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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Feminism is an Occult Movement


Feminists made up the rules and gullible women fell into the trap laid for them by Satan. Feminism is an occult movement and tied into witchcraft.

Women fell for the classic trap by going to school and worrying about a career rather than what women were made for: to be a helper (not slave) but a helper to the man. The more you help your husband be successful by supporting him when he comes home from work, taking care of the home, and the children, the more you work to take his stress away. Then the more he can focus on work to provide well for you and the children which is why men are designed to give their all to work, yet women often criticize the man for this. The more successful he becomes, the more it benefits you.

His success becomes your success, but women didn’t want that anymore and tried to change things. But they can’t change how God made humans, yet women thought and still think they can as they’re the ones that changed the dynamic between men and women because as usual women were “bored” and never satisfied.


The goddess feminism is an occult religion akin to sorcery or witchcraft that has been pushed onto the world and especially the US. It was part of their plans for revenge as they sought to destroy Christianity from the earth and as it once spread around the entire world and very few knew about the occult and other dark religions, they now sought to do the exact opposite, destroy Christianity from the earth and have the occult knowledge spread around the entire world.

— Rich Stacey, The Transformed Wife, Does Feminism Seek to Destroy Christianity? February 12, 2020


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    Karen the rock whisperer

    “Feminists made the rules…” is clearly written by someone who has no concept of the struggle of so many women (and men) over the last several decades to figure out how to empower women.

    “His success becomes your success…” Because living vicariously through other people is so rewarding, no? Maybe not.

    My mother was Catholic, but she’d been raised with the idea of being a helpmeet (though she never used that term). In her marriage, it sort of worked, because Dad ran his own accounting business and Mama handled billing and accounts receivable. (You never let someone who isn’t extremely close family have both those jobs, because it gives them control over the entire business revenue stream.) So yes, professionally, they were successful together.

    BUT, part of the package of submission and helpmeet-ness was that the wife who never got to explore her own dreams directly was allowed to do so through her children, who were meant to be compliant and let her live vicariously through them. That didn’t work well at all, because I’m an only child, and my mother and I had clashing personalities and interests. Now that I think about it, she spent an amazing amount of time trying to get me to do things because she wanted to explore life through me, and blew off any suggestions, after my parents retired, that she should go out and find things she wanted to do. She had been thoroughly indoctrinated into the idea of living vicariously through other people. Looking back, these memories of her make me very sad.

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    Feminism is about women wanting to be treated like human beings instead of as property. If that’s occult, hand me a cauldron and a pointed hat.

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    dale M

    This guy is very confused. He hilariously is suggesting that women should leave men alone, so that men can become enslaved in their money and work. Why? So SHE and the children can benefit. He is suggesting ALL MEN R alike. ALL WOMEN R alike. So they become easily bored with home duties and then strike out on their own. Does this guy not realize he’s promoting the same reasons for his version of FEMINISM ?? This “DINK” forgets to proof read his own text B 4 hitting SEND.

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      The mark of the primitive mind is the belief that there exists one right way of life which every person should conform to. The idea that different people (including different people of the same gender) can have different natures and desires is alien to them.

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