UPDATED: Serial Adulterer David Hyles Has Been Restored

david hyles

David Hyles, present day

If you have not read The Legacy of Jack Hyles, I encourage you to do so.

David Hyles, son of adulterer Jack Hyles, once an Independent Fundamentalist Baptist (IFB) pastor and a serial adulterer, has come out of the hole he crawled into (Hyles deleted his blog after it was publicized) over twenty years ago, and he telling all who will listen that he has been restored.

Restoration in the IFB movement is like a slum lord who remodels a house. The slum lord is only concerned about the rent money so he rehabs the house just enough to make it look acceptable and then he puts the FOR RENT sign in the window. Behind the paint and underneath the stained carpet is the same cockroach-infested house that existed before the slum lord rehabbed the house. So it is with restoration in the IFB church movement and in much of Evangelicalism.

David Hyles has found two preachers to help him rehab his life: Mike Johnston and David Baker. Johnston runs a ministry called Promise Ministries International Center for Biblical Studies (PMI) in Battle Creek, Michigan. PMI is a distance Bible and pastoral training ministry that focuses its efforts on people in prison.

David Baker, a graduate of Hyles-Anderson College,  is the pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church in Columbia, Tennessee.

What kind of church is Lighthouse Baptist? A screenshot from the church’s web page will tell us all we need to know:

lighthouse baptist church columbia tennessee

Lighthouse Baptist Church, Columbia, Tennessee

David Hyles has found two pastors who hold to his dead father’s philosophies and beliefs to help him restore his life. Asking IFB pastors, especially those who hold to a perverted, truncated, cheap view of grace, to help you restore your life is like asking the town drunk to help you stop drinking.

I am all for people trying to turn their lives around. I am all for people trying to change their ways. However, I think to do so a person must own his past behavior, be honest about his actions, and not expect people to just forgive and forget.

David Hyles, by all accounts, was a serial adulterer. He had sex with numerous women in multiple churches. Some of them may have been underage. His sexual conquests are well documented. His father covered up his son’s perverse behavior and helped him get a fresh start at a new church. At the new church David Hyles repeated the same conduct that got him into trouble in the first place.

In 2007, the following expose of David Hyles appeared on The Conservative Babylon website (no longer active):

Claims to fame: Son of Jack Hyles; former Youth Minister, First Baptist Church of Hammond; ex-pastor, Miller Road Baptist Church (Garland, Texas); accused serial adulterer; divorcé; cohabitator; alleged child abuser; suspected child killer

Moral apex: As the story goes (we don’t know; we weren’t there), somebody at Hyles’s church discovered porn magazines containing ads for group sex which, they reportedly claimed, featured photos of Hyles having sex with church member Brenda Stevens (by some accounts, the daughter of a deacon). A story soon surfaced that Hyles had had extramarital sex with some 19 female members of the church.

Every one of these women was apparently stupid enough to think she was Brother Dave’s “one-and-only,” according to a voice on a taped phone conversation attributed to Dave’s wife Paula. And, as you can guess, it appears more than a few marriages where destroyed when the truth came out.

What happened next: It appears to outsiders that Miller Road Baptist threw him out, and his wife divorced him and took off with their two kids, and he started living with Stevens (out of — gasp! — wedlock) in Illinois.

Where it gets really tragic: Stevens had a small son, Brent. Dave Hyles was suspected of abusing the boy — who had suffered some eight or nine broken bones in his short life, which had never been treated. Brent was taken out of Hyles and Steven’s Illinois home and given to his biological father in Texas. Within a few months, for reasons beyond comprehension, Brent was returned to Stevens.

And then, in late 1985, 15-month-old Brent was found dead in his crib. Hyles, who had been alone with the child, claimed he found him not breathing, and called police. It has been suggested in a few online articles that Dave’s father Jack arrived before the cops did.

A coroner’s inquest into Brent’s death (at which Hyles took exercised his Fifth Amendment rights — and which the baby’s mother doesn’t appear to have attended) was apparently thwarted because the little boy had been embalmed and buried (reportedly the very next day after his death), before a proper autopsy could be performed. (An empty bottle of Actifed — for which a prescription had been filled only the day before Brent’s death — was found at the scene.)

Without any physical evidence of wrongdoing, Hyles was not indicted. The case remains open.

If those who follow the Hyles story are correct (waving at the Fighting Fundamentalists!), n the mid-1990s Hyles went to work teaching Sunday school at a Pinellas Park Baptist Church in Florida — which reportedly expelled him on charges of adultery. It’s also been reported that he was thrown out of the next church he attended (Berean Baptist Church in Orange Park, Florida), for “sexual misconduct” with three different women.

(One of those women is assumed to be church secretary Joyce Phaneuf, who appears to have been arrested for prostitution in 2003. Assuming this is the same Joyce Phaneuf, her mug shot and arrest report — which notes the tattoo on her right-upper thigh, reading “David’s Girl” — are available at everybody’s favorite finger-wagging site, The Smoking Gun.)

Just when you think it can’t get any more tragic: Hyles, it’s said, finally married Stevens and they had their own child together, a boy named Jack David. In March, 1999, when the child was five years old, Stevens was reported to have run over him with her car, killing him. According to news reports, she claimed he must have fallen out of the vehicle, and she didn’t know it….

What does David Hyles say to reports like the one on The Conservative Babylon? He ignores it and refuses to directly confirm or reject the behaviors he is accused of. Instead, in a blog page titled, David Hyles: My Story (page no longer available), Hyles writes:

Others may be reading this book merely out of curiosity. You heard of me and read many of the horrible stories about me. Now you want to know what I am going to say in defense or in explanation. I trust you will not be too disappointed, but this is not a tell all book. I have no intention of defending myself nor do I plan on trying to separate the truth from the legion of lies. I do not believe it would bring honor to God for me to try and explain what is and is not true. Explanation often leads to excuse or blame and I desperately fear that. You do not need to read about my sins. You just need to know that whatever I did do when I was away from the Father, God in His rich mercy and grace has restored me to HIMSELF. This is a book about grace. I trust that God’s grace and not my sins will be glorified.

In other words, whatever Hyles did or didn’t do, he ain’t tellin’. God has forgiven him, it’s under the blood, time to move on. Time to move on meaning, I have written a book I want you to buy.

david hyles greatest men

Jack Hyles, David Hyles, Jim Krall, World’s Greatest Men

Hyles has some sharp words for his critics:

First you are hurting the lost. Several years ago I worked with a young man who knew I was a Christian. This young man was searching. He had dabbled into several religions in his search. He respected me and began to question me about Christ. God was working in his life and I felt he was very close to accepting Christ as his Savior. Someone, in an attempt to hurt my business began circulating an email through my workplace and he received it, anonymously, of course. He never again listened to me and eventually our paths parted. I pray every day for God to save him. It was not MY sins that turned him away. No, actually it was the evil spirit of those my accusers who claimed to be Christians. He wanted no part of that.

Secondly, you are hurting the fallen. Countless Christians have seen what you have done to me and to others who have fallen and decided to just disappear rather than being restored. I believe that there have been suicides and other tragedies that could have been prevented if a fallen brother or sister had felt there was hope. You diatribes on your filthy forums serve Satan’s purpose well.

Thirdly you are hurting those who I have hurt. Please hear me on this. Every fallen pastor or Christian leaves hurting people in their sinful wake. I did. I know that. It breaks my heart. David did too and his heart was broken. There is little we can do to repair the damage. Their deliverance must come from God and it will not come from revenge or retribution. It will come only from forgiveness. Please allow God to be God and to deal with his children as He will. Stay out of it and encourage those who have been hurt to find their peace from God not from your vigilante system of internet justice.

Allow me to elaborate on this just a bit more. People who are hurt by a sinner are destroyed by bitterness. No one’s sin can destroy your life. Our loving Father would not allow that. He stands ready as a loving Father to pick you up and mend your broken heart. Sinners (and that includes us all) do bad things that affect other’s lives. For all have sinned… However, if we get them to take their eyes off of the offender and place it on the Savior they can be healed. Closure does not come from our flawed idea of justice. It comes from letting God heal us even as He deals with the one who offended or hurt us.

Fourthly you are hurting you! The manure you are hurling fails to hit me but your hands sure do smell of the filth you have no business picking up. I am sorry for the pain that makes you feel that somehow you will gain some kind of satisfaction from trying to hurt me. I wish this book could give you the peace you are lacking but I sincerely doubt it will.

Finally and most importantly, you are hurting the Father. I have news for you that is not going to please you, but here goes. GOD LOVES ME and I AM SAVED AND FORGIVEN! I fell but, you see, when a Christian falls we do not fall away from grace, we fall into it, hence the name of this book. I am in His grace and one day I will stand before Him clothed in the righteousness of His Son and not the sin of my own.  Why would you dare try and hurt the heart of God? Is it because there is unconfessed sin in your life? Are you so far from Him that you have lost the sweetness of His mercy and grace in your own life? That is sad.

David Hyles, in the manner of countless abusers before him, refuses to own his past behavior and points the finger at those who attempt to hold him accountable for what he did. Hyles thinks he has a get out of jail free card. He thinks the blood of Jesus has cleansed him from all of his past actions, and if God has forgiven him so should everyone else.

David Hyles perpetrated acts against real flesh-and-blood people, and if he is serious about turning his life around he MUST deal with the men, women, and children he hurt. Putting his past actions under the blood, cast into the sea of God’s forgetfulness, might play well in IFB churches, but here in the real world where real hurt must be atoned for, David Hyles is expected to own his past behavior, make a complete confession, and, as much as is humanly possible, make restitution to those he hurt.

It is clear from David Hyles’ blog, Fallen In Grace, (which he deleted once it was publicized) that he is still a believer in IFB doctrine. No matter what “sins” he committed, no matter how perverse his life was, because of the IFB doctrine of “once saved, always saved,” Hyles was always a Christian. No matter how many people he hurt and abused, he was always God’s child.  This turns the Christian gospel of grace on its head, and no matter what a person might have done, if he, at one time or the other, mouthed the right prayer, he is a Christian.

This is why David Hyles can reinvent himself and start fresh. As countless preachers before him, his God has hosed off the shit from his life, and he is a clean, fresh-smelling Christian. However, I suspect the people David Hyles hurt and abused can still smell the shit. Their lives were forever marred by the perverse actions of David Hyles.

I have no doubt David Hyles will convince a lot of people that he is truly a new man and that God has a wonderful, new, exciting ministry for him. Christians love a comeback story and Hyles is counting on their gullibility to make a new life for himself.

For those of us who lived through the David Hyles scandals and the Jack Hyles scandal, we are not easily fooled. When David Hyles demonstrates true acts of repentance and restitution, then people such as I might, in time, be willing to give him a twelfth chance. Based on what Hyles has written so far, he sees no need for repentance or restitution. He sees no need to make things right with those he victimized. God has forgiven him and THAT is all that matters. Because of this, I am inclined to think that David Hyles is just another disgraced IFB preacher trying to make a comeback because he needs some money.

jack hyles passion for sunday school

Just today, Bob Gray, retired pastor of Longview Baptist Temple, Longview, Texas, announced that his publishing house will soon release a book by David Hyles.  Longview, you might remember, is the church that gave David Hyles a rousing and warm welcome when he visited there a couple of years ago.

Bob Gray’s version of Christianity leaves no one beyond the grace of God. It requires no repentance or restitution. It requires no accounting of crimes committed or people defrauded. All that matters is that a sinner prays the prayer and his or her ticket for heaven is punched. According to Gray, David Hyles has a fire insurance policy that can’t be revoked.

The publishing of this book is a reminder that David Hyles, like his father, is a narcissist. Imagine if Hyles wrote a book titled, I was Wrong: My Apology to Those I Hurt. Most people would appreciate his willingness to come clean about the past (though fessing up to what might have been murder might land him in the slammer). Instead, Hyles writes a book about his father. By doing so, Hyles reminds everyone that is paying attention that nothing has changed. Ain’t God good!


Let me be clear, I don’t think David Hyles is evil personified. He is a man with a wife and a family. He has sisters and a mother. I must never forget that is he a fellow human being. But, he also has a sordid past, a past he is unwilling to deal with. His unwillingness to do so casts a long shadow over his present life. Hyles thinks that the blood of Jesus is some sort of magic potion that makes the past disappear. While that might play well in places like the Longview Baptist Temple, there are a number of people, IFB pastors and church members included, who are outraged by Hyles’ narcissistic, unrepentant behavior. To these people, men like Bob Gray are enablers who encourage people to make light of their sin. Is there no sin that carries a societal and church death penalty? In Bob Gray’s world, evidently not. A decade from now, when convicted sex offender Jack Schaap is released from the federal penitentiary, I have no doubt he will find a home at the Longview Baptist Temple. Why, he might even become a worker in the youth group, sharing, like the Apostle Paul, stories from prison.

David hyles facebook

David Hyles’ Facebook Profile Picture

You can check out David Hyles’ Facebook page here

Much of Hyles’ Facebook wall is private, but his older status updates are public. Take a few minutes to read them. I suspect you will notice, as I did, that he loves to quote himself, proving that he is a chip off of his father’s block.

David Hyles Google+ page

Several preachers are listed as friends on Hyles’ Google+ page including  Bob Gray, retired pastor of Longview Baptist Temple, Bob Gray II, current pastor of Longview Baptist, and Joel Fugate, assistant pastor Clays Mill Road Baptist Church. (Jeff Fugate’s son)

David Hyles’ mother, Beverly, has a blog

David Stewart’s defense of David Hyles

Romulus, Michigan Police Department report about one of David Hyles’ girlfriends. You can read the full report at the Smoking Gun.

Police Report for Joyce Phaneuf, a Church Secretary and Once a Girlfriend to David Hyles. Notice the Report Mentions a Tattoo, David's Girl?

Police Report for Joyce Phaneuf, a Church Secretary and once a girlfriend to David Hyles. Notice the report mentions a tattoo, David’s Girl?

David Hyles at a monument to his Dad

david hyles at monument for his dad

David Hyles, at a monument to memorializing Jack Hyles. I think the phallic design is fitting.



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  1. Becky Wiren

    I don’t understand how this man is walking around free. He probably killed that baby…and for the case to remain open? Come on, the whole thing stinks.

  2. Angiep

    That dude is not attractive…I wonder how he got so many women to commit adultery with him. He is not cool, as his posture in his photos suggests he thinks he is. He personifies the out-of-touch good old boy who used to run things in the church. Now those churches are shrinking and he is becoming increasingly irrelevant.
    As for the baby, how wrong it was that the child was not autopsied. That should have been required by law. Hyles should have investigated and prosecuted. And when the other child was run over by the car, that should have been investigated as well. Did the authorities just take the “it was an unfortunate accident” position, and give him a pass because he was a pastor?

    1. John Ardelean

      Thank you for saying those things about his appearance and “uncoolness.” I thought the same thing when I saw him. I thought, “where does this guy get off having that many women ?” Not that anyone should try to get a lot, but thanks for echoing my reaction. I can’t stand him.

  3. Dale

    This sickens me. Telling his critics that THEY are responsible for the hell bound for bringing up his sordid past. What a piece of shit. Can anyone say “sociopath”?

  4. Steve

    Unreal. ‘Ol Dave was gettin’ more ass than a toilet seat

  5. NeverAgainV

    what a sick man…and too bad people are fooled by him just because he quotes the bible. Scums of the earth can quote the bible.

  6. Jose Nunez

    I’m writing from Argentina, South America. I could see the tremendous damage this guy and his pastors did in our country. Many of his followers and students in Hyles-Anderson came and repeated Hyles’s behaviour. It´s a shame for the Baptist churches, and how other pastor cover Hyles’ crimes.

    1. El Mexicano

      You are an idiot who know nothing about Baptist. If this man did what ever he did, there is a God who will take care of him, Argentino estúpido solo hablas por hablar! Saludos desde México baboso!

      1. Natasha

        How rude, El Mexicano. Yes, little Brent Stevens died while in the care of David Hyles and Brenda Stevens. Ben Jordan officiated the funeral at Miller Road. Yes, David Hyles cheated on his then-wife Paula. He admitted as much in front of all the adults at Miller Road. He made cryptic comments about “what I’ve done to my wife” from the pulpit. I was there for that.

        The attitude of “You don’t get to have an opinion because it’s God’s place to judge” has protected too many people like David Hyles from being held accountable for their actions. Abusive pastors are more harmful to their cause than are those of us who speak out about what we experienced. Pastors do not get a “get out of jail free” card just because they call themselves men of God.

  7. Melissa

    Joyce Phaneuf is my EX mother in law and yes that is her…Unfortunately I didn’t know about all of this until about 2007 and I let her babysit my newborn son (her grandson) a couple times after he was born in 2005 and found out that she would have men over at her apt WHILE MY SON WAS THERE. Needless to say, she hasn’t seen him since and he is 9 1/2 now…

    1. Charlotte

      i have just read your comment. David Hyles lives in Texas now & im rather concerned…I need to know more info please. My son is dating on of David’s daughters. I have never met her parents, so as you can see why I’m rather nervous about all the stories on the web. I would appreciate any info you can share with me.
      Thank you.

      1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

        I can’t help you on how things currently are for Hyles and his family, nor would I want to saddle his children with his past.

        If you ask Hyles directly he will likely tell you the past is in the past, it’s all under the blood of Jesus. However, his past behavior should cause others to pause and consider whether he has truly turned over a new leaf. I doubt it, but I will leave it to others to come to their own conclusions.

      2. Walter White


        I believe you will find a courteous and charming set of parents. Similar to Bruce’s comment, I would not judge David’s child on the acts of her parents. At the same time I would be EVER vigilant of my child’s interation with the family (especially the parents) and monitor any change in his behaviors. This is one VERY shrewd and seductive man you are dealing with. Your son’s better course of action would be to pursue one of many other fine young ladies.

  8. Joe

    I grew up in the Hyles world. Dad is an HAC graduate. David Hyles ate dinner in our home when I was a kid. Mom was good friends with Marlene Evans. I’m still IFB and so are my parents, balanced IFB, and we want nothing to do with the Hyles name. Bob Gray’s fading credibility is completely in the toilet now after publishing this “book”. Sick people like Dave are just that, but to enable and promote him is equally sick. Shame on Gray!!

    1. Brian

      Joe, kindly fuck off with your shaming. That belongs in your balanced IFB house of horrors.

  9. Troy

    Bruce, while you explained the reality of “restoration” you didn’t really explain the context in the evangelical community. It did get me curious so I looked it up and found this fairly succinct description:
    After reading that it occured to me that is exactly what happened to Ted Haggard. (There was an HBO show about Ted Haggard that showed his pathetic “restoration” process)

    (As someone who didn’t grow up in an evangelical church, frankly I’m glad all my experience with the evangelical church is second hand!)

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      Sadly, churches are quite forgiving, wanting their demigod to either stay in the pulpit or to take a short get right with God vacation.

  10. David Miller


    If God can save ’em, He can restore ’em and who do you self-righteous bigots think you are to judge the heart of another? David Hyles is my friend! Dave does not shirk from the wrong doing of his past, rather, has gotten his life right with God and thank God, the same blood that saved him has restored him. Unfortunately for most of you gossip hungry heathen, God did not require that David come to YOU for forgiveness and restoration. You should all be ashamed of yourself and won’t you be surprised when you stand before our Holy God giving an account for your gossip, slander and unforgiving nature! All the while, our Saviour says to David “WHAT SINS ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, I DON’T REMEMBER THEM ANYMORE! FROM THE BOOK OF LIFE, THEY’VE ALL BEEN TORN OUT. I DON’T REMEMBER THEM ANYMORE!” I’d rather be in David’s shoes than yours! Good night and David Hyles, if you read this (which I know you’re too busy helping others to see this) I want you to know that I love you brother and thank you for being my friend and helping my family.

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      Real simple: public sin, public confession, public restitution. As Hyles done these things? Of course not. Instead, like you, he claims some magic potion called the blood washed away all the sins and crimes of the past. What a wonderful thing this blood is…fuck whoever you want, tell God you are sorry, and do it again.

      There’s no God or blood on this website. When David Hyles is serious about owning the past, all of it, and then publicly confesses the error of his way and makes restitution to those he took advantage of, let me know. Until then, he’s just another predatory IFB preacher who thinks he can quote a few Bible verses and play his get out of jail free card, the blood of Jesus, and continue in his predatory ways.

      1. David Miller

        Bruce, I did not notice the nature of your blog when I tripped upon your comment. I won’t say any of the “nasty” things that you warn against in your rules section. Then again, I don’t guess I have to. Mama used to say………a guilty conscience needs no accuser!

        Enjoy your trip!

        1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

          Ah yes, another passive-aggressive fundamentalist.

        2. Jada

          Yes, well, ‘other’ people who aren’t as, what, ‘enlightened’ as you are feel no compunction whatsoever about name calling and mocking? You just think some lightening rod, ex-IFB pastor isn’t constantly dealing with some very, very much indeed ‘nasty’ trolls who are more than happy to break ALL the rules (and then some nobody ever thought about) and be as inappropriate as possible.

          I’ve been hanging around here for a couple of years now. While Bruce feels (and admits it!) remorse for steering people the wrong way and not providing as much for his family as he would have liked, he has never come across as some guilt-riddled troglodyte who’s suffering existentially. Pointless guilt is your people’s game, and you’re welcome to it.

    2. Brian

      My believer-brother is a CAPS USER TOO! Every time he utters the HOLY NAME of JEEBUS he has to CAP it. I enjoy the ravings of Miller for a few seconds here or there until they trigger memories of my childhood with people like this…. Miller, your love is hate…. your denial is great…. your solution is bait. I’d stay and gargle over you but work won’t wait!

    3. Alex

      You may take note that the IFB churchs affiliated in the realm of Hyles’ influence have on their website “salvation” prayers read that they receive Jesus as their Saviour. How about their LORD and Saviour? The “Lord” part is usually missing, along with the emphasis on true repentance. I am glad I came out of that and truly learned who Jesus is, letting HIM be Lord of my life, and not the preacher.

  11. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

    I bet David Hyles has this card in his wallet.

  12. John Ardelean

    I was sucked into the Hyles cult, but never saw or heard Dave. I would just hear that he was “fallen,” something really general like that. Although I do not know him, knowing that he committed adultery with 14 women at one church and 17 at another makes me sick. For one, and this is barely a spiritual point, WHAT IN THE WORLD GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO THAT MANY WOMEN, AT ALL ? You’re a goofy-looking woman hog, and I have no idea what they saw in you. Wow. I want to get more graphic, but I won’t. However, I would love to meet you EVEN NOW to punch you square in the face for even thinking you were entitled to that, nonetheless to hurting your wife and family and possibly killing a kid. You’re a PUNK. What a selfish, delusional, gluttonous pig. You’ll need a few more lifetimes to convince me, you worm.

  13. James Rice

    All I see here is nothing but hate! Read the bio of Mr. Gerencser and I’m not really surprised by anything I’ve read. Saw nothing of a personal relationship with the Lord he once professed to know, but now denies. The only thing I see is a man and what HE HAS DONE! Nothing of grace! Nothing of compassion!

    I do realize when a man or woman has fallen into sin, the ENEMY uses such occasions to slander the fallen! At one time, I like Mr. Gerencser possessed a self-righteous spirit and was quick to condemn others. But through the weakness of the flesh, I too fell into sin and lived in sin for many years. It wasn’t until our gracious, loving Heavenly Father began to do a work in my heart that I sought the Lord in repentance and found GRACE! My Lord has forgiven and continues to lead me in the paths of righteousness for His names’ sake.

    I in no way condone the sins of others, but neither will I engage with others in the attacks, the brutal onslaughts of men and women who lack godliness and a spirit that reaches out to restore the fallen. As for Mr. Gerencser, I will remind you, that it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a living God. I will pray that our loving God will draw you unto Himself in love and grace, and that you will find and experience SAVING GRACE and ETERNAL MERCY!

    1. Zoe

      I think you just engaged in an attack yourself James towards Bruce. Don’t forget to pray for yourself.

      1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

        I don’t count. 🙂 I find it utterly amazing how some IFB zealots will pull out the stops to defend someone like David Hyles, yet they have no problem backing up a honey wagon to my doorstep and dropping a load.

        I love it when they threaten me with God. They do know I don’t think God exists,yes? 🙂

        1. Zoe

          I’m amazed too.

        2. Michael Mock

          They know you claim that, but they also “know” that it’s impossible for someone to genuinely believe that there is no God out there.

    2. Brian

      The x-preacher who writes here has compassion that is informed by an intelligent heart, you blamey-shamey Rice man. You do not feel this compassion because you live in denial. If you come to my fun fair with your children, we can get you and yours free of woo-woo. We have kids’ activities and ‘free’ rides and some atheist crosswords you might like…. Attack all you like and call it love, Mr. Rice. It feels like love to you, doesn’t it….

    3. Jada

      “All I see here is nothing but hate!”

      Aaaaaand that’s how quickly you lost the plot. I wonder what you said after that? Hopefully nobody else read it either, as it also definitely appears to be tl;dr in addition to probably being mostly incoherent.

  14. Thomas Lemon

    I personally knew Dave when he was pastoring at Miller Road. I was a member there at the time, but I was in Malaysia when I got word of what had happened. Biblically, what Dave did was wrong. If David in the Bible didn’t get away with his sin with Bathsheba, then Dave Hyles should not get away with it. However, David in the Bible did repent of his actions and was restored to God. If Dave Hyles has truly repented of his past sins, then he should be restored. But as for being restored in being a pastor, that is out of the question. The Bible is too clear on the purity of a pastor: a pastor cannot have this kind of background and be a pastor.

    1. Natasha

      I remember you, Mr. Lemon. You were in the choir, right?

      I agree with you thoroughly that these years of “wild behavior” disqualify David Hyles from being a pastor. He also shouldn’t get his feelings hurt if it takes a while for some to ever trust him again.

      Hyles’s actions were not those of one who has truly repented. When you truly repent, you turn from whatever you’re repenting of. David Hyles didn’t. Ironically, Hyles himself preached about Psalm 51 and being contrite. Someone who is truly sorry begs for forgiveness from those he hurt, rather than demanding that they “get over it.”

  15. Lisa Mulgrew

    Bruce, you are spot on about DH. I was in that cult in Hammond for over a decade. Dave was and is one of the most charasmatic individuals I have ever known, which is why, despite his below-average looks he was able to “get” so many women.

    I am all for repentance, but as you’ve already mentioned, this has yet to happen.

    The biggest problem I have with Dave is though he claims to have repented, been restored, yada yada yada, HE HAS NEVER APOLOGIZED TO HIS VICTIMS!!! How do I know? Because a few of my dear friends ARE his victims, and Dave RAPED them as underage girls ON. CHURCH. PROPERTY. Has never apologized to any of them. Nothing. Zip. This happened in Hammond, where he raped and abused scores(my guess) of women, girls and children. He has ruined the lives of propably hundreds of women and girls. Unfortunately the statute of limitations ran out on these women by the time they realized that they were indeed raped/molested/abused.

    To my knowledge, he has never gone to a single woman he raped or even had consensual sex with, impregnated (yes, impregnated. I always wondered if the many babies JH adopted out were actually his bastard grandchildren courtesy of his miscreant son, Dave).

    If Bill Clinton was the Teflon President, Dave Hyles is still the Teflon King. It is absolutely shocking that none of his crimes ever landed him in prison! He deserves to rot in jail for the rest of his life, not still sucking free air and writing flowery, narcissistic slop and selling it for $14.95 that, I’m sure, hundreds of sheeple are still buying to further fund his lasciviousness.

  16. Walter White

    I knew David Hyles when he was a young man in Hammond. He asked that I join his staff at the church he pastored briefly in Texas in 1982. Thankfully, God granted me the grace and wisdom to resist.

    First, may I say that the church in “Fairbanks” that advertised its “greatest men” crusade should be appropriately punished for putting Jim Crall’s name under the photo of David Hyles. That’s libel, and Jim Crall should take immediate action to restore what’s left of his name:)

    But after knowing the man personally and communicating with him in recent years, my belief (it’s MINE — you can draw your own) is that David Hyles has never truly had an encounter with Jesus Christ. I think at a very young age he was influenced in such a manner that he began to TRULY believe that being his father’s son was enough for him to be square with the Almighty. I think he deceived himself, or allowed Satan to help him with that task. I think he’s a huckster and a sociopath. I think he is without a conscience. He is also devoid of a “real” job, describing himself as a “freelance writer” — interpreted, “unemployed.”

    Like many sociopaths, he is extremely intelligent and charming. He could have accomplished almost ANYTHING with his life — but fell to his sins. He was the hero of Hammond to many teenagers, but as F. Scott Fitzgerald once said. “Show me a hero and I’ll write you a tragedy.” David Hyles is a tragic figure who had it all and lost it. I hope he can repent and be redeemed. God can do anything — but I don’t believe — save for the Holy Spirit’s redemptive work — that David will ever perceive his own need.

    “Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, but I will say, depart from me, you workers of iniquity, I NEVER knew you.”

    1. Brian

      Sometimes psychological damage happens early and definitively, as in the case where children are abused, beaten harshly and psychologically harmed with woo-woo such as you speak here, suggesting that some ‘encounter’ or God-way is the answer to problems. The answer is not so magical as you suggest and has to do with stopping the harm from being passed on through generations. Believe what you will about any asshole having some real encounter or not… it is all woo-woo talk and it ends with typical Christian bullshit. I Never knew you? Well of course he didn’t! Jesus lived thousands of years ago…. Whoops, he is still alive, right? Sheesh. You are writing on the wrong blog.

  17. Walter White

    BTW, Mr. Gerencser, I am moved to compassion that your journey has led you to a belief that there is no God. I pray that the Holy Spirit of the living God will move upon your life and lead you to grace.

    I know that it must be more complex than the fact that you are disillusioned by the acts of religious charletons, but whatever your thought process, you are in my prayers.

    1. Brian

      You have the right to your belief, Walter White but for goodness sake, can’t you listen and allow somebody to be who they are? Must someone beg on their bleeding knees to you fuckers? Allow somebody to live, to live their own life without your bully proselytizing? Sheesh…

  18. Lisa Mulgrew

    Walter, I agree, he is absolutely a sociopath!

  19. Jeff

    Is the case actually still open on Stevens ? Maybe it has been closed? The reason I ask is that some of the work has been copied and pasted on the internet so many years that a person not acquainted with the Hyles saga might think it is a new investigative report.
    I have to say jack Hyles helped me in sales and never giving up. Just because the wizard doesn’t actually exist you still can’t appreciate the man behind the curtain rip jack Hyles

  20. Jeff

    You can still appreciate the man behind the curtain

  21. Blake Smith

    This is all Obama’s fault

  22. Tena Geesey

    I would need you to give me the chapter and verse in the Bible that says someone cannot be forgiven and restored if they have asked God for forgiveness and turned their life back over to God.

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      Forgiveness requires David Hyles to make restitution to those he sexually took advantage of. He has not done so. Instead, he has asked GOD to forgive him. Hyles, like most Independent Fundamentalist Baptists, thinks God’s forgiveness is all that is required to wipe the slate clean. There can be no forgiveness for David Hyles until he is willing to give an honest, complete accounting of his vile behavior, including his complicity, if any, in the death of his child.

      1. Tena Geesey

        Be careful with judging. We are not given permission to judge each other. God is our ultimate judge, and this needs to be left in Gods Hands.

        1. Geoff

          What if you’re a judge?

        2. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)


          You do know I am an atheist, yes? I am not in the least concerned about being judged by God. As far as leaving judgment in the hands of God, I encourage you to read my post on Matthew 7 https://brucegerencser.net/2015/01/does-the-bible-say-thou-shalt-not-judge/ Most Christians totally misinterpret the thou shalt not judge text.


          1. Tena Geesey

            Someday you will not be an atheist.


          2. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)


            Please follow the comment rules. NO PREACHING.

            I’m not the least bit interested in your opinion of my so-called spiritual condition.


          3. Tena

            Thank you for being somewhat respectful to me, even though you don’t agree with me. Thank you for not slandering or name-calling.
            I think I have been respectful to you even though I don’t agree with you either.
            I will have no further comments.

    2. Natasha

      I know you said you weren’t going to comment again, and it’s been a while. I have a problem, however, with the haughty tone of this response. But to answer your question, Matthew 5;23-24 comes to mind: “Therefore if you bring your gift to the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar, and go your way. First be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift.”

      According to that passage, Christ himself calls for David Hyles to make things right with those he hurt before even giving an offering. It’s all well and good if Hyles has asked God for forgiveness. But if he refuses to apologize directly to his victims, and demands that they forgive him, how is that “being reconciled to your brother”?

      Or how about 1 Corinthians 5:9-11—”I wrote to you in my epistle not to keep company with sexually immoral people. Yet I certainly did not mean with the sexually immoral people of this world, or with the covetous, or extortioners, or idolaters, since then you would need to go out of the world. But now I have written to you not to keep company with anyone named a brother, who is sexually immoral, or covetous, or an idolater, or a reviler, or a drunkard, or an extortioner—not even to eat with such a person.”

      Unlike the biblical David, Hyles has shown no humility toward his victims. I find it bitterly ironic, since Hyles himself preached about Psalm 51 and contrition when he was at Miller Road. If Hyles were truly sorry for his actions, he would accept responsibility for them. Instead, he accuses his victims of slinging mud, when he’s not harrumphing, “My sins are under the blood of Jesus, so you need to just quit talking about them.”

      He whines that “no one else’s sin can destroy your life.” I’m sure his ex-wife Paula and their daughters Jamie and Julie would disagree. I’m sure David Stevens (ex-husband of Brenda Stevens and father of Brent Stevens). Hyles obliquely mentioned “what I’ve done with your money” at Miller Road. He doesn’t think his financial shenanigans harmed those who gave willingly and sacrificially?

      When accusations first emerged about Jack Hyles’s own infidelity, his response was to send a long, angry letter defending himself to his supporters. The Sword of the Lord excoriated Robert Sumner and the others who demanded that Jack Hyles confess and repent. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I said it before, and I’ll say it again: Jack Hyles didn’t try to teach his son to be like Jesus. Jack Hyles trained his son to be like Jack Hyles.

      My empathy and sympathy are reserved for Hyles’s victims.

      (Bruce, I apologize for “necro-posting,” but I’ve dealt personally with too many Hylesites to stay quiet.)

  23. Brian

    Hey Tena who knows, I am an atheist too. Do I get some magical statements too about what I will or won’t be? Take a flying leap, woo-woo monger…. You have no idea what you are even saying, talking about not judging and the moment it comes out of your pie-hole, you judge another. Wicked insight! Did Jesus give you that for free?

    1. Tena Geesey

      Calm down Brian

  24. Geoff

    Tena, the reason you’re not being taken too seriously by others here is that most have been where you are now, ‘done it and got the t-shirt’ as the saying goes. They did it and found it lacking, Bruce rather more than most.

    Me, I never bought into it. Lots of reasons, and you’ve reminded me of one; the semantic nonsense that people glibly trot out, thinking that as they are quoting the bible it must make sense. ‘Do not judge’. Listen Tena, we all do it, all the time, every day. I might judge that a shop worker was a little abrupt with me, or that the lady serving the drinks was attractive. I judge if I see a group of teenagers late in the park with cans of beer in their hand creating litter. And I’d probably judge if a Muslim lady wearing a burka and overly bulky clothes, got on the same train as me.

    And especially coming from the country that still thinks it’s its Christian duty to carry out the death penalty!

    Don’t make me laugh, but really, have a good think before speaking.

    1. vic casler

      This man Or poser called Jack all but destroyed our family and many other’s!!!! Shame on his, an his daughter
      Cindy for defending her sick ass husband.Open your blind eyes!

  25. willy

    yes, i fully agree with the caption on the picture, “…the phallic design is fitting”

  26. Randy

    I just do not understand these men like Hyles, or Haggard or Driscoll. They say they are sold out for the Gospel but they seem to be unable to stay out of the limelight and love throwing their authority and popularity around. I’m still in the evangelical camp, but this kind of behavior disgusts me. I do not believe men like these should be restored. I do not see where the Bible indicates that. They can be forgiven and serve as laymen, but they have committed deeds while pastors and church leaders that disqualify from ever holding that position again. It actually may be setting them up to fail and commit more atrocities by “restoring” them to leadership because that position and title leads them to commit such grievous acts. I’ve told my wife and friends if I ever mess up like that in the ministry, by no means ever let me be restored to a position of leadership. These men are more concerned with their own egos more than the people they claim to shepherd.

    1. JR

      I agree with Randy. I know lots of honest pastors who are content to be nobodies. Guys like Hyles are obsessed with being in charge – they love to be first and they use their position to get what they want.

      Even if you believe in God’s forgiveness , I think you need to say that they have disqualified themself from leadership as it is too dangerous for them. They should settle down out of the limelight.

      I think that blogs that expose them are invaluable and their congregations need to hear the whole truth.

  27. JR

    I also think they should be thrown out if the church – this is what they would do to members if they did the same thing.

    Hyles Anderson college is evil.

  28. C Alan Mack

    It’s amazing how much time any one person would take the time to trash a family such as the likeness of Dr. Jack Hyles a true man of God who dedicated most oh his whole life keeping people just like this author who lies and trashes Christians for whatever reason they do so. Bittnerness, mad at God for their own reasons? Who knows but it is just downright sick and appalling. Thousand and thousands of folks will spend eternity in Heaven through the divine faithfulness of Dr. Hyles and his family.

    1. Bruce Gerencser (Post author)

      I find it interesting that you don’t say a word about David Hyles’ immorality. Evidently, souls saved wipes out the immoral and criminal behavior.

      1. Natasha

        Bruce, I would also be interested to know exactly what Mr. Mack thinks you’re lying about.
        I, myself am more ‘sickened and appalled’ by the abuses that so many “men of God” perpetrate and get away with because no one will speak up for their victims.
        I will reserve my empathy for those who have been abused and victimized by IFB’s.

  29. Natasha

    I’m late to this party, but David Hyles was my first pastor. I give his successor, Ben Jordan, credit for demanding that Hyles publicly confess his adultery and then leave the church. When asked in an emergency church meeting, Ben Jordan informed everyone that Hyles would not be welcome back at Miller Road unless he publicly repented for the adultery and for the financial shenanigans.

    I remember this because I was there when the feathers hit the fan. It was a Wednesday night, and Ben Jordan read a letter from Hyles, saying that he was “scared” and getting advice from his father. The church pianist, one of the chosen few, was totally emotionless. A deacon had caught him in the act, and Hyles had made cryptic comments from the pulpit about “what I’ve done to my wife…and what I’ve done with your money.” According to the deacon who had witnessed him, Hyles had been carrying on with about eight different women in the church. Brenda Stevens was held up as a model Christian lady, who even took me soulwinning with her once. Almost everyone on Hyles’s oversized office staff was an attractive young woman. (Ben Jordan cut the paid office staff down to a secretary and a bookkeeper when he became pastor.)

    Hyles’s ex-wife Paula deserved much better from him. She was under a lot of scrutiny. Jamie and Julie, their daughters, were perfectly normal little girls who did the best they could. My mom babysat once for Paula and one of the Hyles sisters and said their girls couldn’t have been better behaved. I hope Melissa is doing well.

    Hyles was a good-looking young man who started balding prematurely. But he always came across as arrogant and condescending to anyone other than an attractive young woman. My late mother called him to the carpet on this: “Am I not young and pretty enough for you to be nice to?” He stopped in his tracks and just looked at her as if he’d seen a ghost. She told him she loved him, and his answer was, “They all do.” His sermons were usually more like tirades, although I admit I did enjoy his series on the tabernacle. But that’s the thing about Hylesites: they’re very good at beating others down for “falling short” but not very good at looking within. “Physician, heal thyself.”

    The impression I got of David Hyles is that he desperately wanted to be liked. During chapel, he’d give all the secondary students candy bars and make the teachers participate in a prune juice-drinking contest. He sadly told us from the pulpit once about when his father asked him, “Do you think I’m mean?” When young David said he did, Jack Hyles beat him for having a bad attitude. So it seemed to me that Jack Hyles didn’t want his son to be like Jesus. He wanted David to be like Jack Hyles.

    David Hyles is a broken man. But his words are not the words of someone who is truly sorry for how his actions hurt others. His words are the words of someone who wants everyone to “just shut up” about it. The proof of his repentance and restoration would be in how he approached the many people he hurt. So far, he still shows a troubling lack of humility.

    (For the record, I walked away from fundamentalism about 20 years ago.)

    1. Michael Mock

      Welcome, and thanks for sharing your story.

      1. Bill

        Willie, Shakespeare not Nelson, said a mouthful with his, “Satan can cite Scripture for his purpose”.
        And Satan certainly did in Matthew 4, out of context and with a vital deletion from the Psalm he quoted.
        It is my observation, right or wrong, of course I much prefer the former, that IFB make much use of the Bible, out of context with disconnect as per other portions of the BOOK they claim to love. No, I am not blatantly calling them Satanic, but common characteristic . . . hmmm, time for a pensive pause? And the blind being led by the blind, clearly stated in the BOOK, need NOT be a shocker.


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