If You Emailed Me and Didn’t Receive a Response


I could title this post, “Bruce, the Perfectionist Meets Reality.” Reality being the fact that I was hopelessly behind on answering emails from readers and critics. Tonight, I answered several dozen emails, and embarrassingly decided that I’d never get to some emails — especially those dating back to August of last year. In the past, I have answered every email sent to me — friend or foe. Unfortunately, circumstances beyond my control made it impossible for me to do so in 2019.

As of this moment, my inbox is empty of unread/unanswered emails. If you sent me an email and didn’t receive a response (and wanted/needed one), please send me your message again. Going forward, I will do my best to respond to email in a more timely manner.

Thanks for your understanding.



  1. Karen the rock whisperer

    Bruce, you are playing a difficult life-dealt hand with grace and endurance. Humans get overwhelmed and hopelessly behind on some tasks sometimes, even tasks they feel are extremely important. When everything on your to-do list is still marked as REALLY IMPORTANT and you can’t get it all done, something’s gonna slide. That’s life. You still rock.

  2. Mike Armstrong

    To tell you the truth, I have no idea if I sent you an email and you did not answer. That’s perfectly fine with me because of the health issues that you and your family have dealt with this past year. Hopefully, things will slow down a little bit, your wife will have the reversal surgery soon and you will have some days where you are not in constant pain.


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