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Tim Wildmon Shows He is Clueless About Secularism

tim wildmon

What follows is a video produced by Tim Wildmon and the American Family Association. This video purports to “explain” to Fundamentalist zealots the true nature and ideology of secular progressivism. What the video really does is show that Wildmon and his costars either know very little about secularism and progressivism or they are deliberately lying in hopes of providing yet another red meat meal for culture warriors. My money is on the latter.  This video is 3 minutes long. Enjoy!

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    I suppose the discussion is temperate, in that nobody gets carried away or starts to shout.

    Even so, they get both terms wrong. As far as I’m concerned secularism is simply the separation of church and state; that God and religion have no place in the government of a country. Of course, they don’t like this definition, as it is difficult for them to retain their agenda whilst, at the same time, producing a reasoned rebuttal.

    On progressivism they are just ‘making it up’. Who are the experts who are going to determine our…opinions…laws? They really don’t know what they are talking about or, more likely, the reality doesn’t suit their agenda. Progressivism is nothing more than it says on the tin (I hope that’s a familiar saying in the US as well as the UK); progress. Of course, religionists don’t approve of progress; they’d rather be stuck in the 4th century.

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    Well, let’s break that down: The first word is ‘secular’ and then there is another word right after it! This proves that man is fallen and transgender bathrooms will lead us directily to Satan. You see, secular means sec-u-lar which is not God, right? It is three syllables but the devil is clever with words and uses syllables to trip us up. So don’t be fooled by fake triunities! Secular is a joke and God is not. Now to that second word, progressivism. Ha! The progressives kill babies and want to ruin the bathrooms of our nation. What on earth does transgender even mean? My goodness, God made the man to lie on the woman and that is that! Why do you think Pastor Anderson starts his everyday with prayer and then picks up his wife and carries her from one side of the house to the other? Because a man is a man and a woman is a woman. There. Enough is enough. You can’t make a penis into a vagina or vice-versa. What a lot of nonsense! Secular nonsense and progressivism! America has to wake up and be great again! Pastor Hagee and me, we know how to vote in God’s choice!

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    Becky Wiren

    I didn’t quite make it to the 2:00 mark. The utter stupidity…UGH. And people like this are absolutely certain of their opinions, even though they don’t really go out of their way to look up, I don’t know, facts and reality? (That would mean believing in science over faith.)

    Reminds me of a Facebook friend describing LGBTQ people and progressives, how we were encouraging children to change sex (WTF?) blah blah blah. I finally figured out that it upset me because she knows I am a progressive. At which point I stopped being upset. I stopped arguing with this kind of groupthink a couple years ago. She even talked about how she read a lot and knew her opinions were good. Another UGH.

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    Lyin’ fer Jesus. These people must certainly think, “I’m pulling this out of my butt, but people will fall for anything I say and send me more money.” What really saddens me is that there really are a lot of people who will believe this tripe and will send their last food dollar to hucksters like the AFA.

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