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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Non-Christian Scientists Are Deceived and Blinded by Evil

dr david tee

The many rewritings of what is accepted by scientists lead to confusion which is also wrong. Who can say what is scientifically true when scientists keep changing what they consider to be true every decade or every few years?

The best guide we can give you is that if it disagrees with the Bible, then it is wrong. God is never wrong and scientists do not know more than he does. This leads us into the answer to the topic question above.

Can all those scientists be wrong? Of course, they can. What the unbelieving world does not accept is that there is an ultimate right, and ultimate wrong and that truth never changes.

They also do not accept the fact that as unbelievers, they are deceived and blinded by evil. It does not matter how many scientists you stack up on one side of the argument against the Bible, the Bible is never wrong.

The scientists will always be wrong, including those Christian ones who say that the Bible is in error or made errors. It also does not matter how many degrees they have collectively behind their names or collective years ‘doing science.

— “Dr.” David Tee, TheologyArcheology: A Site For The Glory of God, Can All Those Scientists be Wrong? January 1, 2022


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    Problem with his website name, he cant do theology or archeology right. He ignores what christ explicitly says, he ignores archeology that doesn’t agree with his interpretation of an ancient book and then spends his time attacking his enemies instead of loving them like his so called savior said to do. At least he isn’t commenting here anymore except for his one from yesterday.

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