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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Stop Making an Idol Out of Sickness

becky dvorak

Have we idolized the sickness? Has it become all-powerful to us? Has it become the center of our lives? Is it the controller of all we say and do? It is the center of every message we give? Do our words glorify Jesus as the healer of all, including this sickness, or do they insinuate this sickness is more powerful than Jesus? I know these are hard questions to ask ourselves, but in order to dethrone this sickness we need to know what we are glorifying.

Have we become a walking billboard for advertising the disease? Are we its new poster child? Are we walking down the catwalk modeling the disease for the world to see? Have we turned the spotlight onto the sickness? Are we highlighting the strength of this disease with every breath that we breathe?

I don’t think we set out to idolize the sickness. I think it sneaks into position, and before we know it, we bow down to it and comply to its every demand. Instead, we should take our stand and by a faith-filled command, curse it and bind it back to the land from where it came: the pit of hell. Take hold of our spiritual claim, the redemptive power of the blood to deliver and heal us from these filthy chains that try to bind us. It’s time to set ourselves free from this golden calf of sickness and disease.

We need to stop promulgating a false doctrine that says God gave this disease to us. This message goes against the Word of God, and devalues the blood that Jesus shed for us at the whipping post so that we could be healed from sickness and disease. With every fiber of His precious being He shed His blood for our healing.


Again we have a choice to make. Are we willing to admit and repent of all our doubt and unbelief to our Healer, Jesus? Or will we hold onto our right to a false doctrine and glorify this sickness? Are we ready to dethrone this disease in our lives? And are we going to lift up Jesus higher and place Him, our healer on the throne of our hearts, and cleanse our temples from the filth of this disease?

Becky Dvorak, Charisma News, Stop Making This an Idol, December 31, 2018

BTW, Dvorak, a faith-healing evangelist, believes if you just speak that “right words” Jesus will heal you.


  1. Avatar
    Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    No, no, no~~~ Fuck Her~! This is exactly the same shit I had to hear during my years with un diagnosed Mast Cell disorder and a bleeding disorder. Years wasted in which I could have had a real diagnosis and treatment. People die when they listen to that bullshit.

  2. Avatar

    This sounds like a combination of victim blaming and believing that Jesus instead of the medical community should be trusted. Like, “you aren’t healed because you don’t trust Jesus enough”.

  3. Avatar

    “We need to stop promulgating a false doctrine that says God gave this disease to us. ”

    But you can’t have it both ways… either the Sky Man is in charge or he’s not.
    Which is it??

    And ‘we’ need to stop making people who are sick feel worse by spreading this kind of crap.


  4. Avatar
    That Other Jean

    Sure, Becky–you jump right off that couch and go rustle up some lunch for the kids and yourself when you’re gasping for air because you have asthma and major trouble breathing. It will be fine if you ignore your inhalers, skip your medications, and trust Jesus. Or “take charge” of your gout and go walk the kids to school. Never mind Indomethacin, Jesus will make it stop hurting every time your foot touches the floor, if you just ask Him.

    Becky, I don’t think you’ve ever had a long-term, debilitating disease, so you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  5. Avatar
    mary g

    No! Just No! this lady is way off. but sadly,she will have followers trying to live up to the latest drivel she spews.they will get sicker physically and mentally. so sad.

  6. Avatar

    Yikes. I have been off the net a bit with server outages but want to chip in on this ‘piece of work’, this Becky Dvorak. She is a vampire. Shine any true sunlight on her and she will belch and scream and melt before your eyes. Chrisitianity is a favorite hiding place for these bloodsuckers…
    How low can you go, Becky? Take a little love-offering for your trouble? Yuck, gag me.

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