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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Atheism Kills Everything

atheism kills

In Atheism Kills, Barak Lurie exposes the horrors of a world without God. Contrary to the mantra we’ve heard time and time again that religion is responsible for more deaths than anything else, it is in fact the absence of God which has killed–in obscene numbers. Ever since atheism first assumed government control in the French Revolution, it has done nothing but kill.

Atheism has killed through its many deputies: progressivism, eugenics, fascism, and communism. Lurie shows that it was the godlessness in each of these ideologies that killed hundreds of millions.

But atheism doesn’t just kill lives. It kills purpose, free will, beauty, compassion, a sense of the past and future, creativity, and freedom itself. Atheism offers only the horrors of chaos and totalitarianism.

The world misplaces its focus on Radical Islam as the greatest threat to civilization. As horrible as it is, it is doing nothing and having no sense of self which are the true enemies. It was our will to fight and sense of mission that overcame fascism and communism. We must have these to keep Radical Islam at bay, too.

This is why we must resist the growth of atheism. It was God that gave us our freedom. It was God who gave our sense of purpose that created civilization. Take those away, and there is nothing to fight for. In this way, Lurie shows that the lack of belief in God is our greatest danger. How does he know? Because like a hurricane, godlessness has only known how to destroy everything in its path. It has never created.

Like there will always be fires, there will always be enemies that seek to destroy our civilization. But if we don’t have fire stations with crew, and protocol in each city to deal with fires, those fires will consume us. Likewise, how we prepare ourselves to deal with horrific ideologies will be what saves us.

That preparation can only come with our embrace of the centrality of God.

Dennis Prager, forward to the book, Atheism Kills: The Dangers of a World Without God — and Cause for Hope by Barak Lurie

Excerpt from the post Atheism Kills—Sometimes a Blurb Is Enough by Steve Ruis


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    My guess is that this author doesn’t really understand atheism and thinks that atheists worship Satan, but that’s just a guess based on my experience with evangelicals. Maybe I am wrong and there’s finally an evangelical author that understands the definition of atheism. I guess we should consider it a compliment that the writer considers us more dangerous than Muslims – we got promoted to Big Baddie status.

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      Bruce Gerencser

      Barak Lurie is a Jew. He says he was formerly an atheist. Prager? I believe he’s a Catholic. I find it ironic that Evangelicals believe Jews/Catholics worship false Gods, yet they support Prager and Lurie.

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        ... Zoe ~

        It’s easy as an Evangelical to cozy up to other “God believers” albeit “false God believers” for one’s purpose of countering those who are non-God believers. Sort of a parasitic alliance. I will absorb you in a symbiotic type relationship for my purposes, that being God vs no God. You’re still going to hell in the end but right now, your “God-ness” will help us save the world, as our evangelical God commands us.

        So, let us band together, those of us with our one true God, and those albeit with their false Gods to counter, fight and defeat the evil, dangerous killers of non-belief in God. Let’s start there. Unite together against the atheists. When our purpose is served and they are annihilated we’ll come back for the Jews and any of those other “false God” believers.

        Dennis Prager: “That preparation can only come with our embrace of the centrality of God.”

        Emphasis by Zoe. Sounds a bit authoritarian, doesn’t it.

        One doesn’t have to be an atheist to be a killer.

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    Brian Vanderlip

    This kind of belief is sometimes revealed as the hatred it is when authors are willing to do what Lurie seems to be up to in this book. Lots of similar references are made in evangelical churches but they are couched in love-talk and Jesus saves. I really prefer the more honest approach that these rabid haters take.
    Those of us who are non-believers, agnostic atheists or drifters of one sort or another have a terrible sickness that suggests to our weak brains that living with a question is superior to accepting an answer that cannot be adequately proven. When Lurie states his ‘fact’ that all fails without God, he slaps a big exclamation mark over my question mark. It’s a bit ouchy…
    Makes me want to get one of the naked pastor hats, that one that simply says: ?>!

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    I wonder what Lurie makes of predominately Buddhist countries. Buddhists do not consider the Buddha a god. In fact, the Buddha, after his enlightenment, when asked ff he were a god, is supposed to have said “no, he was enlightened.” Not only do Buddhists not believe that the Buddha was a god, they don’t believe in any Supreme Being. The Buddhist perfections are generosity, virtue, renunciation, insight, diligence, tolerance, truthfulness, determination, loving-kindness (metta) and equanimity. Now these perfections are not lived perfectly by everyone in predominately Buddhist countries, but neither are they in predominately Christian countries. Anyway, it’s just bullshit that these things don’t exist without God.

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    dale m

    Dennis Prager is an insult to all veterans. So. God gave us our freedom? No sacrifices were needed? No defence of freedom is necessary? Tell that to the Israelis! Their belief that God would “save” them nearly caused their extinction under the Nazis! Want to give it another try? Nay! Nay! I don’t think so! Nothing to live for? No purpose in life? Tell that to the communists who sacrificed 10s of millions of people to roll back the Nazis. Prager is a lobbyist (Corruptionist who is attempting to buy people’s confidence in his philosophy). Go back to Israel! Learn something about the real world!

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