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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: The Bible is NEVER Wrong!

dinosaur reading bible

[This post is about] how many believers try to marry secular science to the Holy Bible.


One is written by a holy and divine God who knows how everything came to be. The other is filled with lies, and misinformation, and does not have the Spirit of Truth guiding it. In fact, the latter of the two have kicked God out of the science lab and excluded him from all of their work.


The only way for science and the Bible can be compatible, is if the former humbles itself and repents of its sins, and accept Christ as its savior. There is no other way for the two to work together. Secular and bad Christian science only corrupts the revelations of the Bible and keeps the truth from people who need it.

When secular science repents and becomes Christian, then lets God and the Spirit of Truth back into the science labs, classrooms, and so on, then the light of Jesus can shine so that all can see the truth.

Secular science does not have the truth because it is not guided by the Spirit of Truth. It is guided by the deceit and lies from evil. There is no way to yoke the biblical truths to secular science until the latter accepts the biblical truth and Jesus as its savior.

The Bible is never wrong.

— TheologyArcheology: A Site for the Promotion of Scientific and Biblical Ignorance, Unequally Yoked, April 22, 2024


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    This sounds incredibly ignorant. The problem of presupposition is inherent in this writer’s argument – they presuppose the existence and qualities of an invisible deity without evidence to back up their claims. Scientific study, on the other hand, is about testing the observable and quantifiable.

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    The Bible is NEVER Wrong!

    Right. And the Pope is never wrong.

    Can’t even imagine God saying that the Bible is never wrong. On the contrary, he’d say, “Why in the world would you say that? Can you prove it? No you can’t. Use the brain I gave you.”

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    The ridiculous thing about this screed from Voldemort is that if it weren’t for science he wouldn’t be able to write and publish his nonsense, he wouldn’t have access to the bible (because printing is science dependent), and I doubt he’d even be alive, given that he doesn’t give the impression of being a physically healthy person, and nor does he appear young.

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