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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Pete Buttigieg Makes a Fool of God Says Steve Van Nattan

steve van nattan

AND GOD SAID, “LET THERE BE FAGGOTS.”  You will not find that statement in Genesis, Chapter One. But, Democrat Pete Buttigieg is sure God makes faggots.

If God made Pete a faggot, God is a blithering idiot.


Pete’s god is not the God of the Bible.

God created Pete a sodomite, and then God called for Pete to be stoned to death for sodomy, according to the law God gave Moses on Mount Sinai. This sort of talk is considered good edification only in the B Ward of the State Hospital.

Pete’s logic makes a great fool of God. God gave the law against sodomy, and then God made Pete a queer. Not lately, dim bulb.

This is a perfect illustration of the Satanic and demonic power in the lives and thinking of modern leaders in America. This raging beast, Pete, claims that sodomy has brought him closer to God. The only faggot god I know of that would cuddle up to Pete is Shiva, the faggot god of Hinduism.

— Steve Van Natten, Baalam’s Ass Speaks, And God Said, “Let There be Faggots”, April 8, 2019


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    What a jackass. I can really see the christian love from this guy. He probably thinks helping the least of these is beneath him.

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      If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them. (Leviticus 20:13)

      It doesn’t look like he loves them to me.

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        John Arthur

        Only a moral monster would put anyone to death because they had sexual relations with someone of the same gender. While most of us are heterosexual, would you apply the death penalty (if you had the power) to heterosexuals that committed adultery, just because some book says so.

        Weren’t large parts of the bible written by very violent, bloodthirsty, barbaric and ancient savages who created god in their own likeness. If you think that the bible is some word of god then is it okay for a man to rape a woman in an open field and then (provided the girl’s father accepts the bride price) the woman is forced to marry her rapist? Why hone in on same-sex oriented persons to vent your spleen?

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    In fairness the God of the Bible could create a homosexual and then condemn him.

    Isaiah 45:7

    Forming light, and preparing darkness, Making peace, and preparing evil, I [am] Jehovah, doing all these things.’

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    Edward Hafner

    Homosexuality is a choice and the a great many people making the wrong choice. And every man did what was right in their OWN eyes.

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      If homosexuality is a choice then so is being heterosexual. I’m assuming you are heterosexual. Can you imagine having sex with a man? No? I didn’t think so! It isn’t a choice now is it?

      I know it’s hard for you but now try and imagine that you’ve been born wanting sex with someone the same sex as you. Almost all species of animals exhibit homosexual tendencies in some individuals. It’s not a choice, it’s the way you are born. People need to grow up on this point.

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    Stephen Van Nattan

    God blew two whole cities into Hell and rescued the only straight man in that city. If there had been any other straight men in Sodom, God would have rescued them before he blew the city away. But, the message is, sodomy is a capital offense with God. The law of Moses, given on Mount Sinai, underscores God’s thoughts on sodomy. You cannot claim to follow the religion of the Bible, either Jewish or Christian, and be a sodomite. You can try, but Hell is where God will send you in the end. Your choice.

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      John Arthur

      The Sodom and Gomorrah story is a biblical legend, that has created a great deal of hostility towards same-sex oriented persons in Fundamentalist churches. How about showing compassion, loving-kindness and healing mercy. Don’t you realize that the bible has numerous errors and contradictions in it? It’s not a supernatural book but a book written by ignorant and bloodthirsty savages.

      What compassionate person would ever torture any person by burning them, let alone torture them forever? The church has done severe psychological damage to many of its congregants whenever it preaches hell. It no longer has the political power to burn people at the stake for supposed heresy but, I suspect many Fundamentalist pastors wish that they had the power to burn heretics like John Calvin supported the burning of Servetus and was also instrumental in the burning of 34 witches.

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    Stephen, do you actually think you can trust the word and the promises of a god that thinks eternal torture is “justice”? Eternity is a long, long time to keep your thoughts pristine and your piety piping hot. If there was such a place as hell (but I rather doubt that; ’tis a silly place), you and other True Believers™ are no safer than the people you so cheerfully condemn.

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    “ Your choice.”

    Stephen, your words. Ignoring the patently ridiculous claim that your bible city was, quite literally, 100% gay minus one (oh, and by the way, were all the women lesbians)….hell, I cannot ignore it! How was there a population if nobody was having procreative sex? I’m sorry, but your position is one of sheer ill-considered foolishness, based on your obsessive superstitious belief.

    However, the point I make in highlighting the ‘your choice’ words is that it isn’t a choice. If it were a choice then, given the prejudice and hatred that is directed at homosexuals, everybody would choose ‘straight’. Yet 10% at least of the world population is gay (and what about animals that exhibit the characteristic, do they exercise choice’?), so there is a very strong presumption that it is a matter of genetics. Indeed, I’m assuming you are married, and consider yourself normal. Did you at sometime ‘choose’ not to be gay? Could you possibly have chosen otherwise? Exactly, so it’s hardly a ‘choice’.

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      Yet 10% at least of the world population is gay. That’s a totally made up number. CDC and other modern data put the rate at about half that. Why does the CDC care? Simple: The astronomical HIV rates of gay males.

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        The percentage of people in the UK (and likely similar to the US) identifying as straight heterosexual is now just over 93%. This number has decreased substantially since just 2012 and is expected to decrease still further as alternative life styles become more socially acceptable. Hence the estimate of 10% is probably not far wrong.

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    Fact: The Christian bible condemns homosexuality, usually very harshly, every single time it mentions it. There isn’t much difficulty understanding that.

    “If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them. (Leviticus 20:13)”

    Not much way you can misunderstand that is there? Homosexuality does not, in any way, shape, or form, reconcile with Christianity. Period end of story.

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      Homosexuality does not, in any way, shape, or form, reconcile with Christianity. Period end of story.

      You’re right. It doesn’t. Proof that something’s really wrong with Christianity.

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    Brian Vanderlip

    Christianity is designed to harm the self and others. It spews ignorance such as that quoted by Tom from Leviticus. Tom doesn’t bother with the other stuff in the book of Leviticus because he is busy enough with the delusion he embraces regarding same-sex people. It satisfies him. Tom is typical of people who follow an IFB viral belief. Human reason does not apply here and can do no good. The point is to harm. Tom accomplishes this… One might ask a ‘Tom’ why they do not pay attention to rest of Leviticus but the questioning is not likely to uncover any decency in reasoning, just more drivel.

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      Here’s the link. 44 times higher HIV rate. Reality is pretty brutal stuff huh?

      ” While CDC estimates that only 4 percent of men in the United States are MSM, the rate of new HIV diagnoses among MSM in the United States is more than 44 times that of other men (range: 522 – 989 per 100,000 MSM vs. 12 per 100,000 other men).”

      But oh yeah it’s Christianity that’s designed to harm. LMAO Yeah uh huh, sure it is.

      BTW, I’m an agnostic. This is a discussion of the Christian theology and my posts which obviously seriously triggered you, are in that context. I’m personally FAR more concerned with the public health crisis created by homosexuals and their incredibly unhealthy lifetyle as addressed above than whether or not they burn in hell, assuming there is a hell.

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        Brian Vanderlip

        Your trigger, Tom, was pulled long before you suggest the same about me. Hence the ignorance spewed regarding same-sex attractions and their viability. You annoy me, especially when you quote ancient texts as if they are a truth today.

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          John Arthur

          Hi Brian,

          I put my reply in the wrong comment as you have recognised. Although I am thankful that Tom claims to be an agnostic and not a Fundamentalist Christian, he sure uses the bible like one of the most ardent of bigoted Fundamentalists.

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            Translation: I can actually read what it says and make an argument in Christian theological context based on that and you don’t like being confronted with that. It has nothing to do with “fundamentalist” Christian. It has to do with being either able to read one’s own religious texts or not. Bottom line: Christianity and homosexuality do not even come close to reconciling and attempts to claim they do are pretty ridiculous. Homosexuals have basically three choices:

            Be totally delusional and pretend that christianity reconciles with homosexuality when it in fact condemns it harshly with every single mention, in order to be “christian”.
            Don’t be religious.
            Pick some other religion to follow.

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    Given that homosexual males according to the CDC have an HIV infection rate about 44 times that of straight men it looks like that lifestyle is what does a lot of harm. You can make it legal but you can’t make it healthy.

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      John Arthur

      Hi Tom,

      Who is CDC? I’m an Australian and am not familiar with what I presume is an American organisation. The claim that HIV infection rates are about 44 times that of straight men seems way off the mark to me. Could you please provide evidence for your claim from say the American Medical Association (if that is its name?) or other independent scientifically qualified health organisation?

      I’m told that drugs are available to control HIV, just like drugs are available for many sexual diseases.

      I’m not sure why you are singling out same-sex oriented persons for condemnation. If you are a Christian, then why not show compassion, healing-mercy and loving kindness towards same-sex oriented persons? It’s not going to cost you anything to be gracious to these people. Didn’t Jesus tell you to love those you consider are your enemies? Didn’t he tell you to be compassionate just as your heavenly Father is compassionate? Well, when are you going to start joyfully obeying Jesus? It seems to me that many atheists show far more compassion than many Christians. Maybe this just shows that the Jesus movement is bogus.

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        The Centers for Disease control. Here’s the link:

        It is not off the mark at all. HIV among homosexual males is epidemic. You will not find higher HIV rates in any other group other than IV drug users outside of a 3rd world country.

        There rest of your post is:

        Irrelevant to me as an agnostic.
        Is simply a deflection because you can’t mount any argument against the same simple fact that Christian theology condemns homosexuality in the harshest possible terms. As someone familiar with Christian and other religious theology I am sure a Christian would respond to your suggestion by pointing out that your “compassion” us nothing more than enabling a homosexual in a lifestyle that condemns them to eternal torment in hell and as such is not compassionate at all, and, in the confines of Christian theology, that argument would be quite logical, whereas yours is logically quite unconvincing.

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          Bruce Gerencser

          So, what’s your point?

          The point of this post is Steve Van Nattan’s comments about Pete Buttigieg. Does Buttigieg have HIV? Van Nathan is a hateful homophobe. Why? Because he thinks the Bible tells him he should be.

          The stats you quote are a decade old. What is the relevance of homosexuals contracting HIV at a higher rate than heterosexuals to this post ? We could look at any number of diseases and find higher disease rates among particular groups of people. I suspect that that only disease that causes you anal spasms is HIV. You may be an agnostic, but your views on homosexuality/HIV put you in league with the rankest of Christian Fundamentalists.

          The goal, as with all STDs, is to promote and encourage safe-sex. All of us should practice safe-sex. The good news is that HIV is now treatable.

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            Yes they do, this is one reason why as an agnostic I laugh at Christianity and most other religions. Those who practice it display an epic degree of irrationality and seldom is this more obvious than when confronted with contradictions between their own religious teachings and pressure to abrogate them. Any Christian who supports same sex marriage when the Christian bible so harshly condemns homosexuality with every mention is simply irrationally picking and choosing parts of his or her religions religious texts to follow on a whim. This rather makes the whole idea a joke. It’s a dead give away that when push comes to shove, they really don’t believe any of it.

          • Avatar

            I will add to my other response to you that as an agnostic familiar with a number of different theologies I frequently school Christians, and Muslims, on their own religious texts and I have yet to see any Christian who steps in this particular quagmire argue their way out of it. The best they can typically do is point to new testament admonishments to turn the other cheek or that he without sin should cast the first stone. Of course none of these actually reverse the old testament condemnations of homosexuality, prostitution, adultery or anything else, they simply abrogate the harsh earthly penalties for them. Homosexuality, adultery prostitution and whatever else still remain completely condemned. When this is pointed out the “christian” will typically either not respond or respond with an angry ad-hom attack. It’s really quite amusing to watch. 😉 Something large numbers of Christians and gays definitely have in common. It’s worth noting that this particular issue is not something Muslims tend to be vulnerable on since if they disagree with their religious teachings on homosexuals they generally won’t say so publicly. This is probably why all countries that impose the death penalty for homosexuality are Muslim majority which I admit really makes it amusing to watch a gay try to defend Islam.

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    Brian Vanderlip

    Tom is on a mission. He does not seem to know (admit) his mission, though it is clear to all who listen to his hatred.
    Tom, who cares what the Bible babbles about personal attractions! And what fucking twit authority gave you the right to call certain attractions wrong because they suffer certain illnesses, infections? You sick man. Take your shallow hatreds and shove them.

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