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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Human Sin Hardwired into Human DNA

Sin gene discovered by world renowned atheist geneticist
Bruce Gerencser ?

The Bible talks about our “sinful nature,” “the flesh,” and “carnal man” all of which refer to an attribute found in all humans: a propensity to sin. So the question is: Is this propensity to sin in our DNA? The answer is yes, sin nature is hardwired in us and in our DNA. We are not forced to sin, but we have the tendency to sin. This is not a God given tendency, but rather a result of Adam eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden some 6000 years ago.


After God finished the creation, He proclaimed that the entire creation was “very good,” and this included man’s hardwired memory, or basic human instincts. Then came the serpent who injected something (the first GMO – genetically modified organism) into man using the forbidden fruit; this fruit changed man’s DNA, man now had the “sinful nature;” he was “carnal” and driven by his “flesh.” We know that it happened quickly because Adam and Eve, immediately after committing the original sin, hid from God; they were afraid of Him and ashamed of their nakedness (Genesis 3: 9-11). This fear and shame could not have been learned in that no events occurred that would have caused them to “learn” to fear God or be ashamed.


Once the sin nature is understood, it becomes evident why it is so important for parents to teach their children right from wrong. It is the “learned” portion of the brain that can combat the hardwired sin nature.

However, the only permanent solution for dealing with the sin nature is to get rid of it; and, we have the hope that someday, soon, our sin nature will be removed; and, it will; the trumpets will blow, the dead in Christ will meet us in the air and we will be changed: our sin nature will be gone; we will get our good, pure, original DNA and we will be free. We will be redeemed.

Genesis and Genetics, November 2, 2013


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    So scientists know the combination that forms sin natire? Cool. So scientists should be smart enough to figure out to change the code…..

    This is one of the dumbest things I have heard…….

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    speaking as a biologist by trade ….. what???? seriously???
    god made that fruit, right? didn’t god create everything then sAid
    it is all good? which would include that fruit. plus where in the bible
    does it say the devil inserted something into that fruit?

    if you read thst comment above … it sounds like the only way to get
    the DNA changed is to die. “ someday, soon, our sin nature will be removed; and, it will; the trumpets will blow, the dead in Christ will meet us in the air and we will be changed: our sin nature will be gone; we will get our good, pure, original DNA and we will be free.“

    that sounds like death to me. so according to that….. you are stuck with 5he sin DNA for the
    rest of your life. hmmmmm …. maybe that is why Almighty Bruce has so many candidates for his black collar crime series. so god leaves you stuck with the sin DNA….. whatever happened to “There’s power in the blood, power in the blood
    Come for a cleansing to Calvary’s tide
    There’s wonderful power in the blood”. Apparently it
    has no power to fix the sin DNA.

    this is just so wrong. the biology sucks here.
    say … was it ken ham?

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      oh … another thing. it appears to say when we die we will get our good DNA back.
      so … since when do spirits/ghosts have DNA???

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    Karen the rock whisperer

    Wow. I am a humble geologist, and know almost nothing about biology. Yet I can see that this is so much complete unaged fertilizer. I really, really hope that most kids in the Western world get a decent enough science education in middle and high schools that they, too, can spot that this was freshly deposited by a bovine creature.

    Alas, those that didn’t listen in school (or were told that their basic science education was garbage) will gobble this up.

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    Bruce, have you been to the Creation Museum down near Covington? One of the most fascinatingly bizarre labels was one in which they tried to explain that Cain must have married his own sister but that wasn’t incest because there wasn’t enough sin built up in their DNA to cause problems. Now, after thousands of generations, we have built up so much sin in our genes that now, when cousins marry, it’s bad because we might have some of the same sins in our DNA and that sin-buildup leads to birth defects etc. I kid you not, it was the most ludicrous bend-over-backwards attempt to justify the literal interpretation that Adam and Eve were the first people ergo their sons must have married their daughters… It made my brain hurt.

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      Bruce Gerencser

      I have not. I just can’t bear to pay the price of admission. I’d love to visit Ham’s monument to ignorance, but it’s just too expensive for this curmudgeon and his wife. 🙂

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    davey crockett

    Another thing about the creation story that never made sense to me is how did all of creation which was called “very good” by god, go from the left pew to the right pew in a day. It was never clear how all of creation was getting its sustenance, seemingly not eating each other the day before the gmo apple and suddenly changing to the law of meat (Jack London and the story of White Fang) on the day after. Eat and be eaten. There was no apple for all of creation, just Adam and Eve. And even if it is in the dna, how did it and why would it move into all of creation, since they are not created in the image of god – they’re just critters. Why should they be cursed too? Biologically it looks difficult for any living thing to change its basic functioning from one way to another and to do so in a day and for that change to penetrate thru all the genetic lines that make up all species in the same day. Makes no sense and looks biologically impossible. Ya I know they’ll say all things are possible with god. Need thru biological function and thru fear makes all living things act out their basic individual conflicting roles. Thru reading, I am quite certain that the ancients loved this world and all its diversity. The evil they perceived was the law of meat and the law of fear that all living things are trapped in and act out. So even if there is a sin dna, so what?? That’s going to make these two laws go away and we’ll be living on manna tomorrow and looking out for everyone’s brother and the lamb will lay with the lion?? I don’t think so.

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    An old post but an interesting one. Decay is built into the very universe as all stars and planets die. Evolution cannot function without selfishness which is the root of sin. So what’s to be concluded? God made the universe with original sin built into it, because all things die and an organism must be selfish to eat and reproduce and survive at least at some points in its existence.

    It’s not really the act of sin which is sinful, but the conscious realisation of sin which is sinful (eg a baby is selfish but blameless).

    If this means something, it might be that the evolution of man will be to remove sin from mankind, which is kind of what the Bible is alluding to.

    Such ideas have the potential to make Christianity philosophically relevant in todays world, rather than just saying stupid things like the earth and life was created 6000 years ago.

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