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Bruce’s Ten Hot Takes for September 26, 2023

hot takes

Republicans want to cut food, heating, and housing subsidies for poor children and families. This tells me everything I need to know about the Republican Party.

Senator Bob Menendez should be forced to resign from office by his fellow Democratic senators.

It looks like Trump not only inflated his dick size, he also grossly inflated the value of his real estate and business assets.

Some Democrats are calling for candidates to run against Joe Biden. I support this call in the primary. However, come November 2024, the only thing that matters is keeping Trump out of the White House.

Upwards of twenty-three raccoons frequented our backyard this spring and summer. And now that fall has arrived, the raccoons have disappeared, making occasional raids on the food we put out for feral/stray cats.

Chronic illness and pain affects every aspect of my life. Telling me to “put mind over matter” is never the right thing to say. When you say this, I say to myself, “Go fuck yourself.” Continue in your insensitive behavior, I might say this to your face.

“Looks like you are feeling better today,” well-wishers often say. They wrongly judge the quality and level of my suffering by what I do, failing to understand that looks can be deceiving. Just because I’m smiling, doesn’t mean I don’t want to cry. I often smile for others, hiding my pain from them.

Hey, Joe Namath. You had a lifetime 50% pass completion rate, worse than embattled New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson. STFU. Give the kid the break. Nobody wants to hear from ancient old ex-players. Different era, different game.

Travis Kelce, a Taylor Swift dating, Bud Light drinking promoter of COVID vaccines is upsetting right-wingers with his “woke” behavior. OMG, the meltdowns are fun to watch.

Kevin McCarthy says Biden is to blame for the threatened government shutdown. Sure, Kevin, sure. I bet the hemorrhoid in your arse you affectionately call Matt Gaetz is telling you to say this lest you lose your speakership.

Bonus: I’m increasingly disillusioned with what I see and hear in the larger atheist community. Maybe this is on me. I’ve moved on from the “angry atheist” phase of my life. I’m not that interested anymore in debates about the existence of God.


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    Your comment about Kevin McCarthy with Gaetz up his butt made me picture of a Kevin McCarthy sock puppet. Hmm, there was another famous puppet named McCarthy. Charlie McCarthy, right?
    Bruce I identify with the pain problem. I don’t know if II would be here without edible cannabis. It took awhile to find a product that worked, (some appear to be bogus), and figuring out my dose was critical. Having that sorted, I just avoid running out. Before cannabis was legal here, I relied on morphine which works very well but its a bit dangerous because it can put you permanently to sleep if you accidentally take too much. Other than causing severe constipation, morphine can be taken indefinitely. I never craved it so addiction was never a factor for me. . Cannabis gummies are safe with no downsides and I don’t have to beg a callous Doctor for them.

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    Next time me and hubby get a chance, we’re going to make the drive to Camden and get some. I did discover that adding Kava to the meds I’m currently using seems helpful. I would like to completely escape the pain.

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    On the subject of arguing about atheism I get your point. I recently stopped subscribing to Atheist Experience, as I was getting three and four YouTube alerts daily, each to watch some extract from a recent show with increasingly poorer presenters (Forrest Valkai excepted). Matt Dillahunty and Tracie Harris were great in their respective ways, but the constant ridiculing and humiliation of low grade callers has gone beyond a joke.

    That said, there’s clearly still a battle front. The reduction in the numbers of Christians in the US has been offset by increased militancy; one need only look at the Congressional budget deadlock, and the leading protagonists, to understand the problem. So the issue is how we move forward in the knowledge that either there is no god or, if there is, it’s irrelevant to how we solve problems.

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    It’s a fool’s errand to run against Joe Biden, that’s why only fools (Marianne Williamson and Robert Kennedy Jr) are in that particular race. I’d prefer if Kamala was replaced (best would be with a sitting governor), but that too won’t happen. I’m sure Kamala could run the country, though if I had to bet I suspect she won’t become “her accidency” and will never assume or be elected President even based on the assumption Biden gets a second term.

    One thing about the Menendez case that really bothers me is the government criminalization of cash and hard assets. As free people we don’t have any obligation to use a bank or other financial services. If we want to keep cash under our mattress that is our prerogative. I also don’t like the fact that you’re assumed guilty so resign. Menendez probably is guilty, but in the Al Franken case the GOP set him up and the Dems took the bait.

    Not sure why House Democrats don’t just throw their support behind Kevin. That’s the best preparation-H right there. This is Gaetz’s biggest fear because the MAGA tail would no longer wag the dog. What’s scary to me is the 4 time indicted, twice impeached, never won the popular vote Trump is calling the shots here. It’s like the Wizard of Oz, Democrats have the power to go home all along.

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    Jeff Bishop

    Hi Bruce!
    As a 64-1/2 year old caucasian male from the deep south (in my youth) – Okaloosa County, FLA.
    (Home of that miserable lout Matt Gaetz). I would like to thank you for your podcast appearances and your blog.

    I agree with EVERYTHING you just posted.

    I grew up out of charachter for N Florida, I am not a christian, although I was “saved” at 15,
    attending summer camp at a place that will strike you as familiar. Pensacola Christian summer camp.

    Home to a large contingent of hard right maga fanatics, praying for the end of human civilization and of course the blaring trumpet from heaven and Jesus welding his sword to create an ocean of blood.

    Fotrunately I got the hell away from there and live in PA., (near Philly) but outside of urban centers, PA can be just as bad. While Lancaster has some great food and the Amish are charming, I do not support thier belief systems.

    Until Jesus sets me straight, I am still a believer in the Scientific Method, Peer Reviewed Academics,
    Medicine, and things of that sort.

    I do regret your health situation and hope that by way of this E-Mail you will at least find some comfort that there are those like me that apprciate you.


    jeff Bishop

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    MJ Lisbeth

    Oh, Bruce, I wish I knew how to improve your health. Aside from cannabis gummies (and chicken soup!), I don’t know how to ease your pain.

    Everyone in my part of the world has known that Menendez is, shall we say, ethically compromised. He is a product of the political machine in Union County—arguably one of the most corrupt in the nation. (If nothing else, it stands out in a state—New Jersey—long known for corruption.) What you say about the Republican Party is true, and here is something else: Democrats across the nation are calling for Menendez to resign. Too many Republicans, on the other hand, are doubling down on their support for Trump, who has been changed with more, and more egregious, offenses than those of which Menendez has been accused. The few Republicans who have criticized Trump, aside from Liz Cheney and the late John McCain, grasped onto ihis coattails for as long as it benefited them and are now turning their newfound morality into speaking fees.

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    As a resident of NJ, it’s common knowledge how corrupt Menendez is. Many of us are familiar with the corrupt folks he colludes with. He needs to go.

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