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Dr. David Tee Goes to a Gay Bar

dr david tee

Fake Dr. David Tee, whose real name Derrick Thomas Thiessen, recently confessed that he went to at least one gay bar, watched men having sex with each other, and even went home with them to see what they did (what did they “do,” David?) behind closed doors.

Here’s what Thiessen had to say:

He [Ben Berwick] has never been to a homosexual bar or nightclub. We [I] have and we [I] have had many friends who were homosexual even though we [I] were and are not that type of person. We [I] know what goes on in those places as well as behind closed doors in private homes. 

If we [I] spoke about what we [I] witnessed you would be sick to your stomach. It is not natural, it is debauchery and it is sin.

Thiessen says that he is not that “type” of person, but I suspect he doth protest too much. What was he doing in a gay bar? What was he doing in a gay man’s bedroom? Doesn’t the Bible say that Derrick Thomas Thiessen should “abstain from the very appearance of evil; that he should not fellowship with unbelievers and their works of darkness?

Here’s a general rule you can use to properly judge Evangelical preachers. Pay attention to what “sins” they harp on all the time. Pay attention to what “sins” rile them up, causing them to use inflammatory, hateful language. Typically, Evangelical preachers live guilt-ridden lives. They rail against “sin,” promising love, grace, and forgiveness to all who will forsake their wicked ways, yet these so-called men of God often practice the very things they preach against. I know I did, and I know countless other on-fire, bought-by-the-blood, Holy Ghost-filled, sanctified pastors, evangelists, youth directors, and missionaries who did the same. I know IFB preachers I went to college with who chastise young adults in their churches for having sex (or even touching one another, for that matter), yet these preachers of righteousness seem to forget that they went to the shagging shack as dorm students with their girlfriends or routinely broke the college’s no personal contact rule. Talk about hypocrites.

What “sins” is Thiessen obsessed with? This tells us much about what kind of man he really is. Forget his unhealthy obsession with gay sex, for a moment. If Thiessen wants to have consensual sex with a man, two men, three women, or a transgender person, who am I to object? Of greater concern is his continued defense of rapists, child molesters, wife-beaters, child abusers, and other miscreants, including preachers who used their power to take sexual advantage of women.


Bruce Gerencser, 65, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 44 years. He and his wife have six grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist.

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    I question whether Big Dave actually did anything of the kind–I’ve been to plenty of gay bars, and I’ve never once seen guys just shagging right out in the open. Making out? Occasionally, no more often than folks do at not-gay bars. Dirty dancing? Heck yeah, plenty of grindin’ on the dance floor at club type places. But not sexin’ right there and then. And generally, we don’t invite weird voyeuristic straight guys who come to our bars to come home and observe our intimate behavior… So if Doctor D really did go home with some fellas, uh…. methinks he was more than an observer. His obsession with denouncing gay sex is, as you say Bruce, very telling.

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      I also have been to a few gay bars in my time and have not seen any open shagging, sure, the scene may be a bit steamy and it’s possible a very repressed Christian may interpret everything they see as sex. If it happens it is rare.

      I think it is safe to say that a person as like this guy would be very obvious at gay bar. You can usually just tell who does not belong.

      I am just wondering is this guy wandered into a kink club. You can see plenty of shagging there and voyuerism is part of the whole scene. And they have been known to take people home to watch too. And I am not saying that I have any personal experience with any kink club or anything, 😇😇😈🌈🦄

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      Bruce Gerencser

      Again, all I did was quote your words, Derrick. If you don’t like being held accountable for your vicious, hateful, bigoted words, please stop saying them. You really shouldn’t say some things out loud, even when you think you are speaking for your depraved God.

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      It’s hard to argue Bruce is a liar when your words are taken directly from your own page, buddy! What part of your quote are you disputing? Or is it just that you’re unhappy with the (to most of us, obvious) interpretation that your fixation on men who have sex with men suggests you may be locking down some of your own “sin” in this department.

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    Derrick should probably talk to Jerry Falwell Jr. he seems to have a similar but not quite the same tastes in watching other people fuck while holding others to impossible standards🤣

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    MJ Lisbeth

    Aww, let’s be nice to Dr. Tee. He was just doing research for his book. He really needs the advance: You know, he has an ego to feed. And his medical insurance might not cover the procedure he needs on his bile ducts.

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    Tee, when you make bigoted statements on the internet for all to see, don’t be surprised if people make comments.

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    DavidTees DoseofTruth

    I have wrestled with whether or not to share this information. I am concerned that it will come out sounding like shaming someone’s mental health, and Lord knows there’s already enough of that happening in society, American society in particular, and in the American evangelical church even more so.

    On the other hand, it’s certainly going to turn Derrick’s proclamation (see his blog post “It is Not Mental Illness or Stupidity” of 31 May 2022) that “I’m on a mission to protect you from those who wish to do your children psychological harm” on its head.

    Why? Because Derrick likely regularly associates with people who share his same extremist evangelical bent, who are therefore likely to believe that Derrick himself poses a psychological risk to children.

    Roe vs. Wade created … no, not carte blanche to blithely commit infanticide, as Derrick and his ilk would suggest, but the idea of the right to privacy, particularly medical privacy. In effect, an American’s medical decisions are the business of that American, their doctor, and their care team. Not the government. Ergo, the pre-Roe laws asserting state jurisdiction over the medical decision of whether or not to have an abortion were deemed unconstitutional. This was also the basis for decisions later on asserting the right to make an advance directive or designate a medical POA to direct the withdrawal of life-support measures. Further, the notion of one’s right to medical privacy was the entire foundation of HIPAA when it was written and passed in 1996.

    Since Derrick Thiessen … aka “Dr. David Tee” (I prefer the name a much older blog gave him, “Little Honey Tee-Tee”) … finds Roe to have been an ill-founded decision, it would seem logical that he believes that there is no such thing as a government-sanctioned right to medical privacy.

    Having reached this conclusion … many of you have speculated on Derrick’s use of the first-person plural in his blog posts. At the risk of channeling Kent Hovind, I have a theory about that:

    It is a manifestation of his mental illness. Which, as many of you have experienced, is in turns treated as contagious and as a sign of spiritual weakness among the Evangelical community; it certainly is not considered a physical ailment suffered by people in need of support as they seek medical treatment.

    This is not supposition on my part. This is not name-calling on my part. He has previously been diagnosed with a specific mental illness, which, as I am feeling more magnanimous than Derrick deserves, is all I will say. For now. However, the information Bruce has previously referenced is excerpts of a larger body of information that includes a discussion of his illness, wherein Derrick even describes its manifestations.

    Derrick, I know you read these comments. As I said, I’m feeling more magnanimous than you, frankly, deserve. To that end, I will tell you that I have not provided that expanded information to Bruce. Yet.

    So I’ll tell you what. Just reach out and ask me, and I won’t release my information to Bruce.

    Please note: this means you ASK. Not deny. Not threaten. Not bluster. You ask. POLITELY. And if you’d rather persist in pretending you didn’t receive my e-mails of 06 July and 08 July, you’re welcome to reach out in this forum, or even on your own. I’ll see it either place.

    And yes, I reserve the right to judge whether you are polite in your correspondence. Although I will note that it’s rather impolite for someone presenting as a minister to ignore someone genuinely searching for Biblically-based answers, like, say, whether Genesis 2:7 wouldn’t contradict the notion that life begins at conception.

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Bruce Gerencser