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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: North American Indigenous People Have Only Been Here for 4,200 Years

god said it
The Ken Ham Maxim, The Bible Says…

When did humans first settle North America? According to the most common evolutionary view, this supposedly happened 16,000 years ago. But a new find of a mammoth tusk and bashed-in skull at an ancient butchering site in New Mexico is challenging this view and pushing the date back to 37,000 years. Of course, in a biblical worldview [alternate reality] we know that both of these dates are not correct—so when did Native Americans first arrive?

Let’s consider how biblical history can provide some boundaries for when this might have happened. God created everything in six days, finishing with the creation of the first couple. All humans are descended from this pair. The genealogies in Genesis tell us two thousand years passed between Adam and Abraham and we know there were about two thousand years from Abraham to Christ, and, of course, two thousand more years gets us to the present. That’s about 6,000 years for all of mankind’s history (so even the conservative date of 16,000 years is way off!).

Genesis chapter 6 records the wickedness of man and God’s judgment with a global flood. This reduced the entire human population to just eight people aboard the Ark. These eight were told to spread out and fill the earth, but their descendants wanted to stay together and build a tower. In judgment for their rebellion, God confused their language, splitting them up around the world. This means that no one could have reached modern-day North America until after the tower of Babel event. In other words, no one was in the Americas prior to about 4,200 years ago. At that time, the peoples were dispersed and began travelling and eventually settling all around the globe

— Ken “Hambo”Ham, Answers in Genesis, When Did Humans First Settle North America? August 18, 2022


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      MJ Lisbeth

      Neil–He’s also a great argument against white supremacy..

      I think of Alexandre Dumas’ retort to a racist: My father was Creole; his father was African and his father was an orangu-tang. My family, it seems, picked up where yours left off.

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    Karen the rock whisperer

    I would be ROTFL, except that it’s awkward for me physically to get on the floor (and off it again!), and except that people actually believe this crap. I think he’s actually correct that archaeologists find evidence for two separate timelines when people might have made it to the Americas, based on the constraints of the last glacial and interglacial periods. (Gosh, Ham telling us a bit of truth!) And of course, First Nations peoples have wonderful origin myths of their own, that establish the moral principles of their cultures, just as the Old Testament established the moral principles of the Jewish people who lived in ancient Palestine. Instead of embracing these as stories that tell us about our humanness in all its wonder, he insists on shoehorning human history into a laughable 4K years. Grrrr.

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    Charles S. Oaxpatu

    The prehistoric Native American archaeological site I am working with right now is located in Nashville, Tennessee, and the primary occupations at that site date back to the Middle Archaic and Late Archaic periods. The Middle Archaic occupation is much older than a mere 4,200 years. When Ken Ham meets Jesus, I feel certain Jesus will bring him up to date and end the lecture with one word——-“idiot.”

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    “In other words, no one was in the Americas prior to about 4,200 years ago.” …. How ironic, since there is a cave on my tribe’s land where the paintings have been carbon dated to be 36,000 years old.

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