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Evangelical Michelle Lesley Proud That Her Son Deceived a Catholic Woman so He Could Evangelize Her

Michelle Lesley, an Evangelical Christian zealot and a frontline soldier in the war against the perceived “liberalism” in the Southern Baptist Convention, recently tweeted:

michelle lesley (1)

Lesley, who blogs at Michelle Lesley — Discipleship for Christian Women, made her Twitter account private after this tweet. I wonder why?

Lesley, lacking any sense of humility or decency, brags about the fact that her Christian son lied to and deceived a Catholic woman so he could evangelize her. In Lesley’s world, the end justifies the means.

Here’s how I read this tweet. Lesley’s nineteen-year-old son saw a pretty Catholic girl and felt physically attracted to her. Damn those hormones, right? Wanting to get to “know” this woman better, the son decided to ask her out on a date. Before the day of the date, the young Lesley (at the behest of his mother?) stalked this woman on social media. Much to his horror, he found out that the target of his affection was a fish-eating, antichrist-following, seven-fold child of Hell. Being a good Fundamentalist, Lesley’s son knew he couldn’t date this pretty Catholic woman. The Bible (and his mom) forbids such relationships. So what did the young Lesley do? He lied to the woman about his intentions, asking her out on a date so he could convert her to the one true faith. He could have politely told her that he couldn’t date her due to his religious beliefs, but he decided to deceive her instead. Why?

While I cannot know the son’s motivation, here’s what I think happened. Baptist boy really, really, really likes Catholic girl. He “wants” her. What should he do? Instead of checking his hormones long enough to see that it was unfair and unkind to this woman to deceive her about his attention, his horndog Baptist training kicked in: if I witness to her and she gets saved, we will then be equally yoked, and we can date.

The young Lesley’s attempt to manipulate this woman was thwarted. No mention is made of her getting saved (why should she, she was already a Christian), so the salvation for sex (sorry, Baptist boys want what all teen boys want, including Lesley’s morally “superior” son) scheme failed.

Michelle Lesley and her son owe this Catholic woman a public apology for deceiving her and using her as a perverse object lesson. Will an apology be forthcoming? I doubt it. Evangelicals typically drive automobiles with no reverse gear.

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Bruce Gerencser, 65, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 44 years. He and his wife have six grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist.

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  1. Avatar

    I guess evangelicals don’t have brakes on their cars, either. So the son just hit and run this poor girl and never looked back. I’m sure she felt pretty crappy after her “date.”

  2. Avatar

    I though Catholics were already Christian? Silly me for thinking that much of the core of Christian belief was created and amended by Catholics.

  3. Avatar

    That reminds me of when a friend from my Russian language class invited me to have coffee with her. She didn’t say she was gonna whip out the “Four Spiritual Laws” tract. I rejected what she was saying and felt lied to. That was 49 years ago. We could have been friends, but not after that deceit.

  4. Avatar
    Brian Vanderlip

    Evangelical faith is a viral condition that glories in spreading the sickness. When I was a kid-Baptist in the late-fifties, early sixties, I was taught that Roman Catholics were hell-bound, that they worshipped idols in their churches and were so far gone as to actually allow booze in Christ’s house! AND they prayed to a woman!
    It is truly reptilian to rape a child’s mind like this against his neighbor, simply another human being! And what does the living Jesus do about it? Yep.

  5. Avatar

    Ms. Lesley has a page on “Popular False Teachers and Unbibical Trends”. She has of list of what she considers “bad and false” Christian teachers. It includes: “The Alpha Course”, “The Chosen” TV series and our “bud” John Piper. The list is quite fascinating. It to me is another reason why Christianity is human made thing. Christians can’t agree on which one’s of them are the “true” Christians. Peruse the list and enjoy.

  6. Avatar

    That poor Catholic girl probably ran from that “date” and told her friends about the weird evangelical dude who asked her out in order to evangelize to her about his particular brand of Christianity. I hope she made a TikTok about it.

    Aggressive evangelicals are just the worst at othering, objectifying, and preying on people they hope to turn into converts.

  7. Avatar
    MJ Lisbeth

    Mother fucks up son. Son fucks with girl’s mind so he can fuck her.

    Of the three people in this story, two are fuckers. We can only hope the third doesn’t end up too fucked up.

  8. Avatar
    ... Zoe ~

    This was so common in my Baptist days. Went both ways. Christian (born-again) bringing in boyfriends &/or girlfriends with the hope of evangelizing. Often was successful. Dating, engagements and then weddings. Shockingly (not really) the marriages often ended in divorce.

  9. Avatar

    If I were going to be a Christian again, I think I’d be a Catholic. Catholics aren’t pressured to make converts the way evangelicals are. Having to sell the religion was probably the thing I disliked most about being a Christian. Evangelical pastors really know how to make people feel guilty for not bringing in new people.

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