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My One and Only Statement on Josh Duggar and the Duggar Family

josh duggar with ted cruz
Josh Duggar with Ted Cruz
A few readers are surprised I haven’t written anything of substance about Josh Duggar sexually molesting five girls when he was a teenager. One reason for not writing anything is because there are plenty of news stories and blog articles about the matter, so all I would be doing is repeating what others have said. Suzanne, my dear friend at No Longer Quivering, has posted numerous articles on Josh Duggar. I urge you to check them out:

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Here’s what I think:

  1. The Duggar family have a closet full of secrets
  2. Josh Duggar committed felony sexual assault when he molested five little girls
  3. The Duggar family covered up Josh Duggar’s crimes
  4. Their church and elders covered up Josh Duggar’s crimes
  5. Advanced Training Institute covered up Josh Duggar’s crimes
  6. The police covered up Josh Duggar’s crimes
  7. TLC ignored rumors of Josh Duggar’s crimes

The Duggar family, all of them, have long been publicity whores, allowing the public unprecedented access to their life. They should have made sure there were no skeletons in their closet. They didn’t, and now they are paying the price. They will be remembered in the same light as June, Honey Boo Boo’s Mom. While I derive a small bit of perverse pleasure from seeing House Duggar brought to the ground, I remind myself of Josh Duggar’s victims and the Duggar children. They are the innocent ones and they will ultimately be affected the most. Their lives, from this day forward, will never be the same. Their parents didn’t ask their permission when they started pimping them out to TLC. They are collateral damage left in the wake of their older brother’s criminal acts and their parents willingness to use/misuse them for material gain.

One good thing to come from Josh Duggar’s crimes is that a bright light is now shining on the Quiverfull and home schooling movement. What was once done in secret is now known by all. This is a good thing. Duggar’s crimes also shines the light on Bill Gothard and Advanced Training Institute. Again, this is a good thing.  The only way to kill the fundamentalism of the Duggar family, Bill Gothard, and the Quiverfull movement, is to continue to expose their deceit, hypocrisy and, in some cases, crimes.

Let the defenders and supporters of the Duggar family whine, complain, fume, and object.  Their words fall on deaf ears. They are more interested in maintaining things as they are than they are defending those who are harmed by fundamentalist Christian beliefs and practices. Those of us who daily make known the foibles of fundamentalist Christians know that our greater objective is to help those harmed by the pernicious teachings of people like the Duggars, their church, and the religious circles they are a part of.


  1. Avatar
    Matt Martin

    Also tells you what a shitepoke Tony Perkins, Bluenose-in-Chief is. What a mealy mouthed non statement he issued when he canned Duggar. Presumably because the young Josh raked in a shit-tonne of cash for the FRC.

  2. Avatar

    A church covering up sexual assaults??!! Thou speaketh lies, you godless bastard!!! Never would they do such a THING!!! Churches are HOLY!!

  3. Avatar

    Agree, Bruce. Once you decide to put your family on display for the world-your children becoming reality TV stars, how are you different from the Kardashians, etc.? It takes away dignity from the whole bunch. Can you imagine growing up in front of the cameras? You’re sitting in your living room with your siblings and cameras are rolling? What does that do to children?

  4. Avatar
    Michelle M

    Not gonna lie, I am also feeling perverse pleasure at their spectacular fall. I knew it would happen some day, but I was hoping it would be something innocuous like one of the children coming out, not sexual crimes. I am also devastated for the children (some now adults and married) who, I’m sure, are still not going to get the counseling they need once this all settles down. Who are still going to have to look at Josh across the Thanksgiving dinner table and keep a smile on their face. One can only hope that the current backlash will open some of their eyes to how they live completely outside of reality.

  5. Avatar

    People like these play fast and loose with the truth, then invariably some dysfunctional transgression is uncovered, as it always is. The fundie apologists are crying ‘FOUL!,’ but really, who couldn’t have seen something similar to this from the get-go? No, fundies, the rest of us didn’t have to sit around and ‘salivate’ at the pride that goeth before the fall. It was built-in from the beginning and only a matter of time until the fall was this colossal and unavoidable.

    The Duggars have been given more than enough rope with which to hang themselves, and then they and their apologists have the sheer, unmitigated gall to point fingers at the world outside their little bubble for the harm done to their own children. Well, you had ‘control,’ of them all this time, didn’t you, Duggar paterfamilias? Just explain how this happened on YOUR watch.

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