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UPDATED: Rudolph Walls, The Friendly Pastor Who is a Registered Sex Offender

friendly chapel dillon
Friendly Chapel, Dillon, South Carolina. Rudolph Walls, Pastor

The story that follows is a perfect example of why people should, by default, be skeptical when a pastor comes to town to start a new church. If a man is going to an established church, the church can request a criminal background check. However, when the same man starts a new church, no background check is needed. It’s his church, his business, and people just have to trust that he is what he claims to be. In the case of Rudolph Walls, pastor of Friendly Chapel in Dillon, South Carolina, trusting the pastor means having a registered sex offender and a convicted child molester as your pastor. Released from prison in the 1990’s, Walls eventually became a pastor, ending up at Friendly Chapel in Dillion. Proving that a leopard can’t change his spots, Walls was arrested again for criminal sexual conduct with a minor.

WMBF News reports:

A pastor and registered sex offender was arrested Thursday morning in Dillon County for criminal sexual conduct involving two victims under the age of 16, according to officials.

Rudolph Walls, 64, is facing two counts of criminal sexual conduct, third degree, after several people came forward to file complaints…

….Walls is being held at the Dillon County Detention Center, and he may appear in municipal court Friday morning for a bond hearing. Officials at the detention center confirmed Walls is a chaplain, but could not specify where he is employed.

A resident in the area confirmed that Walls is a pastor at the Friendly Chapel on Main Street in the city of Dillon.

Rudolph Walls is listed as a registered sex offender in the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry. He was convicted of indecent liberty with a minor in 1989, and was released in 1997.

pastor rudolph walls
Pastor Rudolph Walls

Not only was Walls convicted in North Carolina in 1989 for indecent liberty with a minor, he is also currently a chaplain for the Dillon police department. The good pastor had the complete trust of the church and the police.

In a 2014 news release for an upcoming women’s conference, Walls is listed as BISHOP Rudolph Walls, Sr.  Friendly Chapel is an unaffiliated store front church, so exactly what was Walls bishop of?

Walls is currently charged with “criminal sexual conduct involving two victims under the age of 16.” The victims, both boys, were members of Friendly Chapel. A relative of one of the boys stated that the boy trusted Walls, and Walls was considered a role model for the boy.

This story is a poignant reminder of why I tell parents they shouldn’t let their children out of their sight while at church. According to news reports, the sexual assaults took place at the church. Call me a cynic, but I simply no longer trust people who say they are working for God. Unless they have been vetted and thoroughly investigated, I would NEVER allow them to have private, personal access to children or teenagers. Sadly, in Walls’ case, since he started the church, there was no way to find out if he was who and what he claimed to be.

Perhaps it is time for pastors to be required to submit to annual state and federal background checks.The same should be required of anyone in the church who has contact with children or teenagers. A database could be compiled that would allow prospective church members and law enforcement to search for any  previous criminal arrests and/or convictions. This should be a nationwide database so someone like Walls can’t  move from one state to the next to avoid detection.

It should be clear to all that we can no longer trust churches or the clergy with our children. Every day I read another new report of a pastor, priest, elder, or deacon sexually molesting or preying on church children. Day after day, the reports pile up in my email inbox. From the Catholic church sex scandal to Rudolph Walls to Jack Schaap, predators who call themselves men of God prey on church children. While Christians will likely say that these predators are outliers, the proverbial bad apple, I am convinced that apple barrel has far more bad apples than Christians are willing to admit. The Bible says that judgment must begin at the house of God. It’s time for sects, churches, and individual church members to clean up their own backyard. Instead of raging against homosexuality, same-sex marriage, premarital sex, and adultery, how about making a serious effort to address sexual abuse in the church.


Friendly Chapel is located in Dillon, South Carolina. Walls is a registered sex offender in Chadbourn, North Carolina. These two communities are 40 miles apart.

dillon sc to chadbourn nc

rudolph walls registered sex offender

rudolph walls registered sex offender 2

Walls’ address in the North Carolina Registered Sex Offender Database is listed as 226 Old Stake Rd in Chadbourn, North Carolina. Based on Google Earth, this is the address for the parking lot of Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Chadbourn. Jerry Ganus is the pastor of the church. I found no website for Mt. Zion. I did find numerous funeral notices that listed Ganus as the officiant. I have no idea if there is any connection between Mt. Zion Baptist Church/Jerry Ganus and Rudolph Walls. My gut tells me there is. In the comment section, a commenter stated that Walls’ mother is a member of Mt. Zion.

According to another commenter, there is a road that runs through the church parking lot and Walls lived (lives) in a house on this road.

226 old stake road

UPDATE, December 3, 2015:

Raw Story reports:

…Police charged 64-year-old pastor Rudolph Walls in May with two counts of criminal sexual conduct in the third degree against two children under the age of 16.

Walls had previously insisted he was not guilty of any crime — but this week he pled guilty to criminal sexual conduct with a minor and failure to register as a sex offender.

Judge Markley Dennis sentenced him to 15 years behind bars. The sentence is the maximum allowed under the law.

“Obviously, we agree with and are appreciative of the court’s imposing the maximum sentence,” prosecutor Shipp Daniel said. “This is a terrible case perpetrated by a man whose position as a pastor makes it that much more heinous. Unfortunately, 15 years is all he could get.”…


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    Another Godly man enticed into evil by youthful agents of the Beezle! I am sure the Reverend was doing HIS VERY BEST to carry out God’s holy work among the lost and was therefore targeted by the dark forces sneaking between the legs!
    Call out the prayer warriors! Don the hair shirt! His will must be done. What a terrible shame. Poor poor man. (Don’t you worry about those children, now. God has them in the palm of his hand!) /snark

    • Avatar

      Let more give everyone a little history lesson about Mr. Walls. At one time, just prior to his initial conviction, he was an assistant Scout Master with Troop 504 in Chadbourn. He went on camping trips, as well as whatever else was going on at the time. He was VERY involved with pretty much everything that was going on. Now, here is where he showed his true colors.

      The last trip that he went on was a weekend camping trip. He has his very own tent, as well as the Scout Master at that time whose name I will not mention, with the scouts paired off in tents. After dinner around the campfire and grilling marshmallows on sticks, everyone turned in with a few pairing up to talk and just be boys. Mr. Walls’ tent became the place to go. He had issues of Penthouse as well as other ADULT magazines that he was willingly showing the scouts that were in his tent with him! This all from the SAME man that had led prayer daily and blessed the food eaten that night.

      He not only told the scouts that masturbation was not wrong, nor a sin, all while looking at those magazines in HIS tent! A few felt uncomfortable and left but a few stayed, not surprising since he was trusted AND was giving them access, along with permission, to look at naked women! All of this I KNOW to be FACT. The last part of this story I don’t doubt, but don’t know to be fact either. He allegedly touched a couple of the after they became aroused looking at the magazines. He was going to show them the proper way to masturbate!

      He was kicked out of the scouts immediately after this trip. I am not sure, but I believe he was convicted of the initial charges that is on his record now. That I am not sure about. All of the rest, I am. How you may ask am I so sure? Children stretch the truth sometimes and stories get added to with retelling from person to person over time, right? Well, I WAS THERE, AS A SCOUT!!

      Not to say that all gay people are this way, I am not ignorant and know better, BUT some are and with the scouts lifting the ban on them being leaders makes me cringe. All it takes is ONE to ruin a child! How would it look for men to be allowed to take Brownies camping?!?! Same case scenario….

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        Becky Wiren

        Pedophiles are almost exclusively heterosexual men who molest children. So they have unnatural urges against children, while not being attracted to the same gender of adult. The unnatural attraction is to CHILDREN.

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    To the author of this clip, although man may have no requirements God does if you would look at 1 Thimothy 3 : 1-13, also 2 Timothy 4 : 1-5, There is good and bad everywhere, but to try and cast doubt in the minds of people is wrong of you and really makes you no better, the Bible tells us to try the spirir by the spirit simply because every spirit is not of God.
    Sounds to me like you had some type of experiance perhaps with a clergy and it left a bad taste in your mouth, but instead of trusting in man try trusting in and on Jesus, if you ( people in general) would seek Jesus, acknowledge Him than He will direct your path, dosen’t mean life will be without tragidy, trials and tribulation, but you will be better for it.
    Just a ALERT NOTE; I do tell the members og the church where I pastor, evert pair of paints, suit and?or dress, robe in the pulpit is not a shepard the bible speaks of hireling and wolves in sheeps clothing, this is why it is inperative to trust in God and not man.
    Let us all keep these young man in our prayers as well as Mr Walls.

    • Avatar

      I believe that you are a wolf, sir and I have had bad experiences with clergy, of course. Your note is one of those bad experiences. Keep telling people they are evil and cannot help it unless they have Gawd(s). 1 Tim is a crock of bullshit that has led to all kinds of abuse, children being harmed, for one thing but the list is endless.
      You are like a good, believing bomber who has been assigned a mission to bomb a stranger for Jesus. You love to listen to the voice. The voices you listen to are in your head and in the heads of others desperate to to be in free-slavery.
      Do not preach to me, you echo of emptiness. “If you (people in general) would seek Jesus” etc. ad nauseum because you KNOW something in your peanut.
      Call out the prayer warriors now and suggest that you love everyone! Can you not hear how much harm your work does? How people must SURVIVE your preaching and hatreds? Do you have children you ‘correct’?
      Listen, preacher, Fuck off. Go and fast and pray in front of the Duggars’ gulag. Empty another offering plate. Go into the woods and speak of spirits to the trees. You are damned well right if you are suggesting that my words are not the spirit of God. I don’t believe in woo-woo and I don’t believe in loo-loo preachers of woo-woo. Just an ALERT NOTE: You have no business telling anybody anything… oh wait, Jesus told you to do it. Your voices allow it and your scripture says any fucking thing you want it to say. LET US PREY! (I know how to spell…)

      • Avatar

        my my my ouT of ignorant minds comes ignorant thoughts, as you have shown, by your mindless use of words and obvious lack of vocabulary, I may at times let a word or to slip by with out proof reading to ensure correct spelling and punctuation as your counter parts have comment on, at least i have enough respect for myself to not succum to stupidty. you guy’s are trying to denounce Jesus base upon your unbelief in Him or His existance, but it is a FOoLISH person to try to denounce something that they says does not exist unless they turely believe that He did and does exist, i know that sounds foolish to you but God uses the foolish things to confound the wise or those who think themselves to be wise, this will all come to you later when your knees are indeed bow down and your lying tongues are confessing that Jesus is Lord. I’m not suggesting anything concerning your words brian, thats call conviction (just in case you don’t know) just simply telling you and you comrades your no better then the preacher or any one who seeks to harm, mislead any of Gods children astray, just because one clergy, minister, preacher does something wrong does not mean it’s the same for everyone living and teaching Gods word, your vocabulary is obviously limited am I to take that yor comrades are ignorant also.

        • Avatar
          John Arthur

          Hi trgrah8,

          (1) Do you have compassion and loving-kindness for the victims of church sex abuse? It seems that such sex abuse is more widespread than we previously thought as indicated by various investigations in many different countries and, it is not just the Catholic church, but ranges also across other churches.

          (2) Claiming to follow Jesus seems to make little difference to the lives of Christians. I’m not interested in which dogmas one follows but how one lives one’s life.

          (3) Being skeptical of the claims of so-called bible believers is healthy. Perhaps if more skepticism was applied to pastors and church workers (especially those working with children) and rigorous background checks were undertaken, the incidence of such sexual abuse would probably be reduced.

          (4) Too many Evangelical church members are far too trusting of their pastors and church workers that background checks are often not taken.

          (5) Simply praying that a convicted sexual offender will not re-offend because they have now been”washed in the blood” is naive but so many Evangelicals seem to think that a claim to genuine repentance is actually genuine. Isn’t it better to be skeptical? Prayer will do good if either there is a personal God who hears and answers but, if there is no personal God who does such things, then prayer is futile. Pray may also do good if it helps transform a person, but there is little evidence that Evangelical prayers do any such thing.

          Much of Evangelicalism is what William James called “religion of the sick soul”, especially Luther and Calvin’s theology and that of their disciples.


          John Arthur

    • Avatar

      Look around at the blog a bit before leaving a comment. Learn how to spell and put sentences together, then you won’t look like a raving lunatic.

      Most of here have heard the same things you just said a thousand times. Many of us here have said those things, too. Those are just words to us, they don’t mean anything.

      If we should trust in Jesus, what will he do for us? Give us a show like 19 Kids and Counting (Dollars)? Help us hide evil doers in our midst. Have us make excuses when our leaders fall? That is all he is doing for your side. Your side is falling faster and faster, the cracks in the facade are more than can be fixed. If Jesus was real, he would have swooped in to take the True Believers to glory long before they could have done this much damage to his work.

      Sorry, buddy. I’m not buying what you are selling.

  3. Avatar

    Bruce, thank-you for this very informative post. I want to apologize for it getting my mojo going on first-read and causing the snark. There are many valuable facts given that would hugely help woo-woo organizations in keeping predators out of positions of authority. If there is any way to create more protection for innocence, then we should adopt it, of course. That seems a no-brainer, as they say. But what if harm to children is intended? What if we really really want to hurt kids? I am not suggesting that some Devil is inhabiting us and forcing us to, say, beat them, but I am saying intentional harm. The preacher says, Children must be corrected, must be punished, and we harm our children quite willingly.
    Bishop Pastor Holy Walls Senior God WANTS to sexualize youngsters. He wants to have sex or something like it with kids. He does this knowingly because he wants to do it. Now, woo-woo churches reduce this to Devil worship, saying there are demonic powers let loose and they take our hands and genitals and simply have their way! We cannot hope to resist almighty Devil, bless his holy name…. It is second in command only to God, praise his holy fame. So worship of God/Devil answers all things. The good bishop has devils in his loins. There you go…problem solved once the Revered Senior Wall God Doctor man returns to true faith, God will guard his penis from the harm of being tempted by bad bad children. (You know the drill…)
    My point is that in our wish to harm, we cover our tracks with all kinds of get-ups. These are in place to allow us to do harm, real, lifelong harm and not have to face the full impact of our actions, the actions of our own hands. We need denial because we aren’t brutes, after all!
    We disrespect children’s bodies because Jesus tells us to via his black book. We correct our children with swats, with hitting, with hurting and we push them around with shame because we like to do it. This is not because we are sinful and have Devils in us. It is history and is passed from generation to generation in a very non-magical fashion.
    It is possible to stop the abuse going on by stopping the harm to children but that would require us respecting a child’s body, never speaking/yelling at a child as if they were owned, and it would mean allowing the child to lead in things, not be led. As in learning/education, children know much more at the beginning than when we are finished with them.
    Pastor Wall was a child and he learned to diddle through his experience: That is not some excuse to let him off some hook. He harms innocence and is a danger among us but we must somehow find a way to stop harming children ourselves too, to stop telling them they are born in sin, to stop shaming and blaming and using our own harmed selves to pass on the horror. Jesus may have had something to say about this but the message from his house is now, for the most part, abusive towards children…. and it is for women too….. wait, best include the men too cuz that is the way it is now.
    I found your post most informative and helpful.

  4. Avatar
    Antonio Scott

    Mt.Zion has nothing to do with this. I leave directly behind the church. And Rudolph is not allowed in there pulpit. Although his mother is a member of the church. Please don’t tarnish Mt. Zion for his actions.

    • Avatar
      Bruce Gerencser

      No one is tarnishing the church. The fact that his mother goes there means there is a connection. Why is his official address the church parking lot? Did the church help out Walls when he got out of prison? Did he live on/near church property for a time? Has he ever come to church in the last two decades with his Mom? I’ve got plenty of questions if you are ready to answer them. I am in no way suggesting guilt by association. Walls is the criminal not the church or its pastor. (as far as I know) But, there is some connection, as you admit, so it is fair to ask questions about these connections.

      • Avatar

        If you view the map you can see that there is a road that goes through the church parking lot that leads to where Mr. Walls once lived. That may explain why the church came up when his address was put in. I am not sure why you can not see the homes in the photo. Nonetheless this is truly a sad and discouraging situation.

          • Avatar

            Bruce I pray Your soul has mercy upon it. This is where as a journalist, blogger you have to take facts and facts only. You brought up Mt. Zion and Rev. Ganus. Well, let me say as a fact, I know that Mt. Zion is responsible for Walls not being able to have clergy license in the state of NC. Mt. Zion or Pastor Ganus did Not bail anyone out of jail. Bruce facts is what you need. Facts says you are a coward, facts says you are a scorned, facts say you are a liar, but no facts say that you are accurate about Rev. Ganus or Mt. Zion. The only connection walls, Ganus, and Mt. Zion has is a parking lot. You are wrong, and lawyers are being contacted for defamation of character here.

  5. Avatar

    First of all let me say that I myself would not be putting my mouth on God people. Just because one man fall short don’t mean every one that holds a tittle falls. Matthew 7
    Judge not, that ye be not judged.
    For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother‘s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother‘s eye. Let God do the judging we all the the praying. Its praying and fasting time…

  6. Avatar

    And this is heartbreaking to me….. Those who have been harmed are not nearly as important as the holy church. Human life is not as important as Mt. Zion Church. This is another reason why I cannot support any church. They do not stand with the innocent and harmed first but with their delusions of being on God’s side.
    Mt. Zion Church goers, where were you when you knew this abuser was opening his own den to harm people? Why did you feel unable to publicize it and stop it before the doors opened? Do you have no responsibility to others or are you so wrecked as human beings that all you can do is stop eating and pray? How very sad. How very sad and useless we can become in church. The Bible says:

  7. Avatar

    He has family members that stay next to the church! I don’t understand why the house did not show up but it’s a very old home. So please stop tarnishing a church and its members whom have nothing to do with this animal!!

  8. Avatar

    There’s nothing wrong with stating facts but to put this mans address up here…and other Pastors names is just beyond disrespectful and you can be sued for that… have to watch and as well as pray…I’m just hoping this didn’t go on too Lo long…people have to pay their children some attention they should not have to come out and tell anything…pay attention to these children…and I hope and pray they Lord helps them dealing with this issue…it’s sad and the way the world set up these days Pastor or not people should be more attentive to their children period…I don’t care who they are could even be family I don’t trust a soul these days…

  9. Avatar

    First, i would like to say that it is TRUE that some so-called people of God are dealing with demons that they allow to control their actions and thoughts. It is TRUE that this preacher is a convicted sex offender. It is TRUE that he is the pastor of this church in Dillon. It is TRUE that these charges were pressed against him. However, the TRUTH about what has happened with these children has yet to be established. The pastor and the children are the only ones that know for a FACT what has happened. My only hope is that the TRUTH will be made known so that any false allegations, or false statements made by anyone, including the pastor, will be exposed. Us as true believers must pray that people allow God to take control of their lives so that our brothers and sisters are not falsely accused. And if they are rightfully accused, that God allows the proper punishment to take place. We tend to be so critical of those that fall without allowing forgiveness to come into our hearts. Its not our place to hold anger and malice in our hearts against our brothers and sisters. Let us trust in God, not people. And when we allow doubt or opinions to cloud our minds, let us pray for discernment so that we may see the truth.

    • Avatar

      Evidently you have no clue who you are even talking about. I can promise you he was guilty of the offense he was charged of years ago. Please don’t defend a child molester, EVER! Even if he did nothing wrong this time, do you think he should ever be left alone with young boys? Maybe you have a son, nephew, etc. that he can babysit for you if he makes bail!

    • Avatar

      You say your only hope is that the truth will be known and yet you talk about forgiveness. Were you harmed by this man? Were you sexually assaulted. How dare you suggest that God Woo Woo take control or that the Devil made him do it! Take responsibility for your own actions. Do not condemn those brave enough to say, Let the truth come out. Is it true that your church was willing to fund treatment for this man before he ran off to commit more alleged crimes? I forgive you for letting him go around the corner and continue his ways but I wonder why it is that nobody in your flock, and not all of you together, could find some way to prevent him carrying on like this….. children’s lives are destroyed this way, when seemingly good people kneel and pray and do nothing.

    • Avatar
      John Arthur

      Hi “Truth”,

      “… some so-called people of God are dealing with demons that they allow to control their actions and thoughts.”

      This is an excuse that many Christians use to justify their immoral behaviour. They , and they alone, are responsible for their behaviour, as we all are. “Demons” are a mythical entity much like leprechauns, fairies, angels and and goblins.

      “Let us trust in God, not people. And when we allow doubt or opinions to cloud our minds, let us pray for discernment so that we may see the truth”.

      I submit that this is a recipe for disaster. We need to be skeptical of the idea that God will put it right. We need to right that which is wrong. We need to take personal responsibility and act to weed out predators, not think that praying to God will weed them out.

      The truth will be discovered by rational thought and by examining the evidence. Sexual predation will continue unless we take action to reduce it. Unless church members take steps to minimise this kind of behaviour, no amount of praying to God will reduce it. It is utterly naive to think otherwise.


      John Arthur

  10. Avatar

    I believe you need help Bruce! you are bitter, and how dare you put another Church and pastor that has nothing to do with this in this situation. Your gut is wrong,… it was wrong obviously everytime it said feed me, and its wrong now.
    Find another hobby BRUCE

  11. Avatar
    Bruce Gerencser

    I made no connection between Walls and Mt Zion and its pastor other than the fact that his official address in the North Carolina sex offender database is the parking lot of the church. (according to Google Earth)

    Since I wrote this post, according to people who have commented here, I have found out Walls’s mother is a member of Mt Zion. This fact raises other questions:

    1. Was Wall ever a member of Mt Zion? When was the last time he was a member or attended church there?

    2. Another commenter said that the church knew about Wall being a child molester and a registered sex offender. Was he attending Mt Zion when this happened? Did the church support Walls while he was in prison or after he got out?

    3. Since, according to a commenter, the church knew about his perverted past, did they warn authorities that a known child molester was pastoring a church in their town?

    4. Since, according to a commenter, the church knew about his perverted past, did they warn Friendly Chapel about Walls being a child molester and registered sex offender?

    5. Since, according to a commenter, the church knew about his perverted past, did they do anything to keep Walls from pastoring the church?

    6. One commenter mentioned that the church prevented Walls from getting a ministerial license in North Carolina. This fact is superfluous because no license is required to start or pastor a church. Anyone, including me a card-carrying atheist, can start a church and be its pastor. According to federal law, said church would be considered non-profit, allowing the church and pastor to obtain a variety of tax reductions or exemptions. (depending on which state the church is in) Giving someone a ministerial license is an internal ecclesiastical practice that has no bearing on this story.

    Let me be very clear, there is nothing in my post that in any way impugns Mt Zion or its pastor. My “gut feeling” is a personal opinion not a statement of fact. Now that I know that Walls’s mother is a member of Mt Zion, I can safely say my gut feeling was correct. This feeling is only strengthened as commenters attack my character and ignore my questions.

    Commenters should be advised that personally attacking me does not change the facts. I am immune to attacks. Hundreds of Christians have come before you, threatening me, saying they will slit my throat, mocking me,calling me names, etc. These acts of verbal diarrhea have no probative value. They are a reminder of why I am no longer a Christian. So thanks for being a reminder of why Christianity is a bankrupt religion.

    If I have made a FACTUAL error, I will gladly correct it. If a commenter wants to put their real name on a public article, I will gladly grant them the space to write an unedited rebuttal to what I have written in this article.

    Bruce Gerencser

    • Avatar

      Facts: your opinion is about to get you a law suit! No he is not a member! and was not a member of the church then…. but He was a soul on earth right, and all souls can be saved. Why didnt the church he went to in SC, (again because he had to go to another state to start a church) why didnt they do a background check!????? ask that! get off Mt. Zion. What you dont know is that Mt. Zion has a whole committee of lawyers that are seeking to file lawsuit against you for strongly voicing your opinion and making it seem as if it were fact. You spoke on the wrong Pastor! Jerry Ganus did what was necessary and legal to do at that time. Apparently the spirit followed Walls out of Mt. Zion to the next church. At that moment, it was not Mt. Zion responsibility to follow him. It was not Mt.Zion responsibility to do the job that each church is suppose to do when considering a pastor! you are wrong, and that gut is wrong! He has not been a member of Mt. Zion in over 20 years. Mt. Zion has offered to pay for a Therapist to help with his illness. He declined and went on his way! straight up facts!!!!! Mt. Zion has nothing to do with this man and his actions! Who can help where a church and a house is built at! You are wrong, wrong, wrong! Have you considered praying for that Spirit! We do not wrestle against flesh and blood! This is a spiritual warfare! You are in the wrong spirit! and youre asking the wrong questions!

      • Avatar
        Bruce Gerencser

        Ok, you’ve said your piece. Your response tells me all I need to know.

        Thank you for commenting.


        P.S. Illness? Really? He is a sexual predator who has molested, at least two times, children. Do you really think that he has only done this twice since 1989? I’ve got news for you, having interacted with dozens of people who were molested by preachers when they were children, these kind of predators do not stop until they are arrested, convicted, and incarcerated for life, either in a prison or a mental health facility.

        • Avatar

          YES ILLNES! over eating is an illness… youve exceeded your average weight for your height and all….. does that mean you have a problem yes…. can you help it,…maybe, but its all sin! Everyone deals with a spiritual infirmity! His is different, but does that mean its any more worse than the next person illness. No… it means that it may take more fasting and praying to cast it out! You pray for him! I will pray that you control your opinions and habits or additions you have! You cant act as if YOU HAVE STONES TO CAST! IM SURE YOU CAN BE STONED AS WELL! Think about that

          • Avatar
            Becky Wiren

            Nice try, equating a sexual offender to an overweight person. HOWEVER, overweight people aren’t running around and stuffing food down other’s faces. Whereas this sexual offender pastor has ruined people’s lives. And given another chance, he will do it again.

  12. Avatar
    Bruce Gerencser

    For regular readers who are wondering about the number of first time commenters, this post is #1 on Google when one searches for “Rudolph Walls.” It has also been shared on Facebook 123 times and is generating hundreds of link clicks to the this site. As I have said many times before, the peccadilloes of preachers is good for business. 🙂

  13. Avatar
    Bruce Gerencser

    And even if I was a reporter, I have not linked, other than through Walls’s mother, the church or the pastor to Rudolph Walls. I have questions, questions that no one cares to sufficiently answer.

    I was careful with my words. Walls, Ganus, the church, and myself are public figures. I will leave it to that crack team of lawyers to explain how the slander standard is much higher for public figures. Believe me, I have been repeatedly attacked and slandered over the years. It comes with the territory.

    • Avatar
      Becky Wiren

      You did a good job. You presented facts as known publicly. I’m thinking Michelle is just making stuff up. She sounds kind of looney.

    • Avatar
      K.S. Israel

      All the things that the churches has been teaching are lies. They teach of believing in jesus, while all along Jesus is,a race of people. The established churches are the devils temple, and all that they have been teaching meabout is coming to the light in these last days. Look at all those catholic priest the catholic church has spent billions out in settlements for child male station for.God do not send anyone with that kind of mentality to teach his word. Look out world you have been lied to all along, the truth is about to be reveled.

  14. Avatar

    From Fox 10 TV:

    …“I just looked up registered sex offenders in Dillon County, and he popped up in North Carolina, and that’s when I stopped going to the church,” said one resident, who did not want to be identified for fear of retaliation.” (This quote comes from the end of the article.)

    It seems as if the crack team of lawyers goes after local residents, too. No slander, no accusations, just a statement of facts. Yet, locals are afraid of what might happen to them. Kind of weird.

  15. Avatar
    Bruce Gerencser

    Rudolph Walls was arrested again yesterday:

    “Rudolph Walls, 64, is back at the Dillon County Detention Center Thursday on charges of intimidation of a witness and assault and battery first degree, according to Captain David Lane with Dillon police”

    Ah yes, just what Jesus would have done.

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