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IFB Preacher David Hyles’ Latest Sex Scandal

david hyles at monument for his dad
David Hyles, at a Memorial Marker to His Dad. I think the Phallic Design is Fitting.

David Hyles, the son of the late Jack Hyles, pastor of First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana, finds himself yet again embroiled in a sex scandal. I have written about Hyles many times:

Yesterday, Preacher Boys Docs and Stop Pastoral Abuse reported that David Hyles allegedly was carrying on sexually with a young woman online.

Eric Skwarczynski wrote:

On Sunday, October 11, 2020, Jonathan Grisham Burchfield of Stop Pastoral Abuse received messages from a woman in her young twenties, who alleged an online relationship with the now 67 year old David Hyles.

He would contact her from a variety of accounts, using aliases like David Jaxson and David Miller.

He made claims that his wife had passed away. This information is not true. 

When reading the messages, Hyles acts as you would expect – some messages referencing meetings he was preparing to speak at, while others are purely sexual in nature.

“I will shut my door and we can masturbate together… hehehehe,” David wrote. 

Her response, “And there’s allowed there at your office?”

David’s personality shines through yet again, “I am the boss.” “I can do what I want.”

Among the myriad of messages that reflect a long running, deceitful and manipulative relationship are dozens of selfies from David Hyles. Pictures that she would be unlikely to possess unless truly sent by him.

It’s important to recognize that, simultaneously to manipulating this young woman, he was financing himself off of the backs of churches. A true charlatan, using ministries, church members, and every other person in his life as pawns to his advantage.

Is this particular situation illegal? No. But it’s a reflection of his moral character and his uncanny ability to lie without remorse or without consideration of impact it will have on the lives he toys with.

Hyles has evaded culpability and accountability for his decadent behavior for over 40 years. He continues to hide behind the “blood of Jesus,” and says that if Jesus has forgiven him, so should everyone else. I will leave it to Hyles’ victims to forgive him. All I know to do is to make sure that people know what kind of man David Hyles really is. That IFB preachers continue to support Hyles is beyond belief; a reflection of the esteem and worship wrongly given to the Hyles name.

David Hyles may love puppies, but when it comes to women, he is a serial abuser and adulterer. I would not trust him alone in a room with my wife, daughters, or granddaughters. He is, in every way, a bad man, and I will continue to hold this opinion until Hyles comes clean about 40 years of sexual misconduct, including involvement in acts that are criminal.

I’ll leave readers with a screenshot of Hyles’ messages to his latest mark.

david hyles screenshots 2020

Could these messages and photos be fake? Sure, it’s possible. However, when it comes to Hyles, I’m confident that what we see here is another example of the “real” David Hyles.

Bruce Gerencser, 66, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 45 years. He and his wife have six grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist.

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      • Avatar
        Bruce Gerencser

        In what way is Donald Trump different from David Hyles? Both are immoral miscreants. Spend some time reading the vile, hateful comments and emails I receive from IFB Christians and you’ll wonder if the whole movement is not rotten to its core.

        Now, would you like to talk about David Hyles and the IFB church movement or how Evangelicals can morally rationalize voting for Donald Trump, not once, but twice? Fire away.

        • Avatar

          Interesting how she insults a complete stranger over Trump. It’s incomprehensible how Trump is inspiring all this passion, and from the tone of women’s comments, sexual passion. BLECH. Anyway, this passion evangelicals have for Trump and fetishizing him, cartoonists drawing old dumpy, frumpy Trump like he’s a man of steel, with muscles ahhahahaha. And that is too many of the male Trump worshippers. I’m guessing a lot of them have latent homosexuality*…I mean, have you seen some of that stuff?? GROSS.

          *Not that there is anything wrong with being LGBTQ+.

  1. Avatar
    Yulya Sevelova

    When I look at Hyles, I see a psychopath and a child abuser / murderer. The body of his wife’s toddler should be exhumed for forensic evidence. What kind of DNA and other signs of foul play would law enforcement find ?

  2. Avatar
    Brian Vanderlip

    What’s a poor fella to do!!! There he is, stuck in his office serving Jesus and these young women sneak into his computer and seduce him while he is distracted and trying, diligently trying to serve our Lord! A man is just a man and there is a reason that the Bible cautions women to dress with care and not incite poor men. Even The Most Reverend Hyles can find him self playing hard-cock in the midst of his devotions and service! I will not stoop to name-calling but you all know very well what kind of girl gets on the internet with men! These same harlots have even attempted to bring down our God-given Commander-in-Chief!
    What a speciman! I just love the denial quotient active among bonehead men who take off their shirts and proudly display their aging bodies to young women! Guffaw, ho hee haw! Is that a big ol’ dumb dumb guy with no hair posing for a youngster on the net, talking about his hard cock. Poe! Poe! It can’t be real. Nobody is that dull, are they?
    Boys, if you have doubted that you can entirely exit your brain and try to think with your dick, remember Reverend Hyles.
    I think I’ll have a T-shirt printed with this image of Hyles and the just the caption, Jesus saves…

  3. Avatar

    Hey brother does this bring any memories…
    Remember, remember the price that was paid.
    Remember the sacrifice that Brother Hyles made.
    Be faithful to his vision.
    Though others turn away.
    Never forget the price, be faithful.
    Psst….Dad has been watching ?

    • Avatar
      Brian Vanderlip

      As Meanie demonstrates, there is no way out! No matter that the the will of the voters makes the result cleanly clear, the true believers cannot admit that the criminal they worship is finished. He has given his life to lead!
      Christianity is designed to harm and the smirk on Trump’s face betrays him. There is no better tool to be found in the bully-toolbox than the Cross.

  4. Avatar

    Hello, what God forgives of the past, and looks to what a man is in the present. I have enjoyed Dr. Jack Hyles sermon, “Being Thirsty.” It would be great to hear today, preachers like him. I think he died. That was from the CD collection of “Fundamental

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Bruce Gerencser