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Bruce’s Ten Hot Takes for March 3, 2024

hot takes

Spring is sneaking up on far northwest Ohio. Starlings, grackles, robins, and cowbirds have returned to our feeders.

Ohio State fired its men’s basketball coach a few weeks ago. Since then, the team has only lost one game. A win against Rutgers and a win or two in the Big Ten tournament and the team should make the NCAA tournament.

In 1979, I worked an entry level union job that paid $8 an hour with zero cost health insurance. If this job’s pay rate had kept up with inflation, it would be $33 an hour today. A similar job today starts at $15 with exorbitant insurance costs. Real wages have been flat or in decline for decades, especially when counting benefit cost increases.

It is clear that the U.S. Supreme Court is trying to keep Trump from being tried for his crimes. By delaying the trial date, the Court is making it impossible to hold Trump accountable for fomenting the 1-6 insurrection — yet another reminder that rich people are held to a different standard of justice than poor people.

It’s embarrassing to watch the Biden administration air drop food into Gaza. It’s hard to watch Israel neuter the United States, knowing we could get their immediate attention by cutting off aid and ending arms shipment — but we won’t.

The “undecided” vote in Michigan is a blaring warning siren to Biden and his handlers; one that says, “Put an end to the war crimes in Palestine, or come November, we will not vote for you.” So far, it seems Biden is deaf.

Abortion will be a deciding factor this November, and Republicans know it. That’s why these liars for Jesus are trying to distance themselves from the Alabama IVF ruling — pretending they don’t know IVF results in “murdered babies.”

A writer for the Toledo Blade warned Ohioans that buying cannabis in Michigan and taking it over the state line is a federal crime. I’ll be sure to watch for FBI and DEA agents the next time I break the law. I’m sure busting recreational marijuana users is their top priority.

It’s been thrilling to watch Iowa guard Kaitlin Clark play basketball this year. Today, she broke Pistol Pete Maravich’s all-time NCAA scoring record.

I heard a dumbass on MSNBC say that Mitch McConnell was an “old-time” Republican, not like the MAGA Republicans today. McConnell did more to harm our nation than all the Trump worshippers combined. Incalculable harm that left deep, lasting scars, that’s McConnell’s legacy.

Bonus: Donald Trump is a bigot and a racist, as his words at the border this weekend clearly show. Yes, the U.S. (and Mexico) has a border problem, but the men, women, and children trying to immigrate are, for the most part, decent people. Trump’s words are racist, no different from those uttered by other race baiters.


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    Ken Hagen

    Thank you sir. You pretty much sum up my thoughts on these subjects. We are in big trouble on a number of fronts, one of the biggest is christian nationalism, and no, I will not capitalize it.

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    It is indeed embarrassing to watch the USA being neutered by Israel. Sickening in fact. Cynics call Israel the 51st State but it’s worse than that. None of the actual United Sates could get away with with Israel’s abusive behavior.

    Re: pot runs to MI; if you get busted at the border, just let me know and I will get you out even if it takes twenty years. A little lawyer humor ( OK; VERY little)

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    We can only hope Trump’s dementia becomes so bad, he will not be able to function at all. I am still optimistic that he won’t win. Most of the Trumpers in my town are done with him and Boebert. They’re still ultra RW, but they don’t trust the system, and some may not vote. Also, the IVF and abortion issues have people fired up. I think many are starting to realize that extremist MAGA policies do affect their lives, and a good economy means nothing if you have no rights.
    I read in the news today that many Texans are unhappy with Abbott’s response to the wildfires. And, there is a measles outbreak in Florida. People will remember these things in November.

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    I’m starting to think that support for Trump isn’t all that high. However, support for Biden isn’t that great either. I wonder what turnout will be like for the 2024 election. Women’s reproductive freedom is mobilizing, but is it enough?

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    Although the thought of another Trump presidency scares the shit out of me, I still hold out hope that he won’t win. Then again, Biden’s support for Israel is not the only reason I’m not wild about him. At least he will defend reproductive rights. Am I the only one who sees them as human rights and not merely a “women’s issue?”

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    Yes it’s too bad about delays in the 1-6 trial for Trump. I also have to wonder if a jury can be found that won’t have a MAGA member that will result in a hung jury.

    I went to the local Methodist church and proudly voted for Biden in the Michigan primary. The uncommitted got less than 15% to Biden’s 81%, though two congressional districts, Dearborn and Ann Arbor (Arabs and naive college students) got enough votes to get one delegate each. It is overblown that means Biden is vulnerable. The Trump contingent at 68% means about 30% of Republicans won’t vote for him.

    As for Israel vs. Hamas ceasefire. I don’t see much reason to want a ceasefire when the Arabs who started the war don’t want one enough to return the remaining hostages. Arabs who have started wars against Israel and lose always seem to think they shouldn’t lose land or lives. That’s not how wars work. Civilian casualties don’t make a genocide especially for Hamas who hide in the skirts of women and in hospitals. I don’t believe the United States committed genocide when it nuked Japan twice. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were purely civilian attacks, but not “genocide”. War is hell, don’t want hell don’t start one.

    I do have begrudging admiration for McConnell, no holds barred politics shamelessly executed. Yes, while I hate him for what he did, I have to say my regret is that he wasn’t on the Democrat side. Anyone thinking of voting against Biden’s victory lap in November should consider that part of the SCOTUS dilly dally dawdle and delay is because Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito want to retire and want Trump and a possible MAGA Senate to fill their seats with Amy Coney Barrett clones… yes at LEAST two more “Vatican assets” picked young so they can stay on the court for the next 40 years. Of course Trump might just surprise us and Leonard Leo and pick completely incompetent judges like Aileen Cannon who are more loyalists than part of the conservative block we have now. Either one gives me chills.

    As for crossing state lines with Cannabis… Did the author of the editorial have any statistics on how often it happens? I thought so… never.

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    amy b

    Anti-Arab propaganda in the West is inherently imperialist, and the result of decades of conditioning from Hollywood and the corporate media. It’s a shame that, even with an obvious genocide going on in Palestine, some Americans still indulge.

    This election doesn’t thrill me. I wish we could re-create the French Revolution here in the U.S.!

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