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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Democrats Are the ‘Party of Evil’

bill mitchell

This is what the Democrat Party believes in. This is what they are about. They are murderers. They are evil. They are racist. They want to open our borders to illegal aliens. They want to raise our taxes. I’ll tell you what, they are a scary, frightening party and as the righteous people of God, we must stand against them.

If you went out there and you voted Democrat this last time, you need to take a hard, long look in the mirror. The Democrats are the party of evil. They’re the party of death and open borders. Look at all the crime and the disease and the drugs these illegals are bringing across the border, look at how they’re driving down wages for hard-working Americans. And yet you’re voting for that. You’ve lost your minds. If you’re a Democrat and you’re voting Democrat, you’ve lost your mind and you’d better check your soul too, because you are voting for stuff that God is not for.

— Bill Mitchell, Right Wing Watch,The Democrats Are the Party of Evil, January 4, 2018


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    mary g

    this guy has lost his mind. the repubs have sold us down the river for years. hope all of us average folk wake up and boot them out next election cycle.

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    I took a hard long look in the mirror and gave it thought. I decided I didn’t want to be a cheat at politics and greedy at business, misogynistic, homophobic and racist. I’m staying a Democrat. While they are not perfect, we’re not evil.

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    Sorry if wanting to help the poor and provide decent healthcare for everyone means I have to pay a little more in taxes each year and sends me down the road to hell, count me in. As for the racism and bigotry that is standard fair for republicans since the whole southern strategy and Nixon. Yes the democrats at one time had the kkk as supporters but that was a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

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    Donald Trump is a motherfucker, lying motherfucker. I have stated before that the USA is by far the most dangerous nation on the planet. I wanted to believe that Obama was something different but Obama has been replaced by a motherfucker a complete collapse of Yes we can into a huge NO we can’t! Listen to this rabid Mitchell guy on Right Wing Watch. He comes unhinged and starts gesturing wildly about Democrats being evil and murderers and how all Democrats are lost souls if they voted against Trump. He’s all yours, Mitchell. You keep the motherfucker. Wait, I just checked the definition of motherfucker and Trump is way worse than that…. I can’t think of an expletive that deserves to be sullied by being attached to the present president of the USA.

    a despicable or very unpleasant person or thing.

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