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Who is This Bruce Gerencser This YouTube Commenter Speaks Of?

bruce gerencser august 2021

In recent years, I have done a number of newspaper, video, and YouTube interviews. Doing so exposes me to the wrath and hatred of Evangelical zealots, especially of the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist (IFB) variety. To be fair, I also receive a number of positive comments, especially about my beard and sexiness. 🙂 Evangelical zealots typically attack my motives and character, often calling me names. Such people are fond of saying I am a liar; that they know me personally and know that my story is not true. Of course, these people never — I MEAN NEVER — come out of the shadows so I can confront my accusers. Instead, they hide in their parent’s basement, hurling invectives my way from their IBM 286 computer with a dial-up modem.

Over the coming months, I have two interviews on the calendar — Loki-willing. Like it or not, I am considered an expert on the IFB church movement. I’ll have reporters call me asking for background on the movement. One reporter emailed me for weeks, asking me to define IFB specific words he was unfamiliar with. I gladly obliged him.

Two months ago, McKinnon Mitchell interviewed me for his documentary on young-earth creationist, convicted felon, and wife-beater Kent Hovind. Hovind and I both went to Midwestern Baptist College in Pontiac, Michigan in the 1970s. Midwestern is an IFB institution. I was able to provide McKinnon background information on the people, beliefs, and churches that influenced Hovind. I thought our interview went well. McKinnon is a delightful man. I wished he lived near me. I would love to take him out for dinner and shoot the breeze.

If you haven’t seen my interview, you can view it on YouTube.

Video Link

Here’s the raw video of my interview, which was edited for the documentary.


Part Two of McKinnon’s documentary:

Video Link

I want to focus on comments by someone named Rod Almond found on McKinnon’s first video:

youtube comments (2)
youtube comments (1)

Rod Almond, of course, is a fake name, possibly a reference to the “almond rod” found in the Bible. I have no idea who he is. Almond states:

  • He personally knows me
  • I am not to be trusted
  • I am full of bullshit
  • My goals (on this blog) are self-serving
  • I have no desire to help people
  • I am a liar
  • I am self-serving
  • He knows people I have personally lied to
  • He knows people I have trashed and used for selfish purposes
  • I am a sensationalist
  • and . . .

Damn, what comes after the “and”? 🙂

Over the past fifteen years, I have had a few Rod Almonds hurl accusations at me, always using fake names to attack my character and spread lies about me. One person said they were a former parishioner, another said they attended church with me at the Newark Baptist Temple in the early 1980s. Not one of these Rod Almonds will put their real name to their accusations. Why is that? If I have hurt someone, I genuinely want to know so I can make things right. I want to make sure that any misunderstandings are corrected. Despite offering them an opportunity to engage me on my alleged offenses, not one of them has been willing to do so. Instead, they lurk in the shadows, hurling rocks at me, along with my wife, children, and the readers of this blog.

Long-time readers of this blog know that I am an open, honest man. I’ve made mistakes — lots of them — in my life. I have gone out of my way to atone for my “sins.” In fact, this blog can be viewed as a fifteen-year act of penance. I write under my own name. I don’t hide from my past or present life. Anyone can contact me via the CONTACT page. I am literally a click or two away. Thus, I can’t help but conclude that the Rod Almonds of the world are not honest interlocutors; their objective is to cause harm or hurt. To such people I say, fuck off. 🙂

If you are someone who wants me to atone for some perceived “sin,” please contact me so we can talk. If not, I will assume you are a dishonest person who just wants to bitch, moan, and complain; a person whose only objective is to cause harm.

Bruce Gerencser, 66, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 45 years. He and his wife have six grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist.

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    Well, people who tell such a story as Rod Almond, who hides who he is, is probably a religious troll. Can’t accept anyone outside of their narrow thinking, so have to lie to put you down. I’m almost done being surprised at all the good Christians who are angry, hateful, lying, and mean.

  2. Avatar

    Bruce, I’m so glad that reporters are employing your unique credentials as a resource. One of the saddest things I ever read on your blog was how you lamented about being the invisible man in the wheelchair. When one considers the number of people you’ve touched it is obvious that isn’t the case at all. I had never heard of the almond rod metaphor, so even a troll is good for something I s’pose.

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      Thanks, Troy. ❤️❤️

      The Internet and this blog has been a lifesaver for me — literally. I’m doing good if I get away from the house once a week. I’m not totally home bound, but almost. I fear there is a day coming when that will be the case. 😢😢

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