at best, an historical fugure represented by women-haters and bullies. It shocks me that people informed by history and readily available information on the internet, still maintain an allegiance to harming themselves and others with religion. You suffered harm by needing to become addicted and that happened because _______. In your heart, you know why you reached out to dull the pain and it wasn’t because of some imaginary Devil anymore than it was an imaginary God who saved you. Your ability to seek assistance and to bring balance into your life deserves praise. I admire you and I don’t believe for a second that magic Jesus had anything to do with your hard work to shift from chemical dependence to the drug of Christianity. I trust that as time goes on, you will accept the simple reality that we are just people, not born in sin or born bad or fallen from grace, just people who sometimes need help from ourselves and one another. I am sorry to know that you were so harmed that you fell into addiction and I admire that you share your view in a place like this, not exactly among those of like-mind! Still, I have to object to the false idea that being saved changes people essentially from sinners to something else. They remain locked in the cycle of self-harm, repeating their begging for forgiveness. You really could give yourself more credit and stand freely as you are, a strong woman who decided to manage her excess. When I was a Christian, I still suffered and went for therapy to talk and to get help with feeling what was really troubling me. In feeling, in allowing myself to feel and to talk about that in my family history (child of preacher) I was finally free to say goodbye to church, to faith, to sin, to all the sick ideas of religious indoctrination. I know you reject what I am saying and have to judge me as of the devil but I encourage you to continue to get help regarding your addiction and to try to find your way to the original reasons for it. There, in that harm, lie the feelings that can free you. Try not to feel so horrible for being merely human. Don’t give in to terrible sadness just because you make a mistake in life or see yourself ‘failing’ at something. Give yourself a pat on the back for trying! And realize that when you suggest another Christian maybe wasn’t really saved because they erred in some miserable, sick way, you are doing so to cover over your own pain. It is very common in religion to do what you are doing and speaking as if Christians deserve a good name…. they don’t. People who tell the truth deserve praise, as we here have praised the man willing to tell the truth from within the religious cage. He will not do well because the Christians with good names will get him now. Follow the money, they say, if you want to see what’s what. Shiflett is out, though he doesn’t yet seem to know it.

      • Avatar

        Brian, you don’t know Christ so you have no idea what you are talking about. Your mindset is 2018. In 33 ad, Christ was radical. The world was way different. Christ came to set people free FROM religion.

        • Avatar
          Bruce Gerencser

          How do you know Christ was radical? To quote renowned Evangelical scientist Ken “Hambo” Ham, were you there? All you know about Jesus is what little is said about him in the gospels and what preachers have been saying about him for the past 2,000 years.

          Must one “know” Christ — how does someone know a corpse? — before knowing what they are talking about? Brian “knew” Christianity for many, many years, as did I. We were deeply immersed in your end of the pool. Are you trying to say that we know nothing about Christianity, Jesus, Evangelicalism, the IFB church movement, etc? What, did all our accrued knowledge disappear the moment we walked/ran away from Christianity?

          Christianity is a religion, as is Evangelicalism, and the IFB church movement. Playing the “true Christianity is not a religion” won’t work here. We actually know how to read.

          • Avatar

            With all of your “knowledge” and “experience”, you still left the one who loved and died for you. Bruce, your own testimony has condemned you. You may know how to read, but
            there is no discernment in what you read. What doesn’t work here is not religion, but Jesus Christ. You have destroyed Him. I am sorry for you sir. Please consider your ways and change your mind.

    • Avatar

      Oh the number of times I heard that in 5 decades of ardent faith…’it makes me question if he was a true believer in the first place…’ He probably was as fervent as you were, but hypocrisy, preaching against something then doing it yourself is part of the broken system that x-tianity is. And PLEASE I beg you, do anything you can to help THE VICTIM of any abuse that you know about. Funny how, again like ‘he wasn’t a true x-tian’ believers say they ‘pray for healing for the abuser, his family and -oh yes – I nearly forgot, the victim too.’ Ask any abuse survivor, however spiritual and ‘close to god’ they were before the abuse and they will say they have never got over it, it’s affected or ruined their lives for many decades.

  6. Avatar

    A couple things people should realize before bashing nvbcs statement is that they had to be very careful about how they worded their statement in order to avoid a potential lawsuit. If they were to pronounce the man guilty on a world wide stream of something he hasn’t officially been convicted of, there would be the potential for a defamation suit from him. So they had to be careful about what they said. I know the alleged victim was not happy about what was said, or that it wasn’t said the way that she wanted, but it was likely handled that way for that reason. I’m not saying that the evidence isn’t compelling or that she isn’t believed because I believe her, but that doesn’t mean that the church can publicakky convict or punish him outside of a court of law. All they could do is make sure he was fired / resigned and was no longer working their. I too second that ilthe police should have been involved from the beginning. The other sad thing is I have looked at the law in Maryland and because 16 is the age of consent there, the only thing that he could likely be charged with is for him maintaining a relationship with someone under 18 in which he had an authority position over. A 4th degree misdemeanor offense that carries a maximum 1 year prison sentence and $1,000 fine. Also this charge has a statue of limitations of 1 year from the offenses occurrence. Very sad since this really is a disgusting that that hasn’t been done. I feel sorry for the victim and everyone’s anger. I just hope they can have closure over what has occurred since I will be surprised if the Maryland DA will charge him with anything.

    • Avatar

      Thank you for your perspective AND for taking the initiative to look into Maryland laws. Many of the laws in Many states relating to sexual assault are Horrifyingly minimal in the consequences to the offender.

      • Avatar

        You’re welcome. And I normally don’t comment on stuff like this, but I see a lot of people weighing in and bashing that church for what they should or shouldn’t have done and accusing of a cover up etc. but these people don’t realize that in thia case, there’s not a whole lot that NVBC could have done other than fire him / force his resignation which occurred fairly promptly. The alleged incident didn’t take place there and it wasn’t even in the same state so it’s not their job to try and press charges. As horrible as the situation is they really did everything that they legally could given he wasn’t actually convicted of a crime (yet). It’s kind of a lose-lose situation for them because they wanted to address the situation and not make it look like they were trying to cover it up (to me I really don’t think they are doing that since he doesn’t work there anymore and I think I read he’s been banned from coming to the church), but they can’t just say he’s guilty and all that on a nation stream when the courts haven’t proven that yet. Even in that Calvary pastors statement he’s acting like the church can practice sharia law or something, but this is America and we have due process. They are trying to do the right thing while protecting their ministries from a potential law suit from the person that they are trying to get rid of.

        • Avatar
          Bruce Gerencser

          Trieber and North Valley Baptist Church have a bad track record when it comes to dealing with stories such as this, so they will not get a pass from me.

          Cover-ups are all too common in both the IFB church movement and Evangelicalism as a whole.

          It remains to be seen if there is any legal recourse in this matter. Giovanelli had a custodial relationship with the girl, and there may be laws that pertain to sexual assault in such relationships that differ from typical laws dealing with sex crimes. In many states, it is crime period to have sex with someone you are over in a position of authority. It’s not a matter of consent, because the girl, according to such laws, couldn’t grant consent. These kind of laws apply to pastors, counselors, doctors, lawyers, social workers, dentists — anyone who has a professional relationship with someone else. If such laws exist in Maryland, they would certainly apply to this case.

          I have posted hundreds of Black Collar Crimes stories over the last eighteen months. The evidence is overwhelming that Evangelicalism has a huge problem with pastors, missionaries, deacons, and other church leaders committing sex crimes. IFB preachers love “exposing” the pedophile scandal in the Catholic church. Now, it seems, they have their own scandal. Not that these crimes are anything new, they are not. The difference now, of course, is that victims are willing to tell their stories. The internet has also played a big part in keeping these men from leaving town under a cloud of suspicion, only to show up on the other side of the country pastoring a new church.

          As far as guilt or due process is concerned, that’s for the courts to decide. I think rational people can look at the evidence and come to a sound conclusion. Out of the hundreds of stories I have posted, only one of the allegations proved to be false. The courage it takes for a woman (or man) to publicly tell their story is amazing. No one in their right mind would willingly bring such scrutiny and pain upon themselves for a lie. I can only imagine the shit the victim has had to deal with. I know one thing for certain, IFB Christians are the nastiest, most violent people I have ever dealt with on this blog. From vicious personal attacks to death threats, these fine Christians are more concerned with protecting the brand than doing what is right. The supporters of Jack Hyles and First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana are, by far, the worst.

        • Avatar

          Thank you for your comment!!! This is exactly what I’ve been yelling at my phone since this came out. NVBC did what they could legally. I think they handled it as best they could under the circumstances you stated. I have dealt with sexual misconduct in a church and I will STILL say that I hope this lady gets some healing throughout this process and he’s charged with as much as possible. But attacking a church that had NOTHING to do with what this man did is unnerving ! I knew this man for years and I’m terribly ashamed of his actions because he was raised sooo much better! It was a terrible shock! I can find out as many details I need on this case on the Internet, NVBC did the best they could. I appreciate you looking up the laws and seeing the legality of the issue at hand!

  7. Avatar

    That’s fine if you don’t want to give them a pass but all I’m saying is seeing as the incident didn’t occur there and was in another state, they did all that they legally were allowed to do. Even if they didn’t publically go after giovanelli, it doesn’t mean they didn’t think he was guilty. He lost his job over it and was kicked out of the church. It’s the job of the victim to go and press charges or the church in which it was reported being Calvary. What bothers me is that they did not immediately contact the police when they were informed of the allegations. That pastor trying to do his own investigation like that is almost like a random guy walking up on a murder scene and trying to investigate it for evidence before the police arrive. The police probably should have handled it because it’s quite possible that he has hurt her chances of a criminal suit because he’s “gathered evidence” and blasted it over the internet. Let’s hope that’s not the case. Also as far as the law is concerned, it’s true that she can’t consent because of his position of authority over her, but the Maryland law states that in this case if she is 16 or older, it’s only 4th degree sexual misconduct with maximum punishment of 1 year in prison and $1000 fine. Also I believe the statue of limitations of this crime said it was one year after offense occurred which would have ran out 11 years ago. I believe he did it and is guilty but I doubt a DA will pursue a misdemeanor offense that is past statue of limitations which also has the accused in another state that would require extradition. If there are more victims that come forward that could change tho. Also as far as what you said about IFB Christians, I’m sure there are very many that don’t act like Christians, but they are human just like the rest of us. I’m not excusing it, just saying none of us are perfect. In fact sexual misconduct happens everywhere, not just in the church. Just look at Hollywood with the me too movement, and that horrific USA gymnastics team doctor. Ya nobody wants to be associated with it so I understand the backlash but we have to understand that it is everywhere and we should do our best to expose it. On a side note I happen to be an IFB Christian but I hope you will find that I have been quite civil and pleasant even in disagreeing with you. I understand you have a right to your opinion just as I have a right to mine. The saddest thing for me in this whole situation is I hope the victim is able to vet closure in this whole affair even if the outcome isn’t exactly what she wants. I’d hate to see bitterness from this consume her.

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser


      Engaging in a sexual act, sexual contact, or vaginal sex with a child under 18 who at the time of the sexual activity was a student enrolled in a school where the person was in a position of authority (i.e. a principal, coach, teacher, or counselor who’s at least 21 years old, employed by the school, and was in a supervisory position over the student)

      Until 2017, the statute of limitations on child sexual abuse was age 25. In 2017, the state legislature changed the statute of limitations to age 38. The victim’s assault “may” fall under the new statute depending on when the alleged crime was committed.

      The Baltimore Sun has an interesting article on the new law:

      Regardless of the “law” on the matter, I agree with you that the church should have immediately reported the allegation to law enforcement. Let them sort out the legalities of the matter.

      Of course, the victim can turn to civil courts for satisfaction. This is perhaps the best way to make churches accountable for what takes place on their watch. Money won’t heal the wounds, but it sure as hell will make pastors and churches think twice before they bury criminal behavior or allow sexual predators to escape prosecution by moving on to new churches.

      I’m not , for many reasons, a fan of IFB beliefs and practices. My opinions are well known in the IFB community. That said, all that matters on this issue is that the victim finds healing and the perpetrator is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. And barring prosecution, I hope the perpetrator will never be permitted to pastor or work with children/teens again.

      • Avatar

        Yes I have read the law and the worst case scenario for him would be 1 year of prison and a fine. I agree that churches shouldn’t cover up crimes like this and I’m glad we agree that the other pastor should have immediately gone to the police. I just think that there is a difference between covering something up / trying to conceal a crime, and restraining from publicly convicting someone in a capacity that is not in a court of law, and before all the facts have come out (usually a court of law is necessary for this).

        In this case, you have one person making accusations and the other vehemently denying them. obviously one of them is lying. When faced with the evidence, the determination was made to terminate him, but that doesn’t give them the right to say he’s guilty over the internet because that could potentially be slander and a defamation suit. I actually think Pastor Shifflet was unwise in the statement he made, even if it was true and it was how he felt, for that very reason. I say let the police handle it. Let the police determine if there were other victims and what case they can bring against him. And if there is a case then prosecute to the full extent. But thats not the churches job to investigate in a criminal matter and its not their place to get “justice”. There job is to report it.

        also in regards to IFB pastors going on to pastor other churches etc:
        I agree, i know you know longer are a religious person and i respect that, that is your choice, but i believe that if a pastor commits a crime such as this, or in other examples adultery, etc., then he has disqualified himself from being a pastor and should resign the ministry and not just go on and pastor some other church. I know several that have done this and it irks me a little. It contributes to some giving IFB churches a bad name because when they go out and try to pastor, and pretend like nothing happened, they invite criticism and deservedly so. That being said, the I in IFB stands or independent, which means that each church is an entity unto itself. If a pastor leaves a church over some sin, and starts another church, the church he left doesnt have the authority to stop him from being a pastor if the new church wants him. thats up to them to decide. I as a christian in turn can decide that I dont want to.

        as far as Giovanelli not being able to work with children again, i agree, he shouldnt be able to. But unfortunately, the way the law works in this country he needs to be convicted of a crime. I hope he gets whats coming to him, but at the same time its not my job to go around bashing him on the internet and trying to make sure his life is miserable, especially before he has been convicted. I mean the most accurate statement any of us could say is that he has been accused of sexual misconduct, and even in that statement the victim has not yet publicly stated details as to what depth the misconduct was. until she does we are all just assuming.

    • Avatar

      Not only NVBC, as I’m sure u know.
      IMHO, Bruce is right to say Christianity is a religion like any other. It is, like all others, built on the “Tree of Knowledge…” Jesus did not come to give knowledge, but life. He is the “Tree of life” that Adam rejected.
      “Churches” are businesses. “The Ministry” is the company. “The pastor” is the CEO. “The Members” are the customers. “Evangelism” is the marketing plan…etc. And none of this is in the NT bible.
      Cover ups and embezzlement should be expected in a biz that markets morality because it can’t deliver.
      Morality comes from a love for Life!

  8. Avatar

    Shiflett: I am very grateful for some very positive results today. I have pulled my response video down. It served its purpose. Let’s now turn our attention to better protecting the flock of God & being more bold & biblical in exposing the wolves. (via Twitter)

  9. Avatar
    Heather Grimes

    Ok first of our Pastor Shiflett is not out to whoever said that
    And I commend the man for speaking out the way he did and as far our church burying him has more love and support then ever before!
    I personally have gained a new respect for my pastor….

  10. Avatar
    jan jing

    Way to go NVBC on another cover up! after the sunday night service ended and the church was off live feed, Pastor went on about how much he loved bro. Giovanelli and went on to make Bro. Giovanelli seem like a victim instead of the perp he is. Ask Bro. Trieber about how the staff member who raped two teem age girls, impregnating one of them. As the family sat in his office he promised that if the family did not press charges of rape against the staff member than the staff member would never come back. Well lo and behold the year the statue of limitations ran out on a sunday night this staff member was voted back into the church. Mind you, almost all the congregation did not know of the situation. After the service, the mother of the pregnant girl wept hard and grabbed me and kept saying “He promised us” I asked her what she met and then she explained about the rape and the promise made to her. I asked her if she had approached Pastor T. after the service and she said to his face, “How could you allow him back again, and then she said that Pastor T. looked at her and said that there was nothing he could do. The jerk is still there.

    • Avatar

      And the jerk will sin again and harm someone. Thank-you Jesus for the structure of faith that not only allows us to harm ourselves and others but is designed to do exactly that…. and with a gracious smile and amen.

  11. Avatar

    People today are so willing to believe anything. There has been absolutely no proof provided, yet people are ready to hang him and totally ruin his name. Ask yourself the logical question, why is this coming out now? So many years later? Why would Cameron Giovenelli take a high profile position at a Bible college, if he had any doubt about this coming out? He took the job and did not worry, because this isn’t true! There are slanderous vindictive people that are willing to make up horrendous lies- either for attention or revenge. Well, this is one of the cases. And the Giovenell’s have suffered greatly because it.
    Don’t be so quick to believe every bad story you hear. Pray for everyone involved in this unfortunate situation.

  12. Avatar

    where is the news coverage there is only accusations for months now i don’t fall on either side of this becouse there has been no proof you can say he resigned yes he did however that was not an admission of guilt and we don’t know why it was done so i ask any updates

  13. Avatar
    jan jing jing

    Giovanelli is still on staff at NVBC. Does anyone know any updates. I know she filed the charges, but I haven’t heard the outcome.

  14. Avatar
    Robert Nichting

    Jack Trieber protected one of his graducates. What a disgrace. Bible college is a prideful place and the root of pride is sin satan

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      Huh? This post is about sexual asssault, and you are more worried about someone having a “potty mouth?” Take your sanctimonious morality policing and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. And,fuck off. I don’t have a “potty mouth.” I just have a larger vocabulary than you.

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