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Is Dr. David Tee Actually Derrick Thomas Thiessen?

dr david tee

Fake Dr. David Tee blogs at TheologyArcheology: A Site for the Glory of God. Tee is a well-known Internet troll, self-published young-earth creationist author, and a diehard Fundamentalist Christian. Tee is best known for his consummate defense of abusers and child molesters. Over the past several years, Tee has written numerous posts about me and the readers of this blog. He has also sent me several emails which he hoped would emotionally traumatize me. At every opportunity, Tee has attempted to slander my character. He has even gone after my wife and children — in Christian love, of course.

I have long known that “David Tee” was not his real name. I found that he was using the name David Thiessen. Come to find out, that’s not his real name either. According to a source I now believe to be credible, Tee’s actual name is Derrick Thomas Thiessen.

Recently, the following comments were left on this site:

Comment One

I know there’s been a bit of speculation from those who have followed “Dr. David Tee” across the interwebs over the years. I thought I’d expand on it some.

Some of you have divined his real name to be David Thiessen. You’re half right. His name is Derrick Thomas Thiessen, and he’s a Canadian national.

“David” is a name he probably picked up after he stole his then-girlfriend’s identity (Social Security Number) to facilitate procurement of employment in the United States, where he was living illegally. If David is his legal name, it’s a relatively new development.

His “doctorate” is from a paper mill. He has never, to my knowledge, submitted to a curriculum created by any accredited institution.

His Bible is missing 1 Timothy 5:8 (“[b]ut if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever”) as he probably began using the abridged version of his last name shortly after he was ordered to pay child support to the child he fathered, of which he never paid a penny before disappearing from the child-support enforcement system’s radar.

But his Bible does have a unique translation of Ephesians 5:22, the same one other males of the species use to justify being abusive to their wives. Except most of them at least aren’t so cowardly to assert that dominance over a quadriplegic who not only can’t fight back, she can’t easily run away from it.

Comment Two

Original poster here. Everything I posted originally is the unvarnished truth.

The name “David Tee” comes from whole cloth, as does the name “David” in general. “Derrick” is the name that he answered to relative to at least three legal documents in my physical possession. One of them involves a restraining order, which is why I am being somewhat vague with what I post publicly. Although an extensive amount of time has passed, I do not wish to be located and identified by him or any apologists he may have.

I believe my recent e-mail to him, sent from a throwaway account, is the inspiration for his latest blog post, meaning he has narrowed my identity down to two, possibly three, people … but he would have long-outdated information if he ever came looking for any of the three, and I’d like to keep it that way.

I am also in physical possession of the court transcript of a deposition in which he conceded, under oath, that he interchangeably used “David Thiessen” and “D. David Thiessen” (as well as “David Ford”) as a pseudonym, supposedly to hide from his family in Calgary. Although, the informal name change roughly coincides with him fleeing (I believe) Washington state after being charged with domestic violence in the mid-90s. The victim was the same person who he claims – quoting from his sworn testimony – “told me she was giving me my freedom” by handing over her Social Security card for him to use for employment purposes. This, presumably, is one of the half-truths and lies he rants about in his blog, although he doesn’t clarify which part of his account of that encounter is only half-true.

I have reviewed the aforementioned sworn affidavit. It is a damning document that suggests Thiessen committed domestic violence, illegally used another person’s social security number, and attempted to commit voter fraud. If these things are true, we now understand why Thiessen has been holed up in South Korea and the Phillipines for years.

Another friend of mine, with whom I shared this information, did an Internet search on Derrick David Theissen. Low and behold he got a hit: Tee used his real name in a 2016 article about a lecture he gave to the Asian Center for Missions:

An inspirational message and challenge were shared by Dr. Derrick Thomas Thiessen, a missionary to Korea for 14 years. He placed emphasis on the significant and distinct roles of the body of Christ in mending the wounds and brokenness of a missionary especially when they make mistakes in their given assignments.

With the article was a picture of the conference participants and speakers. In the back row is a tall white guy. You guessed it. It’s Dr. David Tee/David Thiessen/Derrick Thomas Thiessen.

david thiessen

The person who left the comments on this site about Thiessen contacted him about his allegations. This prompted Thiessen to write an incoherent, unhinged post titled When People Hate You:

We were taught years ago, that a good preacher is preaching himself when he prepares and speaks his sermon. Everything we have said on this website plus this topic has already been preached to us. and we learn the lessons we need to learn.

Everything said in this specific post is said with a lot of heartfelt kindness. And we are not going to go into specifics just using the material to glean lessons.

Recently, we received an e-mail from someone who stated they hated us. We never met the person before and had no direct contact with them. Yet they hated us and not because of what we write on our websites.

We knew that attitude would be in that person because sinful third parties told us what they were going to do and there was nothing we could really do about it. The author of that particular e-mail was a victim of those sinful third parties’ evil deeds yet the author decided to direct their hatred and anger toward us.

There really is nothing you can do when a person takes that stance. Their minds are closed by the hatred and other negative and sinful emotions they let rise in their minds and hearts. A  Christian cannot approach the people like that author as their closed mind does not let them see the truth and they can get angrier if one tries.

Sometimes it takes a fourth party to get involved to help the angry person to realize their mistake and see the truth. That 4th party can be God doing it directly or sending another human to work with the angry person.

The angry person won’t hear you but they might hear that God-sent person. There are no guarantees as that person has free choice. The one that wrote us chose to believe the lies and half-truths told him or her, (they did not leave a name), We know they were lies and half-truths as we know the whole story.

We are not getting involved because we do not want that author to hate the people who did this to him or her. They are as much a victim of those third parties as a person who is killed is a victim of a murderer.

We cannot get angry at them for their content in the letter nor do we hold any ill will or negative thoughts against the, We understand where they are coming from. BUT, they have always had a choice.

God’s instructions throughout the Bible apply to the author of that e-mail as well as to every victim that has existed in this world. They can choose the path that person is on right now or they can choose to follow the path that God laid out in the Bible.

We as Christians cannot force that choice nor demand that they choose God’s way over the sinful evil way they have decided to follow. That is up to the Holy Spirit to convict and convince that and those people of their wrong choice.

By not choosing God’s way, they leave themselves on a path to destruction as their hatred and unwillingness to forgive destroys them. They should forgive because they do not know the whole story and are making bad assumptions about the situation and the circumstances surrounding that situation.

They are taking someone’s word for what happened even though the words they received were not true. That is wrong and makes them as bad as the third parties that planned this direction.

The key is for these people to learn that God’s instructions apply to them even though they may not be a Christian. They are the ones in disobedience to God, not the person they hate. Christians must remember that they are not responsible for the decisions of those who hate them.

That responsibility lies on the people who decided to hate. We cannot force decisions on others even though the people that ran the different Inquisitions tried. They were given free choice just like Christians were and their decisions are on their shoulders.

You can’t pass the buck on this issue. Even Christians are responsible for their choices and we must make the right ones as well. As for the author of that e-mail, we do not think bad of them or hate them. They just do not understand that they are victims of evil and deception.

We would hope and pray that God sends a 4th party to that person and help them before it is too late for them. Christians will face different situations where people will hate them just for being Christian. That is not our responsibility.

Our responsibility is that we obey Christ in all situations even when we are victims ourselves. The author of that e-mail said that we would be too chicken to respond, while that person should have made sure their e-mail address accepted responses.

Sometimes all Christians can do is leave these types of people in God’s hands and endure the hatred. Responding in kind is not Jesus supported. Getting all the facts is important before you draw conclusions.

Coming to a conclusion without all the facts means you are making faulty conclusions that lead you away from God and his ways. That is not the right move to make. Christians need to do the same thing especially when they are trying to reach out and win the other person to Christ.

While it is almost impossible to understand what the hell Theissen is talking about, I have concluded that he sees himself as a “victim,” unfairly persecuted and he believes “God” will take care (kill?) of the person making these allegations.

I have long believed that Thiessen was hiding something. I will leave it up to him to defend himself. I will gladly give Thiessen space on this site to rebut the allegations laid at his feet.

Bruce Gerencser, 66, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 45 years. He and his wife have six grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist.

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  1. Avatar
    MJ Lisbeth

    Tee/Thiessen bullies, belittles and slanders other people in the name of “God’s love.” Yet he accuses us of hating.

    He does enough gaslighting to keep Russia in business for years!

  2. Avatar

    His victimization is similar to the attitude of MAGAts and fundies who play the victim card, while trying to screw the rest of us over. And it turns out he’s a primo hypocrite. I’m shocked, shocked I tell you!”

    • Avatar
      Karuna Gal

      I think a Black Collar Crime feature about the worthy Dr. Tee is just the thing. Maybe add a little Red Collar Crime coloring for extra flavor. Makes for one delicious scandal! 😄

  3. Avatar
    Bruce Gerencser

    Thiessen responded by saying people need to forgive him and move on. Forgive him of what? Is he admitting these claims are true?

    Here’s what he had to say:

    No one is perfect and everyone will make errors in judgment, mistakes, and even sin. No Christian feels good about doing these things, at least they shouldn’t and when they make those errors, there is some good news.

    2 Bible verses should give everyone joy and peace of mind:

    “I, I alone, am the one who wipes out your wrongdoings for My own sake, (Is. 43:25)


    “And their sins and their lawless deeds
    I will no longer remember.” (Hebrews 10:17)

    Then there is:

    If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. (1 John 9)

    This is what makes the Christian faith better than any other religion in the world and better than what atheists and unbelievers send your way. When we honestly repent, God doe snot hold our sins over our heads and bash us with them. Those deeds are done and gone.

    It is not permission to continue to sin as Jesus said, go and sin no more to the woman caught in adultery. It is also a warning to all of us 2000 years later as we have no permission to sin. But it happens which is why we can count on God’s grace and have a happier life.

    We have someone who makes things better than the unbelieving world could ever offer. Being free from the sins of our past allows us to minister as God wants and not worry about our past lives.

    However, the unbelieving world is not like God. They will remember your sins and hold them over your head even if you have had a change of life. They will use whatever they can to keep a Christian from being effective for God.

    Whether it is envy, jealousy, or hatred, they will distort what took place for their own sinful purposes. Why Christians leave the faith for that type of treatment and world boggles the mind. They are giving up everything, for nothing.

    They are joining a world that will beat them up, distort everything in your past, and then criticize you if you do not respond to them in a manner they think is Christian. In other words, you are never going to win with unbelievers unless God puts conviction in their hearts.

    Don’t even try to defend yourselves as it only makes things worse. They are not God and they are sinning by using those sinful tactics against you. There are 125 verses in the Bible using the word forgive in them.

    One of the most important verses for the Christian is this one:

    But if you do not forgiveother people, then your Father will not forgive your offenses. (Mt. 6:15)

    We heard from that letter writer again and we have forgiven him or her for the hatred they have sent our way. We have also forgiven BG for the horrible words he keeps writing about us. It is up to both of those parties to forgive if they want to have their sins forgiven.

    When Jesus was on the cross, some of his final words were ‘forgive them for they know not what they do..’ That is the way it is with unbelievers they do not know what they are doing. They are blinded by hatred, deceit, lies, and more.

    They think they know what they are doing but they don’t. Turn the other cheek and let God deal with them.

    • Avatar

      Yeah, this guy is tiresome. There is no value in anything he says. Some random gods forgiveness does not free a person from consequences of their actions nor does it require anyone forgive them.

      One of the greatest sicknesses of christianity is this warped belief that you are to forgive a person who wronged you, and treat them as if nothing happened, no matter how heinous and damaging their their act may have been. There are some things that people do that deserve no forgiveness.

      If the allegations are true, and it this guy is the godly man he claims, then he will voluntarily face his worldly consequences. Somehow, I doubt that would ever happen

      • Avatar
        MJ Lisbeth

        Sage—I think that forgiveness is a choice for the person who has been wronged, and that person alone, Anyone else who tells that person that person to “forgive and forget “ is a bully.

        And, believe you me, you don’t “forget.” At least, your body doesn’t. I have suffered health problems as a result of forgiving and forgetting the abuse of someone with whom I was in a relationship—and when that person tried to destroy my life, with lies, when I ended the relationship.

        I am willing to forgive an honest mistake. But I refuse to be coerced by a Christian or anyone else into forgiving someone who willingly does me harm.

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      Thiessen stated in the comments on his post:

      P.S. If you read BGs website, the answer is NO, we are not saying those false accusations are true. We are saying that Christians are not perfect.

      “The fact that the author of comment one there thinks we would go after him or her is ridiculous. He or she is being melodramatic to get people to believe his false stories.”

      Here’s the thing: if the court transcript provided to me is true (and I’m certain it is) Theissen admits he did the things he’s accused of. Thiessen hems and haws about the definition of “domestic violence” and tries to justify illegally using another person’s social security number and illegally registering to vote, but when pushed into a corner, he’s forced to admit culpability (though he never really takes ownership of his behavior — shocker, right?).

  4. Avatar

    He has a past and doesn’t want to be called out on it. He wants to cover it with “God forgave me, let’s move on”. Actions have consequences, and when people are hurt, they need to have the ability, freedom, opportunity to recover and heal. I don’t know what the exact situation is, but he apparently doesn’t want the person or persons he wronged to have a voice.

  5. Avatar

    Forgive and forget, Its all under the blood, I have heard that before used by Bruce to talk about someone else who routinely had scandals around them no matter where they went. Forcing people to forgive and forget allows abuse to thrive. Clearly there is a problem, such cheap forgiveness prevents anyone from holding abusers accountable for their transgressions and prevents the abusers from getting the help they need but also can breed resentment and contempt in those being forced to forgive. Then all the abusers and power brokers bitch and moan when they suddenly find large portions of their followers heading for the exits. Of course the Dr loves cheap forgiveness because it allows him to continue gaslighting those who follow him and not make any meaningful changes in his own life. He should own up to his behavior and apologize before demanding forgiveness or that we ignore it. Ironically, if he was honest about the shit he did and didn’t lie about us and try to paint us as the abusers, he probably could have decent relationships outside of his bubble(who am I kidding).

    About 8 years ago, I took an upper division interpersonal communications course that dealt with navigating conflicts and resolving issues in a non toxic way(needless to say the professor had a very stable relationship with her husband). The biggest lesson I took from that course over what I had learned in xtianity was that it was okay to not forgive, it was okay to not reconcile and that you could do one of those without the other. However the choice was up to the person who was wronged and not the person who wronged them.

  6. Avatar

    I’m not up on some of the nuttier aspects of messianic Christianity, but possibly Dr. Tee selected “David” for the same reason Vernon Howell a.k.a. “David Koresh” picked his name, as the messiah comes from the house of David.

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