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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Atheists are Joyless and Angry

life without Jesus

Surveys have indicated that there is a group of people known as “nones”. That is, when asked if they hold to a particular church, denomination, or religion, they answer with “none”. Atheists cheer the belief that their hellish horde is growing, but that’s not necessarily the case. People who are in-between churches but still believe all the basic tenets of Christianity could still answer “none” [this is about as likely as creationism is true] but not be irreligious or anti-theistic.

Your typical village atheopath spends an inordinate amount of time and energy attacking the God that he or she claims does not exist. It is amazing to this child that many seek their identities in attacking the God they deny. These sidewinders along with other anti-creationists do not show knowledge of the biblical creation science claims that they misrepresent because they suppress the truth in unrighteousness (Rom. 1:18-23). Indeed, they do not even show knowledge of rudimentary logic. When encountering atheists on social media (they frequently attack Christians and creationists) or in their anti-theist campaigns, we can easily see that they are typically joyless and angry. Such devotion to hatred of God is done religiously.

— Bob Sorensen, Evolutionary Truth by Piltdown Superman, Atheists are Indeed Religious, February 5, 2020


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    Karen the rock whisperer

    I’m not joyless, but at the moment I’m pretty angry, Mr. Sorensen. The orange nutjob you and your people elected as our current US president is transparently evil, and has set about ruining the country as fast as he can along with the equally evil senators your people have elected, and your equally evil congresspeople who fortunately don’t have a majority right now.

    I’m angry that you want to deny civil rights to me and other women, in total disregard of our bodily autonomy. I’m angry that your people latch onto pseudoscience as a justification for denying us medical benefits (access to birth control and abortion) when other medical benefits are covered.

    I’m angry that you want to deny civil rights to my LGBTQ+ friends, and everyone else in this country who flies under that wide label, because some Bronze Age tribe had issues with their members engaging in same-sex relations that might be considered spiritual acts by neighboring religions.

    I’m angry that you consider cruel, torturous treatment of people attempting to enter this country, including and especially children, a good idea.

    I’m angry that your religion encourages xenophobia in utter defiance of its own holy book, and you have the political might to spread xenophobia in our country.

    I’m angry that you and your people consistently vote for, and encourage, the destruction of whatever fragile social service safety net is left in this country. People who are poor, old, disabled…they mean nothing to you, and you’d like nothing more than to punish them for their own existence, instead of supporting them and helping them become the best contributors to society that they can be.

    So, yes, I’m angry, Mr. Sorensen. But it isn’t anger directed at your probably nonexistent deity, as much as you wish it were. It is anger directed at you and your co-religionists, who are doing your best to destroy the most lives you can in the shortest period of time. There are days when I truly wish there were a Hell. But when you ended up there, and asked Jesus when it was that you’d denied basic care to him, rather than answering you as the Bible story indicates I suspect he’d just cover his face with his hands. Sometimes even deities might run out of words in the face of utter, carefully cultivated, obtuseness.

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    “Atheists cheer the belief that their hellish horde is growing”
    Yep. At the last meeting of the Hellbound Mocker club, we made up a new cheer about that.

    What an idiot.
    And this…
    “Your typical village atheopath spends an inordinate amount of time and energy attacking the God that he or she claims does not exist. ”

    How does one attack something that doesn’t exist?.
    Atheopath? Sounds all scientific, doesn’t it?

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    dale M

    I’ve gone to these sites and posted. None of my posts ever get published. They’re a distinctly ANTI-FREEDOM group of people. I’ve told them that we’re on to them. The internet has given us eyes. We see them as they really are. U can’t attack them with science. They R purely political animals. They R in a realm that we have very little experience with. This is troubling. Nearly all the levers of power R still in their hands. No matter what we say or do, it’s not going to penetrate very deeply. Bruce is right to keep them off his blog. In a game of high stakes poker, if one does not play by the rules, they shouldn’t be in the game. If they won’t allow us to deal our cards at their table, they shouldn’t be surprised if they R shot dead at our table (kicked off Bruce’s site). Bruce should give them a challenge. You don’t allow our people to post on your site, you’re not going to post on ours. End of challenge. We will allow the same number to our table that you allow to yours. Freedom trumps Dogma every time. But don’t think this is a given. If anything, Nazi Germany was the litmus test to conclusively prove that no matter how righteous your stance, things can always go horribly …… “exit-stage-right”.

    Remember. God or no God … There is no one out there to protect us from ourselves. We R on our own.

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    Brian Vanderlip

    As I have oft repeated, when I gave up belief, I won relief, great and wonderful in its fullness. And joy, well, let me tell you, the joy of being free of it fills my heart with light and life. Evangelical belief was bondage to me, incessant and repetitive cycles of sinned/saved. I wonder how on earth I could have lied to myself so thoroughly, so so long.

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    I am angry when fundamentalists try to force their beliefs on the rest of the population through legislation or the courts, when they discriminate against women, LBGTQ people, people of color, and anyone they don’t consider a True (fill in the blank). Otherwise, if people want to believe mythology is factually true, they can certainly do so as long as they keep it private and don’t try to tell me that I am (insert insult here) because I choose reason over believing what evidence shows is patently untrue. If they leave me alone, I don’t need to be angry.

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    Fine with me.

    Their ideology prohibits them from accepting or understanding the real reasons why people leave religion, or how they feel about it afterward. If you’re fundamentally unable to understand a problem you’re trying to address, you won’t be able to address it. Their very dogmatism prevents them from figuring out any effective way of reversing the exodus (not that I think they’d have much luck anyway).

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