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Don’t Cry For Me, I Know the Love of My Life is Waiting for Me on The Other Side


Cyanide & Happiness hits the mark with their latest comic. Many Evangelicals believe atheists worship or follow Satan/Devil/Lucifer/Beelzebub. Never mind that fact that atheists believe Satan is every bit as fictional as the Christian God. I have given up trying to explain this to Evangelicals. They just know that atheists and Satan are in league together; that atheists are to blame for much of what is wrong in the world; that atheists will spend eternity in the Lake of Fire with Satan. All I can do is *sigh* and ridicule Evangelicals who refuse to speak intelligently about what atheists believe. Can’t fix stupid, I suppose.

atheists in hell


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    Funny cartoon.
    I’m thinking Holding Hands with the Devil would be a great name for a band.

    We lost a relative almost two years ago. His wife, of course, misses him all the time. But it’s made easier for her because she believes that the moment she dies, she will be with him again. That he’s smiling down on her, that he’s singing songs with the angels… etc. You know the drill.

    I would never take that comfort away from her. And I’ve reached the age where I don’t have to be RIGHT all the time… so I say nothing.

    But *I* thought THEIR BIBLE says that everyone’s sorta sleepin’ until the Jeeze man comes back.

    How come no one ever talks about that part?

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    Yeah, I also don’t try to take away people’s comfort in the hope of seeing loved ones in the afterlife.

    Speaking of After Life, it’s a brilliant show with Ricky Gervais on Netflix. Whether one is atheist or not, it’s certainly touching, deep, funny, and thought-provoking.

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      Brian Vanderlip

      I love Afterlife too, ObstacleChick…. Gervais writes the show too and I think it is therapy for him, a character who can just be honest. And he does not spare others at all! He just marches right along…

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    I watched Frontline last night on PBS. This episode is called “The Last Survivors” and is the story of several Holocaust survivors in their 80’s who are the last of their generation. They were children thirteen and younger when they were sent to concentration camps and suffered unspeakable horrors. We’ve heard it all before, but for some reason these people really drove home how they’ve already survived Hell.
    I can’t believe in a lake of fire or any other fictional nonsense of this type knowing that these horrors existed and still exist on this planet.
    Evangelicals expounding on Hell sound so naive and out of touch. Watch it if you get a chance. It’s the most powerful account I’ve seen or heard about the Holocaust, and I’ve met survivors up close, read many books, and seen so many films and docs.

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