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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Know Jesus, Know Peace — No Jesus, No Peace

no jesus no peace

Evangelism-minded Christians move and breathe in a culture full of myths and folklore. Some of it comes from the Bible, but not all of it.

A big part of their recruitment tactics involves selling two parallel myths to existing and potential new members.

The first myth is that of the Super-Happy, Super-Content, Super-Fulfilled Christian. Hucksters in the religion have sold this vision for many years. Join us, and you will find a new family, even a new home. Join us, and you will gain a sense of purpose for your life. Participate in something much bigger than yourself. Find hope, joy, and peace. For those who feel adrift, this sales pitch sounds like a siren’s call.

Alongside that myth is that of the Unhappy, Discontented, Unfulfilled Atheist. And hucksters in the religion have sold this vision, as well. Ignore our call, and you will always lack what we enjoy. You’ll wonder why nothing in your life goes well–why your relationships sour, why your projects come to nothing. How sad, to lack purpose and meaning in life! How sad, to be so angry all the time, without hope of joy and true love!

These myths function as two sides of the same tarnished coin. As the Christian saying goes: know Jesus, know peace–no Jesus, no peace!

— Captain Cassidy, Roll to Disbelieve, What That “Angry at God” Accusation Really Means, November 15, 2018


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    I feel so much more peaceful without Christianity than I did with it. I was stressed out all the time as a fundamentalist, trying to make sure I got this and that right – actions and thoughts. Being a progressive Christian was better than being a fundamentalist but I don’t need religion. Now my time is free to spend with family without obligations to a congregation. But I could see someone who believes they have their own personal Jesus living in their “heart” would think the rest of us are lonely. (But now I can shower without thinking whether my own personal Jesus is checking me out).

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      I too, have experienced profound peace in letting go of ‘belief’ given to me in the womb and from the pulpit for all my life. The period during which I was letting it all go, I marveled at how free I felt and how light in my shoes. I do see the value in community, in people gathering to visit and challenge and encourage one another, to help one another out, but I am so giggly delighted to have let the stained glass go. Jesus used to count the times the word ‘fuck’ passed through my mind and he just waited to see me fail again and again at perfect kindness and love. It was so so gracious of him to let me off so many times! But really, what decent parent does this kind of torture with their children?? Jesus is a prick, poor fella. His dad didn’t have to do the whole Cross thing at all now did he? He might have had a heart for his child. My preacher father sometimes felt guilty scaring children with the ‘truth’ but he did his IFB duty. What a crock of stewed abuse it all was…

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    Debra Smith

    Honestly, I don’t think they are happy. Does their God really give them peace? Don’t think so. Why so much hate and anger? They are more like “pod people” from Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

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