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2009-2019: Local Responses to My Letters to the Editor of the Defiance Crescent-News

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This post is a depository for letters written by Christians to the Defiance Crescent-News about one of my Letters to the Editor covering 2009-2019.  The responses are sorted newest to oldest All spelling, grammar, and craziness in the original. 

October 2019

There is no such thing as separation of church and state, and anyone who claims there is is not telling the truth.

The Constitution was ratified in 1787. The very first mention of this myth was in a letter from Jefferson to the Baptist detractors in 1802, 15 years later. It was never mentioned before. To change the Constitution you need a constitutional amendment, not a letter or a decision by the Supreme Court.

Bruce Gerencser claims Trump paid off a porn star, and yet there is no evidence in any form of this. The porn star actually lost her case for lack of evidence, which means even she couldn’t prove it. Every one of the claimed sexual assaults that he claims happened has been disproved or thrown out of court with prejudice.

One of these claims was disproved by American Airlines as the plane it was claimed to have been committed on was not even in service at the time of the “assault” and the armrests on the plane when it was in service were welded down so they couldnt be moved. Gerencser still has not answered why since Trump had a private plane, why he would have been flying commercial.

Even Mueller’s report said there was no treason committed. But people like Gerencser would try to have you believe all their myths.
As for Ms. Singer, she might want to pay attention to reality. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled on March 21, 2016 that the Second Amendment protected all forms of weapons and ammo and add ons if they affected the operation of said weapon.

The decision is 577 U.S. (2016) — Jaime Caetano v. Massachusetts, meaning you can’t ban/tax/demand they be moved or made inoperable or regulated out of existence.

Daniel Gray

April 2017

Regarding Bruce Gerencser’s letter to the editor of March 29 (“agenda has been exposed”):

He has taken a statist liberal position (one that favors government involvement in all aspects of our lives with economic central planning, particularly in health care — as opposed to a classical liberal position that favors limited government/liberty and a free market economy.)

He has essentially said that the classically liberal position is evil, uncaring and not good for the working class. He implied that Ayn Rand, the Koch brothers, Paul Ryan and the Republican Party are all no-good-nicks, and he sees himself on a high moral plane.

I’ve read items by both Ayn Rand and the Koch brothers, and I try to keep pace with the Cato Institute’s publications — a Koch brothers’ creation that I support and donate to on a regular basis. I’ve found them to be reasonable, sensible, civilized and concerned with human flourishing and advancement. To berate them is to do them a great injustice.

The Democratic Party with its statist liberal stance has given our society legalized theft and enslavement with their various programs of wealth redistribution and defacto extortion with their labor laws, all under the guise of helping the common man, but causing all manner of social pathologies and distortions of labor costs.

This socialist/communist claptrap has been tried many times in many places, and it just doesn’t work. Unconstrained central government with the power to solve everyone’s problems didn’t work in the USSR, Red China under Mao or Cuba, and it is now collapsing in Venezuela with unparalleled trauma for the common man.

At the end of World War II, England found itself controlling India and Hong Kong. The bureaucrats in India chose socialism; the ones in Hong Kong chose liberty and free markets. India had an abundance of natural resources; Hong Kong had none. India starved for decades; Hong Kong developed a living standard commensurate with the U.S.A.

All this brings to mind the thoughts of C.S. Lewis: “Of all the tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It my be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent busybodies.

The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

Bruce Grerencser proves you can have a very good mind and still get things badly screwed up.

David Teitlebaum

November 2016

I have a challenge for Bruce Gerencser. I want him or anyone else from his group to show us where in the U.S. Constitution any mention of a “separation of church and state” exists. It does not and never has.

The Constitution was ratified in 1787, the very first mention of this myth was in 1802 in a letter from Jefferson to his Baptist detractors. Now Article 5 of the Constitution is very clear on how you add to or remove from same. And it does not include an illegal decision by the Supreme Court back in the 1960s.

And article 3 of the Constitution (powers of the judicial branch) does not give the courts the right to “interpret” anything, they can only go by what is written. So Bruce and his group are mistaken both legally and historically. And the 10th amendment clearly says if a power is not mentioned to belong to the government, then it belongs to the people. So the village should replace the sign and tell both of these people to have a Coke and a smile and hush.

Daniel Gray

October 2016

It seems Bruce Gerencser is completely ignoring the fact that the person who would be the First Husband has been accused of sexual assault and rape by no less than six women. You want that in the White House?

I find it very amazing that Gerencser would believe any of these women. The latest one is coming forward because Trump refused to loan her money for her failing food business in California, and this is a way to get back at him. The first one claimed to have been groped on a Braniff airline on a 707. Problem is there were no 707s at that time, only 727s, and the arm rest in first class is bolted and cannot be moved. Not to mention that $500,000 was deposited into her account after making the claim and it came from a high ranking Clinton campaign officer. Let’s not forget the $8 million worth of furnishings that Clinton had to return when the Secret Service caught her taking them from the White House.

Let’s not forget that she has used racial slurs against minorities or the Bimbo eruptions and her violation of the federal Anti-nepotism Act of 1968 when she tried to take over health care. The emails that show she is the one that ordered the stand-down of the rescue team for Benghazi and the 600 plus times she ignored ambassador Stevens when he begged for help. Or the simple fact that pay-to-play has been found in the recent Podesta emails.

What’s worse is that Hillary has told Goldman Sachs that her dream is to have a hemisphere-wide NAFTA from Chile to Canada. That would cut the union’s throats and yet they still want to endorse her. Say goodbye to GM and JM.

Isn’t it just strange that Gerencser, and his ilk want the government out of the bedroom, but then turn right around and demand that the government says who can and can’t get married? You can’t have it both ways, either they are not in the bedroom or they are. Mr. Gerencser’s letter is so full of half truths and myths that it would be better to be placed in the fantasy section of the public library.

People should vote for who they want, but just remember you may get what you asked for and there is no way to return it.

Daniel Gray

August 2016

A recent letter to the editor on July 20 entitled, “Creation museum draws questions” had an absolute opposite effect on my life. The museum is an awesome experience that answers and defends the Word of God.

In this life when we make decisions there are ultimately two starting points on what we believe. Either we start with God’s Word or you start with man’s word and human reasoning. On the basis of these two starting points we build either a biblical worldview or man’s worldview belief.

Bruce Gerencser, the gentleman from Ney, was critical of both the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter located in northern Kentucky. As stated by him, the Bible is full of myths. Creationism is a lie and both the Creation Museum and Ark are monuments to ignorance. This is a perfect example of man’s word/human reasoning worldview vs. the biblical worldview.

Another comment was that evangelicals bore easily and few return once they tour the Creation Museum and Ark.

First of all, all Christian growth is not boring. The most purposeful life both here and in eternity is to love and serve Jesus Christ. I have visited the Creation Museum over 30 times and have found the museum to be a treasure chest of biblical truths that will help me deepen and defend my faith. Besides the museum my biggest resource is the huge amount of creation material that can be taken home to study.

People return because even with a two-day pass it can’t be covered, especially if you do the shows, workshops,, planetarium, petting zoo, etc. There’s so much to do that I don’t have the space to share. Most repeaters bring guests and then the guests bring new people to experience the museum. This is the reason revenues have finished in the black every year at the Creation Museum.

It was indicated the Ark was built on speculation. Genesis 6:15 states the exact dimensions of the Ark and that is exactly the measurements of the Ark Encounter. It was also mentioned that it would be doubtful if the Ark would safely float. That is a non-issue because God promised there would never be another judgment by a flood. The rainbow is that reminder. However, there will be another judgment from God in the form of fire.

Jack Fetter
rural Grover Hill

July 2016

Yet again Mr. Gerencser takes to these pages to spew his bias and bigotry. How else do you explain his constant attacks on Religion? He has no more proof that the Creationists are not correct then the Creationists have that he is not correct so why all the vitriol? I guess he intentionally ignores the teachings of parents everywhere “If you cant say something nice, then dont say anything at all” Or the golden rule “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Mr. Gerencser can now understand why his writings are met with the disrespect and contempt that he shows others. What a sad example he shows to his grandchildren by doing this.

anonymous (comment on newspaper website)

June 2016

This is a response to the letter published on June 12 from Brian Barnett. In his letter he made mention of the letter that I had written concerning a statement made by Bruce Gerencser; that if a person disagreed with a male using a female bathroom then it was hatred.

Otherwise, if a person disagrees with another person, then it must be because of hatred. I then made a statement, using the same logic, that Mr. Gerencser then must hate Christians, God and the Bible. So I guess my response to Mr. Barnett’s letter would be, Why in his five-paragraph letter did he not respond to my one question that I had made in my letter to Mr. Gerencser?

Since he did reference my letter, then I would think that a person would actually at least answer the one question that was asked.

Pastor Patrick Holt
Grover Hill

May 2016

This is a reply to the May 25 letter by Bruce Gerencser.

In his letter he implied that someone, like myself, who objected to a male using the same bathroom that my mother, wife, daughters, and granddaughters were using was hateful. So, basically, if you disagree with someone, then that, according to Bruce, is hateful. Using that same logic, then Bruce Gerencser, must hate Christians, God and the Bible. Would that not be a proper statement?

Pastor Patrick Holt
Grover Hill

February 2016

To all of you who do not believe in creationism, where will your spirit be when you have died? Mine will be in heaven with my Father, Savior and the Holy Spirit.

I, by faith, accept the Bible to be the inerrant, infallible word of God. The fact is this earth and all of the universe had a beginning. I accept by faith that God created it, and by interpretation, it included the heavens and the earth.

I choose to stake my future beyond my life here on earth on this. The only alternative I have is to spend my spiritual life beyond death, in hell if I do not choose to accept Jesus as my Savior. Jesus is the answer to heaven, and my choice is to accept Him into my life.

We are living in a time when all that our founding fathers crafted in the Constitution is being thrown out. My prayer to my God is, come Lord Jesus. When he does we had all best be ready.

John Wilson

January 2016

Only problem that you have Gerencser is that you have yet to prove evolution is fact or disprove that there is a deity. So you really dont know any more then anyone else.. And isnt it so strange that you claim to be a minister from a diploma mill in Washington state and yet this is how you respond? Hows that working out for you since Ohio does not recognize this diploma mill? Hope you have not tried to marry anyone as the JAG of Ohio would not look too pleased if you did.


Not telling a lie if its the truth. According to the state of Ohio’s own webpage, Gerencser is clearly listed as a member of the Universal Life Church Pastor out of Seattle Washington a place where anyone can get a pastoral license inside of 10 seconds and for $250. they will tell you how to use it. Our own Sec of State Jon Husted has said this is a diploma mill and Ohio is in the middle of revoking any and all who claim to be part of this fake church and Congressman Latta is looking into banning them from isuing these fake diplomas. And anyone can see this is a diploma mill just by looking at the link. Mr Gerencser is just upset that the truth has come out showing he is no more a legal Pastor of any church then the rocks in his front yard. Mr.Gerencser can complain all he wants but its not smearing anything if it is truthful and factual and here is the link to validate it directly from the Sec of States own webpage  ; where it clearly shows Mr Gerencser is exactly what I said he was. A fake pastor from a diploma mill “church” in Seattle Washington.


July 2015

I am penning this editorial in response to the ‘Sins routinely ignored’ contribution. I take issue with the quote, “The Bible sure has a lot to say about adultery and fornication, yet those ‘sins’ are routinely ignored. Only homosexuals and same-sex couples are singled out for discrimination and abuse. Why is this?”

Perhaps Mr. Gerencser recalls the woman who was about to be stoned for adultery (yes, a ‘sin’) when Jesus stepped in. Jesus stood up and said to her, “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?” She said, “No one, Lord.” And Jesus said, “Neither do I condemn you; go, and from now on sin no more.”

The last three words of Jesus are the reason why Christians must defend traditional marriage. Yes, adulterers and fornicators are issued marriage licenses and they can choose to heed or ignore Christ’s words and “sin no more.” However, for a Christian government official to issue marriage licenses to homosexuals and same-sex couples he or she would have to alter Jesus’ three words to read, “go and sin some more.”

I for one am not “homophobic” nor am I an adherent to a “religion of hate.” If Mr. Gerencser would like to label me, and other Christians, perhaps ‘sinophobic’ is a bit more accurate than his chosen adjectives.

Jim Hoops

June 2015

Yet again Mr.Gerencser seems to use fundamental christian as a form of insult. He claims that a letter writer that provided documented evidence against pot being legalized is somehow a scourge against humanity. The letter writer never once has identified themselves with a religion as Gerencser claims yet somehow Gerencser seems to think it is ok to toss out childish insults? And then he doubles down on the insults by saying that Jesus would agree with him? The same person he claims there is no proof of existing? I suspect gerencser’s train has run off the rails quite a while ago, and this just proved it.

Daniel Gray (online comment)

June 2015

After reading numerous “ventings” by Bruce Gerencser in the letters to the editor, I must admit my confusion. Apparently, Mr. Gerencser is horribly offended by a God he doesn’t believe exists.

In addition, any person who does believe in God is labeled a “fundamentalist” whose beliefs are “better suited to the dustbin of human history.” Perhaps, Mr. Gerencser is correct; maybe there is no eternal life (or eternal suffering) after death, but perhaps Bruce, the “committed humanist,” is incorrect.

Me? I’ll keep walking daily in faith, trusting in the Lord, and trying desperately to love others as myself. “And if Jesus were alive today, I suspect he’d agree with me” (Gerencser).

Jim Hoops

December 2014

This letter is in reference to a letter Bruce Gerenscer had written about suffering.

Mr. Gerenscer stated that no one has come back from the dead to testify to the fruits of suffering, but Jesus did. The Catholic Church, which teaches the fullness of the Truth, teaches that suffering is allowed by God to happen for a greater good. Like Jesus who suffered for mankind, we too, are to offer up our sufferings for others or ourselves. He told us to take up our cross and follow Him.

Our suffering may help someone to have a conversion of heart. It may be for our own good so that we realize God’s love for us which manifests itself in a variety of ways. Or, maybe by the way we endure our sufferings, we inspire others to have hope and courage in their sufferings.

Through suffering, we gain virtues such as faith, hope, charity, humility and fortitude. We all know it’s especially difficult to watch those we love suffer, but we can offer their sufferings up just as Jesus’ mother offered up His sufferings. She chose to silently endure and offer up watching her Son die knowing that it was for a greater good, the salvation of all the world past, present, and future.

Since God is love, we know that He doesn’t enjoy seeing us suffer but He allows it for a greater good. We all can relate to this when we must watch our loved ones experience situations such as painful medical procedures, corrective measures for physical problems, grueling practices, disciplinary measures, etc. but we allow them to go through those difficulties for their good.

In reference to Brittany Maynard who was suffering from a brain tumor and then killed herself, it’s an offense to God because He gave each of us a life with a plan. Who are we to decide when that plan is complete? God alone sees the whole picture.

Diane Hammon
Mark Center

October 2014

After reading Bruce Gerencser’s letter to the editor I was thinking to myself that this person has nothing but contempt for “fundamentalists”. Unfortunately, he needs to define what a “fundamentalist” is because I want to understand where he is coming from, but for now I’ll assume he means someone who loves God, reads the Bible and trusts in Jesus Christ for forgiveness of sin and strives to live life according to the scriptures — to love one another and share the gospel of Christ to those who are perishing eternally.

That being said, I was also wondering what source he used to substantiate his claims that biology, archaeology, astronomy, and geology contradicts the creation story, when in fact they support it. I have studied the Bible and attended classes in college on both creation and evolution, plus invested in many secular and Christian works on the subject, and wonder how he can be so absolute in his assumptions without any substantiating support.

Regardless of who he quoted in his letter, here are some scientific facts from “Answers In Genesis” located in southern Ohio supporting a young earth: 1. Very little sediment on the ocean’s sea floor; 2. Bent rock layers; 3. Soft tissue in fossils; 4. Faint sun paradox; 5. Earth’s rapidly decaying magnetic field; 6. Helium in radioactive rocks; 7. Carbon 14 in fossils, coal, and diamonds; 8. Short-lived comets; 9. Very little salt in the sea; 10. DNA in ancient bacteria.

Every one of these facts is substantiated and confirmed by science. Evolution is taught in our public schools as if it were fact, but in reality it is only a theory that falls very short in many areas, and is a religion in itself. So, why is it taught at all in schools? We have evidence for the truth of the Bible that can be confirmed by history, archaeology, science and letters of antiquity; that Christianity is not a blind faith, but one that is supported by the knowledge the Creator of the universe has made known to us through His Word, the Bible.

It is a crying shame that a house bill has to be submitted to bring God back into the lives of our young people. I remember in the 1950s when we were taught the Bible in school and were able to pray and pledge to our country’s flag — a place where morality was instilled in students based on the Ten Commandments. Back then there were no school shootings, drug dealers, teen suicides. Every boy wanted to be a fireman or a policeman, and girls wanted to be mothers and child raisers, but now that God’s moral bearing is nowhere to be seen in our schools or public forum, all we have is the bad stuff.

I’m at my 500-word limit and would be more than happy to have an open, honest discussion about this issue with anyone.

Lawrence Smith

September 2014

I wonder if Willie Pack or Bruce Gerencser have heard of the Big Bang Theory (not the television show). Maybe they have heard of the Theory of Evolution, the Theory of Relativity or the RNA Universe Theory. It doesn’t really matter what scientists have been able to accomplish in the last 600 years because they still cannot prove many of the fundamental theories their work is based on.

People like Willie and Bruce put their faith in “science” despite the fact that science cannot explain how life began on Earth, how the universe came into existence (before the “big bang”), or what happened to the fossil record of failed evolutionary species.

I choose to put my faith in God. His book fully explains the things science cannot. Darwin’s book, The Origin of Species begins after life somehow, miraculously, appeared on Earth. It does not explain what happened to “create” that life! Science has to rely on a theory that life somehow, mysteriously, came to be from a pool of RNA. I do not put my faith in that kind of mumbo-jumbo.

Mr. Pack told us that there is no proof that the authors of the Bible were inspired by God. I would remind him that there is no proof that they weren’t inspired either. So, we should concentrate on what they wrote., Mr. Pack also criticized the Bible because it doesn’t reveal anything about diseases, medicine or human health. So what? One could just as easily ask what science has taught us about morality, charity or brotherly love. The answer is nothing as well.

Mr. Gerencser wants the theories he believes in taught in schools exclusively even though there is no fundamental proof that they are accurate. He then faults “creationists” for wanting to do the same thing. Isn’t there a name for people like that?

I’d like to remind readers that Mr. Pack has failed to cite any scientific information to refute what I mentioned four months ago. All he and Mr. Gerencser have done is criticize my belief in God despite the fact that I listed seven scientific facts that led me to believe that the campaign against anthropogenic global warming is political rather than scientific or humanitarian. I am not denying that our climate changes periodically, nor am I fighting science. I am embracing it. There has been no recorded global warming since 1998 (16 years). That’s just one of the facts I cited, and no one has refuted it, nor any of the other facts I listed last May.

Willie and Bruce have made it abundantly clear that we disagree with each other on religious matters. No amount of discussion about religion in this column will resolve that difference of opinion. However, I feel we are close to resolving our disagreement on man made global warming because they have failed to defend their position. If their failure to do so continues, I’ll consider the issue settled (in my favor).

Randall Peabody
rural Defiance

September 2014

This letter is a response to Bruce Gerencser. The first question is why he is so hateful toward Christians and their belief in the God of the Bible.

I first read his article in the Sunday, Sept. 7 opinion page. It really gets frustrating to read his responses to Christians. His arrogance toward the word of God is nothing short of sheer stupidity. He acts like he knows more about God than God Himself.

Is Gerencser an atheist? If God’s word is just a joke and only stupid idiots believe it, why is Gerencser so interested in destroying it? What is he afraid of? Indeed, he should be afraid because if he dies without Christ in his life, he is in for a major shock. Why is he taking such a huge gamble with his life? I’ve been a Christian for over 40 years and don’t regret one second of it.

As far as creationism in schools, what’s the problem? I let people see both sides. Did Gerencser evolve from a monkey? What does he believe? How did we get here? There has to be a divine creator, to believe otherwise is to empty your brain of any rational intelligence.

Gerencser should turn his life over to Him before it’s too late. He could be a modern-day Apostle Paul.

Gary Grant

September 2014

In response to Mr. Gerencser’s rebuttal, I am asking the same challenge in my original letter. What scientific evidence is there to support the position he is taking?

Empirical science is a good thing for our education, because it is provable and observable. Science that happened in the past is not observable and is considered historical, but the real issue here is, are we going to rely on man’s wisdom, which is focused on self, or God’s wisdom, which is focused on the only witness at the beginning of time? It’s opinion v. reason.

It would seem he is a little confused about the issues, because as he states himself, he is an atheist, agnostic, secularist, humanist, liberal, Bengals fan, and evangelical pastor that has, in my own words “seen the light” as far as what the real truth is, but in reality is blinded by his own prejudices.

I gave ten scientific evidences that are researchable and verifiable why the earth is believed to be young, but it receives no recognition on his part. It’s like answering someone’s question, but there is no response, just another question or opinion.

Just for the record, I’m going to give 10 of my own reasons why science and history show life did not evolve on its own and the Bible can be trusted:

  1. A complex cell must be completely formed to produce another cell. In other words, it cannot evolve one part at a time and is called irreducible complexity.
  2. When bacteria are viewed under an electron microscope it is a complex machine with many functioning parts that someone built (can’t evolve).
  3. The design of many animals that have their own intricate parts, which allow them to function, and they could not exist without these parts. Some examples are the sponge in a giraffe’s brain that keeps the brain from exploding when it bends down to drink (can’t evolve).
  4. The bombardier beetle’s flame thrower that mixes chemicals without blowing up (can’t evolve).
  5. The woodpecker’s design of the beak and head so it does not kill itself hammering trees (can’t evolve).
  6. Measuring tools to determine the age of organic and inorganic objects all give varying results that are in many cases very inaccurate by many so-called millions and billions of years.
  7. Mt. Saint Helen’s eruption in 1981, which formed a 1⁄40 scale Grand Canyon overnight (evidence for the worldwide flood).
  8. Complexity of the human body (can’t evolve).
  9. Documented historical and archeological evidence that supports the historical narrative in the Bible.
  10. The ability to reason and the common sense that God gives humans created in His image.

I’m amazed to read Mr. Gerencser was a pastor for 25 years. All I can say is he has lost his way and turned from the faith, or maybe he was never in the faith to begin with. In any case, he has not supplied any credible scientific support for his position that evolution is true.

Lawrence Smith

July 2014

Using the Bible basis you and I and Willie Pack and Bruce Gerencser are made by God “a little lower than the angels” (Psalms 8:5), which means that all humans have hidden potential. When something is “discovered” by science some give credit to a “discoverer,” even though God’s Word — the Bible — tells us that all knowledge comes from God (Colossians 2:2-3) and that all living things were created by God so, therefore, God “reveals” what is hidden when it is discovered, meaning it was there all along.

Bible basis says God has limited our knowledge because previous to the worldwide flood, humans and animals lived to be much older, much larger in size, were vegetarians and had greater inherent knowledge. But with a tropical world they became perverted because there was one language, no nations, no boundaries and no laws so humans were free (like the angels) to do anything they could imagine when God “looked upon the earth, and behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted His (God’s) way upon the earth.” (Genesis 6:12)

By contrast Willie Pack writes: “Our knowledge, medical care and most of the comforts we enjoy are directly attributable to science.” Without God?

For example, Neanderthal skeletons are noticed to be physically different than present-day skeletons. Science with God says Neanderthals are remnants of those who lived to older ages after the flood (e.g. Abraham, 175). Science with God using true scholasticism tells students that the word “pre-historic” wasn’t in dictionaries until the 1890s.

Now many in our nation are being deceived by Satan into believing lies about Jesus and God’s Word because money dominates knowledge and research in the U.S.A. Public education is now a federal monopoly under a bureaucracy called “Department of Education” with its’ major competitors being Christian Catholic and Protestant schools.

The word “cancer” is in the Bible as “canker” in II Timothy 2:15-17: “Study to show thyself approved unto God, as workmen that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. But shun vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness. And their word will eat as doth a canker …”; and verse 21: “If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified and meet for the master’s use … .”

Why is it so necessary for a federal education department to deny knowledge of our nation’s Christian heritage when they claim they are for knowledge? What if cancer is caused by profane and vain false words? By coveting “chariots and slaves and souls of men,” “empiricism” is omitting the sixth sense; e.g. “pharmacy” (drugs) comes from the Greek “sorcery.”

Larry Tonjes
rural Hicksville

March 2014

This letter is in regards to Mr. Gerenscer’s letter about Christianity when he mentioned in an earlier letter that the Bible is full of contradictions. That is why we need an authority, the Roman Catholic Church, to help us know how to interpret the Bible. In regard to faith and morals, the Bible is not for self-interpretation (2 Peter 1:20).

If we look to the Church Fathers such as Saint Ambrose of the fourth century, saints Augustine and Jerome of the fourth to fifth centuries, and Saint Gregory the Great of the sixth century, they explain who Jesus Christ is and His message. Also, the Doctors of the Church such as saints Basil the Great and Gregory Nazianzen of the fourth centuries and Saint John Chrysostom of the fourth and fifth centuries answer questions about Jesus as to who He is, what He taught, what He wants from us and how to be more like Him.

If you have questions or arguments about the faith and want to be in dialogue with someone who will explain the fullness of the Truth, there are several call-in radio programs available. During weekdays 6-8 p.m., Fort Wayne’s Redeemer Radio 1450 AM or 89.9 FM and Leipsic’s Holy Family Radio 88.9 FM have listener call-in shows. Also, 3-5 p.m. on weekdays, Toledo’s Annunciation Radio 89.7 FM has a listener call-in show, too.

I am so happy to see all the religious discussions in the newspaper. That means that Christianity, the greatest author of love, still has an importance in people’s lives.

Diane Hammon

July 2013

So the atheists believe that there is no God and that they can put a monument in the form of a bench beside the granite stone with the Ten Commandment signifying that it is empty and there is no God.

We believers serve a God that cannot be seen with the carnal eye. God is so holy I believe, if we see him, we would surely die. Our God is invisible, he is a spirit and spirits cannot be seen. Who is to say that the Lord God didn’t work it out for them to place that bench beside the granite stone so he could sit there, relax and admire the granite stone with his Ten Commandments on it?

On judgment day, they are going to wish they had believed on him who they cannot see. By then it will be too late. May the Lord have mercy on them.

Joe Trevino

April 2013

It’s true I don’t know Bruce Gerencser. His own words explain as I never could. Bruce wrote that “I object to any attempt to codify the teachings and commands of the Bible into the laws of the United States.”

Doesn’t he know that our system of life, government, laws and three branches was designed based on the Bible?

He objects to Christians trying to make biblical morality the law of the land. It’s been unwritten and in some instances written law until atheists and liberals started outlawing God in the 1960s.

Separation of church and state didn’t exist until 1947 when the atheistic ACLU and a supreme court justice, with approval of our Democrat-controlled House, Senate and presidency forced it on us. We’re losing our foundation. Government-controlled medicine is forced today.

The rights of church and state were always flexible and tolerant of the other until liberal domination in recent years. Bruce isn’t for tolerance. He wants organizations like the Christian-backed Boy Scouts to be forced to lower their moral standards to accept homosexual leaders.

Bruce wants to put the fox in the henhouse. He cares for the rights of gay persons, but not of those whose moral values lie with biblical teaching. He would destroy thousands to attain this and be happy about it. It would destroy the Scout oath.

He wrote: “I live by the precept of not doing harm to others, but be respectful of them.” Facts prove homosexual behavior is destructive to families, especially youth, and yet Bruce wants laws placing homosexuals in the their midst, hurting and destroying many. Hypocrite and disrespect come to mind.

I don’t consider any person moral who attempts to destroy Boy Scout high moral values. Bruce calls the Bible antiquated and irrelevant. Being an ex-pastor he knows God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for their immoral homosexuality. If you or he think God won’t bring judgment on us, you’re wrong. This is about destroying the Boy Scouts, not equal protection for gays. His immoral atheistic ideals will bring national suicide.

The further we drift from Christianity and moral values the closer national death comes. We must stand strong behind the Boy Scouts. If homosexual leaders are permitted, the Cub Scouts, Brownies, Girl Scouts, 4-H, Campus Life and all other youth organizations will be forced to accept this immoral lifestyle and America will die.

Death is knocking on America’s door. America is like a 100-year-old barely holding onto life. If Bruce’s immoral desires don’t kill us, government’s anti-God attitude and subsidized medicine will. We must return to God now; tomorrow will be too late.

Richard Mastin

March 2013

I wonder what reality Bruce Gerencser is in as it obviously isn’t where the rest of us are.

First, no one can be called a “bigot” if they are against homosexuality. Every dictionary and encyclopedia classifies bigotry as as having a bias or hatred against a group or person because of their religion-race-creed or disability, it says nothing about homosexuality; as such it is a lifestyle.

You cannot be bigoted against a lifestyle no matter how much Gerencser wishes as there is no medical nor scientific proof that homosexuality is genetic or people were “born that way”. As such, it isn’t genetic by all available present scientific and medical standards; that leaves it to be a lifestyle. Thus Gerencser’s left-wing wishes are just childish schoolyard name calling. I expected better.

Second, it is not just northwest Ohio as he claims as the U.S. Supreme Court rule that the Boy Scouts do not have to associate with homosexuals and cannot be forced to do so. That is nationwide. The state of Ohio’s constitution clearly defines marriage as between a man and a woman, as does federal law (The Defense of Marriage Act).

Sadly, for Gerencser, it takes the U.S. Congress to overturn these as the president is banned from any executive orders as per Article 1, Sec. 1 of the U.S. Constitution which clearly states only Congress and its designates can make a law or give weight of law, no one else. It is called the Separation of Powers Act.

Also, Article 3, Sec. 2, paragraph 2 clearly shows that Congress could overturn a U.S. Supreme Court decision except when the court shows that this is in the U.S. Constitution. Then it takes a constitutional amendment.

Third, no church is going to stop supporting the Boy Scouts as every religion has a teaching against homosexuality, even the United Way does not dare stop supporting the Boy Scouts. If they do then its donations will shrink.

Gerencser had better hope his wish does not come true as a person of the same religious denomination he claims to have received his pastoral license from could turn him into the ruling body and send clippings of his letters. That ruling body could very well vacate his pastoral license for not following the teachings of the denomination he claims to have been part of, thus making his ability to marry anyone void. There is precedent for this. He could then apply for a justice of the peace license, but I don’t think they give them out anymore.

So, in the future may I strongly suggest to Gerencser that he start checking his facts before going off on yet another repeated tirade, especially since he has been proved incorrect on every letter he has sent so far.

Daniel Gray

March 2013

Bruce Gerencser’s letter of Feb. 20 spoke of bigotry. It could have been titled Christian bigotry.

He said “there is no place for discrimination against any group of people”. Bruce is one of the blind God speaks of in the End Times. This fallen Christian pastor, turned atheist, can’t see his own bigoted discrimination against Christian morals.

Each time Bruce speaks he pushes atheistic immoralities. He speaks volumes against Christianity and the moral values committed Christians hold dearly.

Bruce left out a few words when he said, “local residents are also free to withhold their giving through United Way to the Boy Scouts”. It should have started, “local atheists, immorals and anti-Christian residents”.

I’m proud to say that I was a Boy Scout and I am Christian. Bruce stands against the Boy Scouts with a reasoning that high morals are evil and destructive, something that must be eliminated at any cost — even America’s death.

Only because Boy scout leaders hold strong moral Godly convictions, Bruce calls them bigots. He views them an evil threat to mankind and his immoral beliefs.

People like Bruce want noticed, so they try destroying something good. If he feels scouting is good for his kind, let him start a new movement called Gay Scouts or Scouts Without God.

As a youth and Boy Scout, I slept in close quarters many nights. Many youth are impressionable and easily ruined. I’m thankful that the immoral homosexuals that Bruce condones were not my fellow scouts or leaders. Homosexuals in youth groups can permanently injure a youngster.

America is failing fast enough without permitting homosexuals guiding our youth. If we can’t follow our Godly moral values, we might as well throw the towel in now.

How can the God of Creation and love be the same as the God who commands, “Kill the infidel Christians and Jews where we find them” or the God of no hope? His statements and actions are designed to confuse and turn America from God.

Atheism, like some other religions, has no God.

Buddhism has no God and offers no hope. All suffering is caused by desires.

Hinduism has a thousand Gods, but they don’t cure or save anyone.

Islam, born of the sword, lives by the sword with no true love for humanity. It’s a religion for men and government domination.

Judaism also believes in the God of Creation and love. I believe their pharisees and sadducees’ selfishness and blindness kept them from seeing God’s light in Jesus.

America has many religious sects claiming to be Christian that are not true and may keep you from God.

The Christian faith is different and above all others in that Christianity is a relationship with God. No others have this relationship. Christianity is the only faith with proof of God’s existence — Jesus.

Christianity is the only faith where you can receive true healing. It’s the only way to heaven.

Richard Mastin

January 2013

I am responding to a Jan. 2 letter to ther editor provided by Mr. Bruce Gerencser.

I am amazed that any lucid person would present an argument concerning a person or an entity that doesn’t exist! How can anyone claim to be an atheist under those circumstances? One would have to consider himself a super-intellectual, disregarding his surroundings or be as Psalm 14:1 quotes, ” A fool says in his heart, there is no God.”

I can’t answer that question. It does seem quite hypocritical to me however, that Mr. Gerencser would mention the “proclamation of angels.” Who declared the birth of Jesus still applicable today? We Christians, (born-again ) consider that babe in the manger to be God come in the flesh.

Lastly, Mr. Gerencser alludes to premarital sex among Christians. He seems to have lost all regard to pre-marital sex among ethnic groups. Babies born out of wedlock reach an astounding 73 percent.

Yet Mr. Gerencser considers his personal morality and ethics to be judged by his spouse, his children, his grandchildren, friends and neighbors. I don’t question them at all. I would suggest that he take his family and friends on a one week trip to the beautiful city of San Francisco, eat at some of the city’s finest restaurants and explain how our country is maturing, when at the tables next to them, people are dining completely nude. That’s progress isn’t it?

Kenny Barnes

January 2013

Responding to Mr. Gerencser’s letter in the Jan. 2 issue of The Crescent-News, I must begin by stating that I cannot respond to all of the statements in his letter with which I disagree in the small space provided here. But let me respond to four of them:

  1. Mr. Gerencser begins, “contrary to Luderman’s assertion, my letter was all about the Republican Party,” and then in the very next words continues “and its infection with rightwing religious extremism.”

There’s that label again.

  1. He states “since the United States is a secular state.” What? The United States is not, and was not, a secular state. Our constitution is not founded in secularism; our heritage is certainly not secular. Most of our common law is not secular. We have chaplains and prayers in our houses of government. Government officials are sworn into office with their hands on a holy book. The Declaration of Independence is based on rights with which we are endowed by our creator. Religious freedom and the wall of separation between church and state are not in the Constitution. These are statements which are intetionally twisted by the left.

Jefferson’s response to the Baptist question stated that there is a separation of church and state, but he went on to explain that it was a one-way separation. The state is separated from religion but not religious involvement in the state. Madison stated that our republic would only survive with a strong religious moral background. So you can take issue with our defending our religious morals all you want.

  1. Mr. Gerencser is quite perplexed when I suggest he has no moral values. If he is an atheist he has no morals and no basis for any morals except for his own, which is exactly what I stated. He follows his claim to be an atheist, and in the next statement he claims he is a humanist. That means he is not an atheist. His highest being to which he looks is humanity — himself — again exactly what I said. He is hell-bent on creating God in his own image.
  2. As for his closing statement of letting his wife, family et al judge his morals, suggesting we should keep out of it, then I would suggest that he stop propagating and revealing his morals in public letters to The Crescent-News.

Finally, I am deeply saddened that a man of God has lost his faith. I would gladly meet with him — to listen — and to understand and, yes, to witness. I do not want to be confrontational, but the Constitution allows and my Savior constrains me to respond and to defend the reason for the faith in which I believe. God be with you.

Gary Luderman
rural Hicksville

December 2012

I am responding to an article in the Dec. 12 issue of The Crescent-News by Mr. Bruce Gerencser titled, “GOP is now an ‘extremist party.'”

The title piqued my interest enough that I took time to read the entire article. I take no pleasure whatsoever in stating that I found the letter rather intellectually vacuous. (Wait a minute, saying that didn’t make me feel that badly at all.)

First of all, this was not really a letter against the GOP as it was against Christian morality. Anyway, it appears that Mr. Gerencser does not believe in any moral standards — at least not those of the Christian faith. Not only that, but I gather from the tone of his letter that he feels intellectually and morally superior to people that do. Well, then let me ask two questions:

  1. If Gerencser doesn’t like God’s rules, then whose rules are we to use? His?
  2. Doesn’t Gerencser have any rules or standards at all? Is there nothing that anyone can do that he would not approve of or try to stop? Think about it, if there is just one thing that he doesn’t approve (for example, Christian values), then he is just as bad as GOP Christians. If not, then who is he to set any rules or have any opinions at all? Again, if there is no God, then who makes up the rules?

But there is a much larger issue. His philosophy not only affects you and yours, it is affecting and destroying the heart of our nation. If there are no rules or standards, then no one is free and no one is safe.

Is everybody and everything to be constantly changed and believed by the latest and largest lobby group that arises? Would you like to set up a committee to make moral decisions according to the latest polls?

Mr. Gerencser’s beliefs and thought processes have been around since almost the beginning of mankind. He presents nothing new, modern or enlightened. All he is doing is what mankind has always done — not liking God’s rules, therefore thinking that God is wrong and mankind is right. He takes the place of God and is hell-bent on making God into his own image. As a Republican, I will pray for him.

Gary Luderman
rural Hicksville

September 2012

My answer to Bruce Gerencser’s letter in the Aug. 26 Crescent-News: Our god, our gain — your loss.

Sue Flores

June 2012

Mr. Gerencser is trying to undermine the historical importance the Bible played in the building of our country’s government by villainizing it and by stating; “that the moral code of conduct of a particular religion has no business being codified into law within a secular state”.

What is the Bible? It’s a book, an inanimate object. Mr. Gerencser states that; “The Bible has been used in the past to justify all kinds of vile behavior.” The Bible itself is not responsible for any of the reprehensible acts that have been committed throughout history and have been justified by misquoting the Bible. It is the person behind the act that is responsible; not just for committing them but also for using the Bible in a lie to further their own agenda. No one will inherit the kingdom of God, if the Bible is to be taken literally. It is all of us, myself included. Why, because of our sin nature, and because of this we have all of these “vile acts” throughout history. But the Bible is not just a book, it is God breathed, meaning it came from God.

We the United States of America are not a secular state, but a constitutional republic. Our Founding Fathers created our government based upon the Constitution which was based upon three separate documents: the Declaration of Independence, the Magna Carta and the Bible. Because of this our government is controlled by the Constitution. That is why it is called a, “living, breathing document”. We have been a Christian nation from the very beginning and many of us still are. Because our Constitution was based upon the Bible, that our government is based upon the Bible and the only way to change that is to change the Constitution. Hence, the fight we have been having over the last several decades.

Mr. Gerencser also stated that, “Our legal system should reflect what is best for the American people. How best to live as a pluralistic people in a secular state.”

Do you know what the second sentence in his quote means? Pluralism is the theory that a multitude of groups should govern the United States, not the people as a whole. These groups or organizations include trade unions, civil rights activists, environmentalists and business or financial lobbyists.

We have all been witness to the glowing success of this in action over the last 3½ years. Just look at how certain groups within our government have tried to bail out the automotive industry and the housing market. All they have succeeded in doing is taking over the private market with an already failing model and enslaved our future generations with debt. A secular state remains neutral in matters of religion and treats all its citizens equal regardless of religion. Our Founding Fathers did not want our fledgling country to be sucked back into what they had just left where your religious stance could get you killed, and they wanted God to be the father of our nation. It all comes down to one thing: Do you believe in God?

“It is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God.” — George Washington.

Maggie Spangler

August 2011

his is in reply to Bruce Gerencser’s letter on Aug. 8. There is only one thing he wrote that I can agree with–that is you only have 500 words or less to respond to a letter that is full of untruths and assumptions.

Not everyone believes in God or the Bible. This is where the problem arises. Every other religion in the world talks about how their God or ways are the only way that’s right.Agnostics, from the Greek word agnostos means, “to not know/’ and agnostic is one who admits, “I don’t know.”

There is only one true God. This is the Being who made each and everyone of us in his likeness and gave us a mind and will of our own. This is the same God who inspired the prophets of old to write the Bible, His Word. The Bible may not be a supernatural book, but it is His Word. The last book was written 1,900 years ago and is still as relevant today as when it was written.

There is not one thing in the Bible that has ever been proved to be wrong. There are lots of books that report the Bible is in error, however, nothing in 1,900 years has ever proven it to be untrue. Maybe Bruce kept his Bible on the shelf with his ”classics” the 25 years he was pastor. I feel sorry for any congregation that had to listen to him,especially since he doesn’t believe in God or the Bible to be the divine truth.

lf you are not in the family of God, you belong to the god of this world. This pertains to everyone whose religion does not believe in the one true God. Satan would like each and every one of us to believe that he, hell, and God doesn’t exist. He wants us to believe that all other religions are the only way to go and there is no here-after.

With a humanistic worldview that focuses on the here and now, you don’t have to be good. You can do anything you want, take anything you want, because when you die that’s it. Bruce assumes Christians have no life, no joy, not living and loving. He said they trudge through a wicked world in search of heaven or eternal reward. If this is what he did, no wonder he became agnostic.

God means different things to different people. No two Christians have all the same rules to follow. That’s one reason different views exist. I don’t know about you but I would rather not live in a world that doesn’t believe in God. It would be everyone for themselves, anything goes. If it feels good, do it. You can look and see what is happening in the United States today and it doesn’t take long to figure out we are headed away from God and in the wrong direction.


June 2011

In response to Bruce Gerencser’s letter of June 20, we are all children of God.

God is there for each one of us, all you have to do is speak to him. I don’t know one Christian who would say we are not children of God. We sin every day and God gave us choices. We can ask for forgiveness.

Before every baby and child knows the difference between right and wrong they are a child of God. Yes you and I have to be born again. God provides everything for us, it’s what you do with it. GOD provides the sun and rain. You can plow and sow, but without sun and rain you will not harvest anything.

I believe there aren’t very many people who do not believe in God. They just don’t practice it until they need help. Even Satan believes in God. Read Revelation (the last book of the Bible). If you’re right it makes no difference, but if God is right you have everything to lose for eternity. Eternity is not today and tomorrow or next week, it is forever — eternity in the lake of fire and suffering or in heaven with happiness and no more sickness. I chose God.

Dean Kosier
rural Defiance

June 2011

God is real! In response to Bruce Gerencser’s letter, my initial response was anger. It didn’t take long for pity to replace anger.

Obviously, you are mad at God for something and you are trying to discredit Him and his Word.

Whether you want to admit it or not, God is real and there is coming a day when every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord! I am glad this world is not my home, I’m just passing through. I’m looking forward to walking on the streets of pure gold and seeing my mansion He has prepared for me. My prayer for Mr. Gerencser is that he’ll get right with God before it is too late and he spends eternity in hell.

This world has a lot of problems, that much is true. I’m glad God holds it in the palm of his hand and wins the battle in the end.

N. Lang

June 2011

In reference to Bruce Gerencser’s letter of June 1, his honesty and willingness to stand by what he believes is commendable. It puts many of us Christians to shame.

Yes, I am a Christian and declare Christ as my Lord and Savior. God doesn’t need me nor anyone else to defend Him, however, I wish Gerencser knew how much Christ loves him.

His comments show that he does have a knowledge of the Bible. Has he ever questioned how it is that the Bible has survived 2,000 years without being changed or its message diluted? The Dead Sea Scrolls show it, still today, being authentic when compared with these documents.

I do believe in the rapture of the Church, however, I am not overly concerned with end-time predictions. When I breathe my last breath that will be my end of time, so every day is the time to be ready to meet the Master. Yes, indeed, I am going to heaven.

We don’t have the mind of God. Our understanding is like that of a child compared to an adult so, of course, we have many disagreements and misinterpretations. As I Corinthians 13:12 says, “we see in a mirror dimly.” It is like trying to read fine print without your glasses. If you read the entire chapter of I Corinthians 13, loving God and each other is the cornerstone of our faith.

R Thomas

March 2011

John 19:7-8: “The Jews answered him, we have a law, and by our law he ought to die, because he (Jesus Christ) made himself the Son of God. When Pilate heard that saying, he was the more afraid.”

Afraid of the Jews? No. Pilate feared the wrath of God. The Jews practiced capital punishment under Roman law. On March 2 a letter to the editor opposed capital punishment, but confused Old and New Testament law, saying: “I (Bruce Gerencser) am somewhat amused when Christians appeal to the Bible as their justification for capital punishment … .”

At about the same time the highest ranking Christian (a Roman Catholic) in the Muslim theocratic government of Pakistan was assassinated by some Muslims because he opposed capital punishment.

Bruce Gerencser tried to make it sound like Christians are the same as Muslims. Does he fear assassination by Christians? Did Christ ever call for capital punishment under the law? Yes, but it’s in Revelations when He returns to avenge the blood of the Christian martyrs (Revelation 6:10, Zechariah 1:12), saying “For the great day of wrath is come.” (Revelation 6:17, Isaiah 13:6)

When Christ was here 2,011 years ago He had the power to use God’s wrath, but His mission then and now is “not to destroy men’s lives, but to save them.” (Luke 9:56). So Jesus saved a woman from being stoned to death for adultery (John 8:1-11) but told her to “sin no more” (verse 11).

When Jesus returns He will save those who stop committing adultery and “repent”, e.g. Revelation 2:22.
“Behold I (Jesus) will cast her into a bed, and them that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds.” The word “repent” is Strong’s #3340 Greek “metaneo” meaning “to think differently” or Hebrew #5162 “nacham” meaning “to be sorry.”

Much of today’s misinformation on the Bible comes from the Ivy League Universities starting with Woodrow Wilson’s (Princeton) The New Freedom of 1914: “All that progressives ask or desire is permission — in an era when “development” evolution, is the scientific word — to interpret the Constitution according to the Darwinian principle … .” (page 48) President Obama, an Ivy League graduate, then says in The Audacity of Hope, “Implicit in the Constitution structure, in the very idea of ordered liberty, was a rejection of absolute truth …”

The Bible says God’s word is truth (John 17:17, Psalms 119:142) and Jesus standing before Pilate said, “Everyone that is of the truth hear my voice”. (John 18:37)

The Declaration of Independence says that we are created, and that is self-evident truth.

Columbia University students recently jeered an Afghan war veteran who said some people want to kill us. The Ivy League doesn’t fear the wrath of God. Their theologians want to study “comparative religions.”

Larry Tonjes
rural Hicksville

January 2011

In reply to Bruce Gerencser’s letter of Dec. 19 that this is a Christian nation, my belief as a “theocrat” is that no matter how determined any human wants to be, including Bruce Gerencser, to run away from God, it can’t be done.

The word “theocracy” is defined as “rule by divine authority.” Yes, America has had “war, torture, homophobia (not defined in the dictionary), amoral capitalism, economic collapse, the destruction of the working class and punitive political policies that punish and hurt the poor” as Gerencser mentions, but name me a nation that hasn’t had these problems.

According to the Bible and science, these problems are products of the human condition. In the insurance industry this used to be called “inherent vice,” meaning that everything in this world has an inherited flaw because it is of this world, a flawed world filled with flawed humans and flawed material to work with. The flawed problems mentioned have been endured through every type of government known to man, including Islam, communism, socialism, Judaism, Hinduism, Taoism, Shintoism, democracy. Bruce Gerencser is looking for a scapegoat because Christianity hasn’t solved all our nation’s problems, so he is looking to the current progressive movement for salvation.

Blame it on Jesus? Under the Caesers of ancient Rome there was war, torture, amoralists, economic collapse, destruction of the working class Jews and Romans, and punitive political policies like crucifying innocent civilians. Those were things that Jesus endured, and He is to be blamed for America’s social problems?

According to Jesus, Satan is the father of lies (John 8:44). There are many now in our nation who are not examining or even looking for the truth but rather for the sake of convenience or salary prefer to defend lies. For instance, the separation of church and state is not stated in the U.S. Constitution’s Amendment One. It was in the Soviet Union’s communist constitution. It was added to our constitution through inference in 1947’s Everson Decision of the U.S. Supreme Court through prodding from the American Civil Liberties Union who’s result has been the establishment of secular humanism as our nation’s religion which directly contradicts Amendment One’s establishment clause. Will the progressive secular humanist’s “New World Order” save us from war, torture, etc.? Woodrow Wilson labeled the First World War as “the war to end all wars.”

“The kings of the earth stood up, and the rulers were gathered together against the Word, and against His Christ … And now Lord, behold their threatenings: and grant unto thy servants, that with all boldness they may speak thy word.” (Acts 4:26 and 29) “This is the stone which was set at the head of the corner. Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” (Acts 4:11-12)

Larry Tonjes
rural Hicksville

August 2010

I cannot help but wonder what would make someone who has read the Bible (assuming the entire Bible from cover to cover), attended a Christian college (attending a Christian college does not make one a Christian) and been an evangelical pastor change his mind and become an agnostic humanist.

Richard Dawkins in his book, The God Delusion, contains a chapter entitled “The Poverty of Agnosticism.”

Dawkins is a renowned atheist, and you are probably wondering why I quote an atheist to make a point. In the said chapter he discusses many points concerning agnosticism but I would like to point out two items of interest. First he observes there is an “agnostic spectrum,” varying degrees of agnosticism, ranging from one — “I believe in God but have a lot of questions concerning his existence” — to seven — “I do not believe in God, period.”

Second, he also mentions two types of agnosticism — a temporary agnosticism in practice and a permanent agnosticism in principle. I wonder where Mr. Gerencser stands.

If he was once enlightened and has fallen as far as agnosticism, then there is still hope. The next step is apostasy on which the Bible is very clear. If he has sincerely studied the Scriptures then he knows what I am referring to (Hebrews 6). If not, then he should, perhaps, rethink his position. And, yes, I know his position on the inerrancy of scripture. However, the Bible is as relevant today as it was then.

Bob Palczewski

August 2010

In answer to Bruce Gerencser’s letter in Sunday’s paper,he says he is an agnostic and no longer believes.

He said that at one time the Bible had meaning to him and that he pastored an evangelical church for 25 years.Evangelical churches should evangelize. What did he preach ? Did he tell them that God sent His sinless son Jesus to die for our sins? John 3:16. He did. Did he ever truly accept Christ as his Lord and Savior? None of us ourselves will ever be good enough. You cannot prove to me that the Bible is not the inspired Word of God that tells us in Romans 10: 9-10 that if we believe and confess with our mouth the Lord Jesus that we will be saved.

Gerencser asked, What if there is no heaven or hell and we Christians have wasted our lives? If he is right and I am wrong, I have not lost anything. But if I am right and he is wrong, he has lost everything, his soul.

My husband is 85 and I am 82, and neither of us regret the almost 50 years of volunteer service for the Lord. For . 13 years we sang Gospel and ministered with our young family in churches and the migrant camps. Last year after my husband’s bypass surgery and 34 years in the jail and prison Ministry we left it to devote more time to visiting and ministering in our local rest home.

If Gerencser thinks Jesus is not real, he should read our book. He says that we should live and love life. This has not been easy because we supported ourselves in our small businesses. But after 64 years of marriage we are still living and loving, thanks to Calvary.

Gertrude Hitt

August 2010

In response to Bruce Gerenscer’s letter of June 20, I am one of those right-wing nuts and Christian Republicans that are dominating Ohio. I am proud to be a Christian. I will tell anyone anytime what I believe, but I won’t make you listen if you choose not to.

God gave us all a choice. What Jack Palmer said in his column on June 10 was the truth. He believes what he says. He has a right to say it. Bruce Gerencser has a right not to believe it, that is his choice. The last time I looked we in America have freedom to say what we want to say. That means we have the same rights as Gerencser has. I thank God for Jack Palmer. We need more like him.

God doesn’t leave us. I am thankful for that. The proof is when you feel Him yourself. God didn’t just save my soul, he saved my life. If I didn’t’ have God, I would not be here this day.

God’s heart breaks because of all the suffering in the world. It goes back to unbelief and the choice He made available to us, and when we choose the wrong way.

Gerencser said he gave thanks to his parents and all the others in his life. If it weren’t for God, he wouldn’t have them in the first place, so I thank God for my family.

Gerencser talked about being on the boat, but you can’t abandon ship unless you were on it to begin with. I hope and pray that one day Gerencser will get back on board.

No one is going to get rid of God no matter what he or she says or does. God answers me so gently in a soft and loving tone, saying “I am with you always, you will never be alone.”

Rose Molnar

August 2010

I am writing in response to Bruce Gerencser’s letter to the editor in the June 20 Crescent-News. Gerencser stated in his letter that he wanted “to give credit to whom credit is due.” Well, I too would like to do that.

First, I am thankful to live in America where I have the privilege of writing a letter to the editor to express my opinion. Thank you to The Crescent-News for setting aside a page in your paper to print even those I may disagree with.

Many, many thanks to my parents and husband for working so hard to provide for us. In addition to those Gerencser gave thanks to, I would also like to thank the farmers who provide the food our nation enjoys. Also, a big thank you goes to those serving in the military, past and present, who are willing to sacrifice their lives in order to help protect our nation.

However, I realize that God is the one who actually provides all these. He gives good health in order to do the work. He gives knowledge to the doctors, teachers, counselors, etc. so they can help others. God provides the sunshine and rain the farmers need in order to produce their crops.

Everything we have or do not have comes from God. So, thank you dear God for all these, but most of all I thank you for my home in heaven.

Connie Elston
rural Oakwood

August 2010

Since Bruce Gerencser asked the question, let’s get it answered. Say I believe in a religion and I follow its tenants. I am good to my neighbors and strangers, help the homeless, donate to charities and do the best that I can. Now, when I die if there is nothing, then what exactly have I wasted?

And, if there is something after death, then I will be rewarded for my good works and remembered far longer then Gerencser ever would be. People will remember Mother Teresa or Billy Graham far longer than Gerencser. If you live for today like Gerencser wants and when you die, if there is a creator, you have to stand before the creator and explain why you did not believe and tried to get others to do the same. Somehow I don’t think that saying “whoops, my bad” is going to cut it.

But my other question would be while Gerencser claims to have been a pastor for 25 years and since being an agnostic is one step above being an atheist, as both of them deny the existence of a deity according to every encyclopedia and dictionary out there, is Gerencser now freely admitting that he was living a lie and that his whole life before becoming agnostic was a fraud?

And, if he was a pastor, then what about all the people he was supposed to lead? Is he now admitting that he deceived them as well? And, why bother becoming a pastor in the first place if you were just going to turn your back on your chosen religion, especially one that he has never mentioned? Something about his claim just does not sound correct.

Daniel Gray

July 2010

This is in reference to the letter by Bruce Gerenscer (sic) entitled, “not everyone thinks the same way,” which was written in response to Jack Palmer’s June 10 column, “Being thankful fights off sense of entitlement.”

My belief is that everyone has the right to his or her belief, but I was so impressed with Jack’s article that I cut it out to save.

I believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. We should be thankful every single day for all our many blessings. Just to name a few, these include: Our very being, the food we eat each day, the water we drink, the very air we breathe, and family and friends. These are all gifts from God.

To me one of the greatest promises in the Bible is that God will never leave us or forsake us. In the Jimmy Stewart movie that Gerenscer mentions (which I did not see) some things are missing. What if God didn’t send the rain and the sun to grow the food? Without the rain and the sun would it grow no matter how hard we worked to grow it?

Everyone has a choice, and I choose to believe in God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and all of God’s promises in the Bible.

Alice Dunbar

July 2010

In his recent letter to the editor Bruce Gerenscer (sic) stated that he is an “agnostic” and “there exists an ever increasing number of people in northwest Ohio who do not believe in the Christian God.”

An agnostic is defined in the New Webster’s dictionary as “one who believes that God, life hereafter, etc. can neither be proved or disproved.”

Agnostics do believe that humans exist don’t they, even though a human individual can’t be seen from an orbiting spacecraft? Or they do believe, don’t they, that our earth’s light and heat come from a heat source and light source 93 million miles away? With light traveling at a speed of 186,000 miles per second, it takes 81/2 seconds for a ray of heat to travel through space to the earth, yet the recent weather forecast said that the predicted temperature would be 83 degrees, just two degrees warmer than the average of 81 degrees.

Evolutionists assume that this constant rate of temperature has lasted for millions or billions of years, otherwise the intricate types of life would have frozen or boiled a long time ago. Yet Bruce Gerenscer says that God has “left the building.” We better pray that He has not left the building because if He has, He’s about to turn off the lights.

Agnostics believe that the speed of sound is about 764 miles per hour, but that direct conversation can take place with an orbiting spacecraft thousands of miles away, but they don’t believe they can communicate with Jehovah-God through direct prayer. If we are to believe in human miracles apart from God, then what if God reverses the miracle of the unseen magnetic field? If that happens human technology won’t work and we will be forced into manual labor.

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1) I prefer to remain with the faithful who place their faith in the unseen forces of the unseen God that governs all nations, powers and peoples who “causes it to rain on the earth, where no man is.” (Job 38:26) And, yes, I believe in Jesus and the resurrection from the dead. If any agnostic out there wants to know the logic, call me and I’ll explain.

Or, here is a question for you: If all that exists is nature and the natural man, then does might make right? Is politics then just the art or science of governing with no regard for right or wrong?

Larry Tonjes
rural Hicksville

March 2009

This is in response to Bruce Gerencser’s letter that appeared in the March 1 issue of The Crescent News.

Mr. Gerencser made some excellent points, especially in reference to two sides searching for the common ground as opposed to the differences that exist. Regardless of one’s personal views regarding abortion, it seems that it is safe to say that it would be wonderful to reduce the abortion rate and hope that every child is a wanted child.

Decisions about having children are among the most monumental that people consider during their lives. For many families, an unplanned pregnancy will be the difference between fulfilling dreams and struggling to survive. The United States has the highest teen pregnancy rates, unplanned pregnancy rates, abortion rates and STD rates of any industrialized country in the world. These figures are not due to permissiveness but rather are due to our failure to provide good, medically-accurate information to our young people on how to avoid unplanned pregnancies and unprotected sex once they become sexually active.

Placing legal restrictions on abortion does nothing to reduce those rates. If we want to reduce abortions, then we must be proactive in our reproductive education while ensuring access to affordable family planning.

We must foster an environment that raises the standard of reproductive care for young families. We need to support federal, state and local policies that support our young people to achieve their reproductive goals and ensure that pregnancies are wanted and appropriately timed. The answer has been in place and extremely effective for nearly 40 years, but it has gotten lost in political rhetoric and moral agendas.

Title X, a federally-funded family planning program, was started nearly 40 years ago during Nixon’s presidency and continues today. Women and Family Services has been a Title X provider since it began in 1970. This program had strong bipartisan support because these tax dollars provided important health care services and saved the government a great deal of money in the process.

Every tax dollar currently spent on family planning saves at least $4 in pregnancy-related Medicaid. These services also prevent 1.4 million unplanned pregnancies each year which would result in an estimated 600,000 abortions annually. Title X is a public health success story. The program is held accountable to high medical standards by the Ohio Department of Health. Local residents get quality health care based on a sliding fee scale and nobody is refused services due to their inability to pay or due to residential status. Education and prevention are the fundamental driving forces of Title X.

We need not reinvent the wheel. Title X has served thousands of families in northwest Ohio over three generations. Our families and our community are strengthened by reducing abortion rates, infant mortality rates, STDs and unplanned pregnancies. Title X works!

Judy Thrasher

March 2009

President Obama has declared war on the unborn. To make matters worse, he has also proven that his many words, promises and moving speeches usually do not measure up to his subsequent actions and vice versa.

In his recent letter to the editor, Bruce Gerencser claims President Obama has made offers to work with the pro-life community. In reality, however, Obama’s stated beliefs have nullified his recent attempts to bring two morally different groups together, resulting in his continued death grip on the unborn. This is exemplified by his signature on an executive order that repealed the Mexico City Policy.

By overturning the Mexico City Policy, President Obama enabled the federal government to provide funding for clinics that promote abortion as a method of family planning in countries that receive U.S. foreign aid. How can our president claim interest in working with pro-lifers to reduce abortions when his repeal of this policy promotes funding for abortions overseas? Adding insult to injury is the fact that the taxpayers’ hard-earned money is being used to kill the unborn not only at home but abroad.

Furthermore, Obama has stated that he wants to restore U.S. funding to the United Nations Fund for Populations Activities (UNFPA) despite UNFPA’s involvement with the Chinese “one-child” population program that includes forced abortions. As a result, the Democratic leadership in the U.S. House has just pushed through an appropriations bill that gives UNFPA $50 million, regardless of whether it violates any provision of U.S. law, including the ban on promoting coerced abortion and sterilization. This same bill also would cut funding for abstinence-until-marriage education by $14.2 million.

Several of Obama’s appointments have also reflected his support for ardent pro-abortionists. For example, the Obama administration chose Dawn Johnson, the former legal director of the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) for a top job in the Department of Justice. Obama’s choice for secretary of Health and Human Services, who will guide health care reform, is Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, who not only vetoed numerous common sense pro-life laws, but hosted notorious late-term abortionist George Tiller and members of his clinic staff at a 2007 reception at the Kansas Governor’s Mansion.

How are any of these actions likely to reduce abortions? It seems to me that the only “common ground” that Obama is offering pro-lifers is quicksand.

State Representative Lynn Wachtmann

March 2009

This is in response to Mr. Gerencser’s letter to the editor on abortion. Wow! Sir, you are way off the mark when it comes to pro-life. This is what is wrong with the direction of this country. You cannot compromise murder. The commandment is “Thou Shall Not Kill.” It’s quite straight forward. The Bible does not say “Thou shall not kill, unless it is in the first few weeks of a pregnancy”.

If, sir, you are a true Christian, you believe that there is one God Almighty, Creator of All. You also agree that God is capable of anything. So you would have to conclude that if God intended a pregnancy to last in only the final 30 weeks, it would be so. The final weeks are only possible with the first few. This completes God’s cycle. This is how He has said it will be. This is how He has designed it.

By no means am I being your judge. I have four beautiful and talented children that I am extremely proud of. I get quite angry if I see any one of them harmed. I could not fathom having any of my children aborted. The word abort has cleaned it up so much. Let’s replace it with the word butchered or hacked. Could you imagine your children chopped to pieces at any stage of their lives?

If you are a true believer of God and his intentions, you would be appalled by this. I cannot and will not compromise my stand against abortion. A Democrat can’t “throw me a bone” to change my mind. Don’t misunderstand, I am equally upset with the Republicans. The Republican Party wont stop it, they just don’t fund it. I vote Constitution Party. Maybe that party is serious about stopping the killing.

It should make you sick to know that your tax dollars now fund these murders. By repealing the executive order on abortion, your tax dollars as well as mine provide the means to carry out these procedures. This also means that if a religious-based hospital refuses to perform a hacking, the government can take control of the hospital and force the doctor to ‘do the deed’ or face serious penalties. How wrong is that?

On certain issues, compromise is good. Taxes, projects, spending etc. You cannot wheel and deal with a human life. I went to church after reading your letter and said a prayer for you and the number of people you are in contact with who have similar views. I prayed that God would show you the joy of His process of life that He has designed and how wrong it is to stop it. Mr. Gerencser, you can call yourself a Democrat or a Republican, but with views like yours on abortion, you are a far cry from a Christian.

Brett Johanns
rural Paulding

Bruce Gerencser, 66, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 45 years. He and his wife have six grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist.

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    I really love the argument says “you claim to be tolerant but you are not willing to let me express my religion by calling me homophobic…so you are intolerant of my christian faith”

    Yes, i know it’s a hard concept, but to be a tolerant person, it means I can’t tolerate the intolerance of racism, xenophobia, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia and more.

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