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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: A Bible-Believing Christian is Socialism’s Worst Nightmare

eddie hyatt

Socialism, on the other hand, requires a powerful, centralized government for its implementation. This in turn requires a ruling elite, like the old Soviet politburo, that controls every facet of society, spreads the wealth around and enriches itself.

In socialism, which is rooted in Marxism, the God of the Bible is replaced by the god of the state. People no longer need God to help them deal with life; they can now look to the government to solve every problem and meet every need. Faith in God, therefore, is viewed as an enemy of the state.

his is why, during the 20th century, millions of Christians were imprisoned and put to death in socialist/communist regimes such as China, Cambodia, Cuba and the Soviet Union. This is why, alongside the rise of socialism/Marxism in modern America, there is a corresponding rise of hostility toward people of faith.

Have you noticed that the Democrat party seems to be moving further and further from any open identification with God and Christianity? This always happens as a people move from individual liberty to socialism. The god of socialism is a jealous god and will tolerate no rivals.

If you want to understand the passion of the new progressive wing of the Democrat party, this is it. They have visions of power. They have exchanged the God of the Bible for the god of power, which they envision being expressed through themselves in a powerful, centralized government.

The ultimate answer to the challenge of atheistic socialism in American today is not a political one but a spiritual one. America must return to the vision of the founders, who saw liberty and faith as being joined together in an indissoluble bond. They did not believe one could flourish without the other.


The Bible-believing Christian who takes his faith seriously is socialism’s worse nightmare. This is why we must pray for another Great Awakening across the land. This is why we must challenge the contemporary church to move beyond an entertainment culture and begin training people to be salt and light and live out their faith in this culture.

Eddie Hyatt, Charisma News, Why Liberty and Socialism Can Never Coexist, July 15, 2019


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    **Eye roll**
    These folks just can’t understand that our government was created to be secular in order to protect the entire population from religious oppression. And they bought the propaganda of the 1950s demonizing the big bad communists, and as many people are ignorant regarding the differences between communism and socialism they equate socialism with the big bad communists.

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    Yulya Sevelova

    I can’t help but notice the similarities between Christianity, Fascism, Communism in many respects. It’s all about control of others and micromanaging every detail of our/ their lives. And death can come at any time. Just watch the foreign news. One of my fears is such perils will manifest here, like reporters being declared ” enemies of the people “, like the ones Trump wants executed for exposing his lies or bruising his ego. Just the other day a NPR reporter, Josie Huang, was tackled and arrested by Sheriff’s deputies for filming protesters outside the hospital where two ambushed deputies are recovering. She wasn’t interfering in any way. It’s all on video.

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    John Arthur

    Many Fundamentalist Christians (most of whom have never read any works by Marx) think that anyone reading Marx is a Communist. I remember when I was an evangelical Christian that I had a copy of the 3 volumes of Marx’s Capital on my library shelf. Some Christians came to my place for a bible study. One saw Marx on the shelf and said that I was an apostate Christian because I was a Communist. This was all nonsense. I replied that I was not a Communist nor a Marxist but, in order to critique Marx one needed to read some of his key works.

    Many Fundamentalists confuse Soviet style Socialism and social democracy as embraced by some of the left leaning parties in the Western World. They mistakenly think that social democracy is the bridge over which the Communists will march.

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