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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Atheists Stupidly and Rabidly Hate God

atheists are idiots

Those “freethinkers’ marching in lockstep, getting their “facts” from atheopath talking points clearinghouses, seem determined to argue with Christians and creationists about practically everything.


Many professing atheists seek their identities in denying the existence of God, which is galactically stupid even on the surface. Study on it a spell. How many a-Easter-Bunny-ists write and sell books, form groups, make videos, have people pay money to join their “reason circle” to combat the Easter Bunny, use anti-Bunny profile icons, and more? It’s because there is no Easter Bunny, but they know God exists and suppress the truth! For some inexplicable reason, ridicule is an acceptable substitute for rational discourse and proves them right. Contradiction and ridicule are not refutation. You savvy that, pilgrim?

It is amazing that so many of Satan’s handmaidens reflexively contradict us, thrusting their atheopathy into the bright spotlight. For example, informed creationists [oxymoron] often have to correct evolutionists and professing atheists on their own belief systems and scientific truth. Also, you would think that people who claim to believe in reason, science, and logic would have at least some skill in using those things. Instead, we are subjected to bullying and malarkey. Most are all hat, no cattle.


In their rabid hatred of God, Christians, and especially biblical creationists, bigots like this [and most atheists] are fond of perverting Scripture. It’s who they are and what they do, even when the truth applies to them — and they end up proving God right yet again.

— Cowboy Bob Sorensen, The Creation Cowboy, Internet Atheists Proving God is Right about them — Again, August 8, 2022


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    John Arthur

    I thought that atheism is the result of a lack of evidence of any god’s existence. Atheists don’t hate god. This guy doesn’t know any science and foolishly displays how ignorant he is.
    He reminds me of other unreasonable Fundamentalists, like Spaniard 8 who attribute to atheism things that are not of the essence of atheism.

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    Wow, at the risk of being accused of attacking him (don’t worry, that comes later), the ignorance is strong in this one….

    So, the chosen analogy is the Easter bunny?? And it leads to this infinite leap of logic … “ It’s because there is no Easter Bunny, but they know God exists and suppress the truth!”. So, just so I understand, he is arguing that people will not argue logically, yet he makes leaps like this? I can just as easily say. “It’s because there is no Easter bunny, but they know the Invisible Pink Unicorn exists and suppress the truth!”

    Or, maybe, just maybe, there is no one opposing Easter bunny worshipers because these bunny lovers are not trying to manipulate, dominate, control, abuse, and eliminate people outside the bunny faith.

    I have no hatred of Christianity’s god. I don’t believe it exists and waste no time hating it. That would be silly. My problems are with the worshipers of this false god. I dislike many Christian’s and think they need to just sit down and shut up, and let the rest of us live our lives without there coercion, manipulation, or outright abuse, Easter bunny lovers aren’t telling me how to dress, how to act, how to talk, how to take care of my body, how to believe, or which bathroom to use.

    But Christians endlessly assault others not of their faith. Then they wonder why people push back against them, and use words like bigotry, fearmongerer, or hate filled bully. In my life they are going to great lengths to control me, telling me where I can go to the bathroom, working to eradicate me, make me illegal, or call me mentally ill. They make up horrible lies calling LGBTQIA + people groomers, or pedophiles, or whatever they think should be the hateful lie of the week. They ridicule me in every way possible, toss around slurs peppered with their praises to their god, then expect me to be nice to them?

    My answer to,that? Fuck all the way off, and take all of your white male dominated, fundamentalist, conservative, Christian nationalist, cunt fellow worshipers with you. Then maybe the rest of us less ignorant people, who are still here when you leave, can get to work solving problems without hate filled, self righteous, Christian boot lickers creating fights to keep control.

    And one last thing. “Satan’s Handmaidens”? Where do I sign up??? I don’t believe Satan exists either, but I do have the perfect outfit in mind for one of Satan’s Handmaidens!

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      Bruce Gerencser

      His response to you is a hoot:

      This is a common trolling tactic, asking if something that tells the truth about atheists, evolution, and other things is “satire.”

      The “truth?” Nope.

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    MJ Lisbeth

    First off, I am deeply offended that this “Cowboy” dragged the Easter Bunny into his rodeo. For one thing, the Easter Bunny has never harmed anybody. For another, as an animal rights activist, I am upset whenever anyone turns innocent creatures, even fictional ones, into straw men for the sake of an entirely fallacious argument.

    I must say, though, that I find it rather funny that in addition to accusing us of hating a deity we don’t believe in—why would he do that?—he rails against us for wanting to banish a pagan figure (the Easter Bunny) Christians appropriated for a celebration of their most revered entity—who,‘ by the way, defied basic facts of biology and physics.

    (Oh, and without my asking, the “Easter Bunny” left me one of those diorama Easter eggs,’jelly beans and Cadbury chocolate eggs. That’s more than “God” ever did in response to any prayer.)

    I would keep on laughing about folks like this “cowboy” but he, like too many other Christians, uses false narratives about people like me (e.g., that we “groom” or “recruit “ children) in order to incite violence against, and justify the murder, of us.

    That alone tells me he’s no “cowboy.” Real cowboys have to revere empirical facts like weather and terrain. They would never survive if they tried to live by fantasies.

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    The people who believe in the Easter Bunny are typically under 10 years old, have no political or judicial power, and can’t vote. Unfortunately, fundamentalist Christians do vote, get involved in politics, and want to strip rights away from a large number of people. I have a problem with religious fundamentalists who strive to force their specific religious based rules onto others.

    I am not mad at anyone’s deities – I do not believe deities exist. I am mad at people who use their deity as an excuse to oppress others.

    Sage is on point with their comments.

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    “It’s because there is no Easter Bunny…”

    And… there are no Easter Bunny nationalists open, publicly, and expressly stating that EasterBunnyists must take over the government.

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