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Cowboy Bob Sorensen Says I am Dishonest and an Angry Bigot, All Because I Quoted Him

atheists are idiots

Cowboy Bob Sorensen is An Evangelical Christian who despises atheists; not just atheism, but atheists themselves. Two weeks ago, I featured Cowboy Bob in the Christians Say the Darnedest Things Series. This series quotes Evangelicals without any commentary from me. Welp, Cowboy Bob took offense at me quoting him.

Here’s what he had to say:

My previous article on this weblog was a retooled post from Fakebook that examined alleged logic and morality from certain misotheists. It prompted reactions. One was built on complete dishonesty, including putting words in my mouth. I saw that he was just another angry bigot who was justifying his rebellion against Almighty God, and not worth my time. (I reckon he sent about ten visits here with his link.) If you go there, note that he doesn’t exactly enforce the comments policy for his sycophants.

A second reaction was written by an acolyte of the first writer. His comments on this weblog were the same old boilerplate rhetoric. When I stopped responding and allowing his disingenuous comments, he wrote his own post.

Cowboy Bob thinks I was dishonest. In what way? All I did was quote him. Don’t like being quoted? Stop saying inflammatory, hateful shit. I’ve been reading Cowboy Bob’s blog for several years. His hatred for atheists is legendary.

Cowboy Bob also thinks by me quoting him that I’m “justifying” my rebellion towards his peculiar version of the Christian God. This one is a head scratcher for me. Maybe, he means my blog as a whole. Regardless, I am just one man with a story to tell. I’m not in the justifying business. That’s Cowboy Bob’s schtick — justifying the Bible and its abhorrent teachings. Jesus, Cowboy Bob, you are a member of a blood cult. You are the one that has a lot of justifying to do.

Cowboy Bob also took issue with something my friend Ben Berwick wrote in a post titled The Creation Cowboy. (I didn’t even know Ben wrote this post until today.) I’ll leave it to Ben to defend himself. Calling Ben an acolyte of mine is hilarious. Ben’s not even an atheist. We became acquainted though being targets of fake Dr. David Tee, whose real name is Derrick Thomas Thiessen. That’s it. That we’ve become friends is awesome. But acolyte? Child, please. I don’t have followers. I have readers, some of whom are friends and acquaintances. Cowboy Bob is the one who belongs to a cult. He and Thiessen should get together. Both are rabid Bible-thumping creationists.

For the record, here’s the comment Cowboy Bob left on Ben’s post. You be the judge of his character. I know what I think. 🙂

To show the brilliance of The Mighty Atheist™, you begin with an ad hominem, using cowboy as a pejorative. This is followed by a hasty generalization about my knowledge of atheists based on just onearticle. I’ve got some bad news for you, Sunshine, I’ve been writing about atheists, theology, and other things for somewhere around fifteen years. That means I won’t fall for tricks. So, have fun with your argument from silence and other logical fallacies in your vindictive, petty post. Mayhaps when your frontal lobes develop and you can have a rational discussion, I’ll let you comment on my posts again, mmmkay?

Evidently, Cowboy Bob didn’t like the comments readers left on my post. I went back and read the comments. I didn’t see anything that violated the comment policy. Are regular readers and commenters given greater latitude, comment-wise? Yep. Everyone can have a bad day. However, Evangelicals often come in commenting with both barrels blazing. I make no apologies for cutting such people off after one or two comments. My house, my rules. Don’t like it, start your own blog.

Finally, Cowboy Bob thinks it is beneath him to respond to me; not that there’s anything for him to respond to since all I did was quote him. He implies, based on referrals from this site, that no one reads this blog. He fails to consider that my quote was sufficient to fairly represent him, so there’s no reason for readers to click the link to his site. I am certain, based on the server logs, that a wee bit more than ten people read Cowboy Bob’s quote. 🙂

Cowboy Bob’s goal is to discredit and demean. I’m confident that fair minded readers will see right through his subterfuge — all ten of you anyway. 🙂

Bruce Gerencser, 66, lives in rural Northwest Ohio with his wife of 45 years. He and his wife have six grown children and thirteen grandchildren. Bruce pastored Evangelical churches for twenty-five years in Ohio, Texas, and Michigan. Bruce left the ministry in 2005, and in 2008 he left Christianity. Bruce is now a humanist and an atheist.

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  1. Avatar
    Ben Berwick

    Ah yes, the hyper-aggressive, and hypocritical Cowboy. I noted a response to me last week, but seeing as, by his own admission, he didn’t bother to read responses to his comments, I haven’t wasted my time with his narratives.

  2. Avatar

    I’m pleased to note that I was a commenter on the earlier post!

    Cowboy Bob is like so many cowardly YouTube Christian apologists, he can rant and shout about atheists without any fear of pushback because that’s the nature of YouTube, the comments section being largely worthless. I’m pleased to see that his type of video is increasingly being shredded by YouTubers such as Genetically Modified Skeptic, Cosmic Skeptic, and Rationality Rules (together with a multitude of less well known folks) all of whom are incredibly restrained and polite in their total and merciless destruction. Cowboy Bob couldn’t go five minutes in discourse with the likes of Forrest Valkai or Matt Dillahunty (though I wish the latter would try to be less hostile), because he doesn’t understand the nature of his position, which isn’t one based on evidence. The fact that the greater the level of acquired education the greater the likelihood of being an atheist doesn’t seem to register with him as significant.

    • Avatar

      As a brit, I only learned that idiom recently. I was dog-sitting my daughter’s Shih Tzu who wouldn’t hurt a fly but occasionally pretends to be fierce and barks at a passing large dog. I was with a friend, a retired vicar’s wife when the dog did that. ‘All hat and no knickers’ said my rather prim and proper friend…..which made me smile, I didn’t know then that it was a british version of a cowboy saying!

  3. Avatar

    Welp, I’m shocked. Shocked, I tell you. Another angry fundie lashing out and claiming he’s being bullied. Funny how the bullies like to pretend to be victims.

  4. Avatar
    Davie from Glasgow

    I’ve got to say – it just never ceases to amaze me that, with all the troubles in this life, Bruce keeps putting himself out there to end up on the receiving end of the endless and repetitive torrent of vile nonsense. AND by-&-large he’s actually reading it all and processing it each time. I hope the people that do actually find succour & support in his story, and on this website, appreciate what must go into keeping it all going in the face of what seems to be an absolutely endless torrent of judgement, infuriating illogicality and abuse. It cannot be easy to pick up the lance and go at it again every time!

  5. Avatar

    Let me condense his complaint, “You quoted me exactly and called me by the nickname I call myself WAAAAAHHH!” (Ok we did point and laugh.) 10 people went to his blog so that’s how many people are faithful followers of Bruce Almighty? Ha ha ha, why click over to crazy town, it’s not like “I can’t believe there are insane young earth creationist that call themselves a cowboy, I gotta check this out and verify!”

  6. Avatar

    I couldn’t help myself. “Curiosity killed the cat”. I went to his site, after reading this post and was amused and entertained by the silliness of it all. As a Texan, horse owner and life long equestrian, living 14 miles from the “Cowboy Capitol of the World”, I had to laugh, first, at the picture of a herd of goats (which would be considered a farmer, in my neck of the woods, but certaily not a cowboy). His choice of hats would be laughable in the rodeo circuits and cattle ranches and I can tell you, his demeaner would not pass the sniff test for a true “cowboy”. They have their own code of honor and manner of behaving, in the real world. First of all, REAL cowboys work cattle and horses-not goats. Most are employed on ranches or are ranch owners and when I say ranches, I mean cattle ranches, or run the rodeo circuits for a living-or both. They are polite, giving to their communities and most attend a “cowboy church”. Got one at the end of my very long road. They wouldn’t dream of talking like an arrogant, demeaning, prostilizing jack ass, for the world to see, on a blog claiming to be a “cowboy”. Second-this guy was retorting in a hostile manner to some of his own followers! Screams narcisism. He just wishes he were a real cowboy. At least REAL cowboys have some dignity and honor, despite their religion.

    • Avatar

      Lacy, I don’t think that is his goat herd, rather I think he’s calling US goats (as in separating the sheep from the goats.) That said, I think he’s probably “all hat and no cattle” (you hear this as a put down used in western political debates).
      Reminds me, I went on a genealogical excursion about 12 years ago, and met some farmer relatives in the thumb of Michigan. They used to keep cattle, but in their elder years (75+) they moved to sheep because the actual care and market is similar to cattle but easier for an oldster to handle because the animals are significantly smaller.

    • Avatar
      W.W. Jacobs

      I said something similar to him in response to a comment he left on Ben’s page. Basically: “I know Christian cowboys [by which I mean cowboys who emulate Jesus, not Franklin Graham]. I’ve interacted with a lot of Christian cowboys. You’re no Christian cowboy.” He wasn’t impressed enough by me channeling Sen. Bentsen to respond.

    • Avatar
      Remo Wilson

      Lacy’s comments are just a big ad hominem and don’t deal with the comment. Did she really miss the part about the goat rodeo? I doubt that she really read it.

  7. Avatar

    I looked up “misotheist” and apparently it’s someone who hates gods. Funny. I assume that term applies to some people, but it wouldn’t necessarily apply to someone who doesn’t believe in deities. It sounds like Cowboy is using it as a pejorative regarding atheists, when in fact he is assuming other aspects about atheists that aren’t necessarily accurate.

  8. Avatar
    Remo Wilson

    Not really. Your image has a caption that was a lie because the cowboy never said that. You assume a lot of things from just a little and think you have him all figured out. He’s right, mocking Christians doesn’t make atheism any less false or justify your hate.

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser


      Are you really this obtuse? The image isn’t a picture of him either. It’s a meme that represents the sentiment that he portrays on his blog about atheists. Did you miss the line where I said I was a long time reader of his blog? I don’t assume, I know. Unlike Cowboy Bob, I actually read the writing of my adversary.

      How is quoting CB mocking him? He made an ass of himself all by his self.

      Please stop 🛑 with the “hate” bullshit. First, I don’t hate anyone. Second, I don’t hate your peculiar God, he’s a myth. Third, I don’t hate CB. I don’t know him. And, let me say once again, all I did is quote him. Forth, I rarely mock Christians. I can, on occasion, mock beliefs. Surely, you don’t think Christian beliefs are above criticism, and, if warranted, ridicule?

      So, unless you have evidence — outside of a lame presuppositionalist argument or a proof text — that I mock Christians or I am a hater, your claim has no merit.

      I’m more than happy to talk with you. Fire away. Scores of Christians, including Evangelicals, read this blog every day. Christians who interact with me respectfully (by abiding by the commenting rules) and in good faith find I am pointed and direct, but also friendly and respectful. Come in with guns-a-blazing . . . well, you have been warned. 🤣

      • Avatar
        Remo Wilson

        So you say I can reply, but not in ways you don’t like. No, you’re the bullshitter and lying about not lying. Not worth any more of my time.

        • Avatar
          Bruce Gerencser


          Don’t let the door 🚪 hit your ass on the way out.

          Every site has a comment policy. The one for this site is based on fifteen years of interacting with thousands of Evangelicals. I make no apology for the rules.

          If you have something meaningful to say about something I’ve written, get to it. Every Evangelical gets one opportunity to say whatever he wants. Let it rip, Remo. After that? If you show you can play well with others, I will approve further comments. If not, you will,politely, be told to go fuck yourself. In Loki’s name, of course. 😈😈🤣🤣

          Be well.



  9. Avatar

    I ducked onto Cowboy Bob’s blog. read a few lines and left. One of my teacher’s warned us not to chatter on as if we were being paid by the word. Get to your point already. I gave up.

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