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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Catholic Michigan State House Candidate Jacky Eubanks Wants to Ban Birth Control

jacky eubanks

… You cannot have a successful society outside of the Christian moral order. And things like abortion, and things like gay marriage, are outside of the Christian moral order. And they lead to chaos and destruction and a culture of death…

[VORIS: How do you answer the local press person, who might be your age and just sees you as some loony who… that she wants to take away your birth control… in the state of Michigan?]

Sure, so, I guess we have to ask ourselves: Would that ever come to a vote in the Michigan state legislature? And if it should, I would have to side with: It should not be legal. And I think that people that birth control is… better… because, “Oh, then you won’t get pregnant and you won’t need to have an abortion.” But I think it gives people the false sense of security that they can have consequence-free sex. And that’s not true! And it’s not correct!

… Sex ought to be between one man and one woman in the confines of marriage… and open to life. Absolutely.

— Jacky Eubanks, a Michigan Republican running for State House, Quotes from an interview Eubanks did with Michael Voris of the Catholic site Church Militant

From Eubank’s policy page:


As a graduate of Hillsdale College, I recognize the supreme blessing it was to receive a classical liberal arts education based on the seminole works of Western Civilization. I also recognize the damage done to young Americans indoctrinated by falsified Leftist “history” like the 1619 Project. I will write legislation implementing the 1776 Curriculum into Michigan’s K-12 public schools. I will also write legislation banning Critical Race Theory, as well as pen a version of Florida’s “Parental Rights in Education” bill which would prevent teachers from discussing radical sex & gender theory with students. I will also pen legislation mandating students in K-12 public schools use the bathroom & locker room of their biological sex and prohibit them from playing on sports teams of the opposite sex based on “gender identification”. 

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is the cornerstone of a law-abiding, peaceful, thriving community. I am not in favor of “defunding the police,” especially not in the wake of violent riots. I am in favor of designating ANTIFA as a terrorist organization, and apportioning law enforcement funds for the investigation and prosecution of this organization in the state of Michigan. 

No Tax-Payer Subsidies for Green Energy or Big Business

Manufacturers, the heart and soul of Michigan’s economy, are fleeing to states with lower energy costs. Why are our energy costs so high? A key issue is the state’s subsidizing “green energy” sources such as wind farms and solar panel fields. These sources of energy do not provide the power needed to keep our manufacturers in our state. I would not support taxpayer dollars subsidizing the farce of green energy. I would instead offer tax breaks to nuclear, gas, oil, & coal-burning plants, which have significantly higher energy outputs at a lower cost. At the same time, this would make subsidizing major corporations with taxpayer dollars unnecessary. I do not support corporate welfare, which is inherently anti-free market. 

School Choice

Affording private school tuition is a struggle for most families, and parents who wish they could send their children to private schools are often priced out of the market. I intend to fix this by implementing a tax break system for parents who choose to send their children to private schools or to homeschool. I propose a tax break for parents equivalent to the cost per student in a given school district, because the parents have eased the burden on taxpayers who would otherwise have to pay for their child’s education. 

Constitutional Carry & Pro-Gun Legislation

I am against red flag laws of any kind and will always vote “no” on anything that restricts Michiganders’ Second Amendment rights. I will pen constitutional carry legislation, and I will push for “gun-free zone” reform. I believe good guys with guns are the best solution to bad guys with guns, and that a public which is generally armed makes for a safer community with lower crime.

Pro-Life Legislation

I am uncompromising in my belief that human life begins at conception and ends at natural death. I will introduce legislation banning abortion in the state of Michigan. I will always vote to restrict abortion, and if a heartbeat bill came to a vote, I would vote “yes”. I also will never budge on physician-assisted suicide & euthanasia. If legislation ever comes to a vote which would expand or allow these anti-life acts, I will unequivocally vote “no”.

Child Abuse & Human Trafficking

I will write legislation classifying surgery and hormone therapy for the purpose of “gender reassignment” for anyone under 18 years of age as child abuse. 

Michigan is also the state with the highest human trafficking rate in the United States. I will pen legislation requiring every law enforcement agency undergo human trafficking awareness training, based on the DHS Blue Campaign.

Bruce Gerencser, 66, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 45 years. He and his wife have six grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist.

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  1. Avatar

    Politicians like Eubanks are perfect examples of Christian Nationalism. People like her seem to be clueless that not all of us are the same religion as she is. She is the the type who yells “Freedom” while restricting the rights of people she doesn’t like by wanting to use the government to get between women and their healthcare, the ability of people to study and understand history and the right of people to read what they choose. She has no clue about the physics of power and the damage that fossil fuels do the environment. Eubanks is the one who has no grasp of history, she fails to understand that study, science and reason are the way we solve problems, not getting on our knees and staring at the ceiling.

  2. Avatar

    “I recognize the supreme blessing it was to receive a classical liberal arts education based on the seminole works of Western Civilization.”

    Um..”seminole works”??? Hillsdale College may want to revoke that degree.

    • Avatar

      Sage, I was just going to comment on “seminole” as well! I had a hard time reading the rest of her statement because “seminole” was taking up too much space in my focusing ability. Of course, the rest of what she said was the typical right-wing authoritarian Christian nationalist drivel that I expect from someone like her…..

      “Seminole” 🤣🤣🤣

      • Avatar
        MJ Lisbeth

        I felt the same way. If there’s a book of “seminole” history, I definitely want to read it.

        Seriously, though, as scary as the candidate is, she’s not atypical, anywhere in the US. I have to wonder, though, whether some of her stated policies are a reaction to Dana Nessel, the State’s Attorney General. She’s done as much as anybody in the US to bring the Catholic Church and other religious institutions to account for their clergy and other officials’ sexual abuse. She also has worked very hard to ensure that LGBTQ and other “minorities” keep hard-won rights and protections.

  3. Avatar

    “You cannot have a successful society outside of the Christian moral order”

    Japan isn’t a successful society? The Roman Empire wasn’t a successful society? Ancient Greece wasn’t a successful society? Do these narcissists have any idea that there’s a whole world out there outside their own country?

    • Avatar

      Learning about how things work in the Real World™ is waaaay above their pay grade. Easier to pretend that they’re best buddies with The Ruler of the Whole Fucking Universe and use that as an excuse to grab power and make people miserable.

    • Avatar

      Well, no, Infidel753, those countries CAN’T be successful countries because… wait for it… they aren’t Christian countries! That “whole world out there” also doesn’t fit their definition of a successful society for the same reason.
      And on a tangent, this country (and at least the ancient societies) was built partly with the help of slaves. Hmmm… Does that mean that slavery is condoned by the Christian moral order?

      • Avatar

        Hardly a difficult question since the Bible accepts slavery as a given and never condemns it — even Jesus never said a word against it, while living at a time when it was common.

        (Fun fact — Japan, a 100% pagan nation, was the first country in the world to abolish slavery, in 1590.)

        So, no birth control or abortion, according to Eubanks. I guess the only acceptable way to deal with an unwanted pregnancy is to let it be born and then shoot it.

  4. Avatar
    Yulya Sevelova

    Yup, Jacky, the Fascistic jackass- can’t or won’t spell” seminal” in that one paragraph there,lol !😆😆

  5. Avatar
    Lee B

    The unspoken irony. The same ppl saying “ban CRT, punish those who teach it” are also saying “give teachers guns”. Delicious contradictions abound.

    Also, which Christian denomination? It wasn’t Catholicism that early colonizers to America most commonly practiced. Another delicious contradiction.

  6. Avatar
    Yulya Sevelova

    And this Jacky person also has ” crazy eyes.” Take a real good look at those eyes,they just look maniacal. Like one of those really mean Irish nuns ! 😃

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