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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Atheists Serve Satan by Geri Ungurean

geri-ungureanSatan, knowing Scripture better than any of us; however using the Words of the Lord for his gain and his pleasure – he twists them to confuse and deceive!  People are either serving God or Satan. Many will say “Oh, I don’t serve Satan, but I don’t believe in God” are kidding themselves. If they hate or don’t believe in the Lord, then they surely are serving Satan.

Herein is the reason why liberals (God haters) are raging against Jews and Christians on this earth. Satan, who controls these peoples’ minds, knows that he has but a short time before his destruction.  Look around – see the campuses filled with professors and students shaking their fist at anything having to do with God, the Bible, Christians and Jews!

Atheists (God haters) are merely doing the bidding of their master – Satan.  God’s Arm is not too short to reach many of these people. We should pray for them. But it is also clear in the Word that God is sending Strong Delusion and is giving many of these God haters over to their reprobate minds:

“And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:  That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness” (2 Thessalonians 11-12)

Our job, while we are still here brethren, is to share the Gospel. Only the Lord knows who still has a chance to be saved. When you see those who have rabid hatred for God, Christians and Jews, please remember that they are under Satan’s spell; as he is still the god of this earth. But not for long, no, not for long….

— Geri Ungurean, Absolute Truth From the Word of God, Why Atheists Hate Jesus, Christianity, and Jews, June 2, 2016


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    I note that the author equates Christians and Jews as though, hey, that’s the way it’s always been. Well I’m sorry to disillusion you dear, but Christians have always, and still do, hate Jews. Fancy biblical quotes, dare I say ‘out of context’, won’t get you away from this problem. Killing Jews is what Christians understand.

    Of course, nowadays Christians are having to wake up to a new reality, that Muslims now represent the main threat, so perhaps it’s time to side with the old enemy, so as to defeat Islam. Once they’ve achieved this then they can turn round and defeat the old enemy, the Jews.

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    ‘Christians, despite what they say, don’t actually serve Jesus but Satan. Satan changed the bible and caused Christians and Jews (God Haters) to disbelieve that Muhammad is God’s true messenger. If you believe in the trinity and think you don’t serve satan you are kidding yourself’.

    Would she accept her reasoning as fair of it came back at her from a Muslim????

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    So, then, I’m the bad guy and you are the good guy, right Geri? Geeez, you make it so simple, easy to see! Wow, positively Trumpy. Go to Washington: There must be a place in government for you now.

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    Gene Stephens

    She says liberals (or God Haters) are raging against Jews. I see a lot more anti-Semitism in conservatives than liberals.

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      Maybe from political conservatives but fundamentalists / evangelicals who hold a dispensationalist theology believe the Jews (especially state of Israel) need to prosper before Jesus comes back. Liberals are more likely to stand up for Palestinians suffering human rights offenses at the hands of Israel.

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        That Other Jean

        Sure, they need to prosper until Jesus comes back. Then they get a choice: convert or die. It’s not that fundamentalists who believe in the Rapture actually LIKE Jews–they NEED them, to make the Rapture happen. After that, they’re just as sinful as everybody else, and get to burn in Hell with the rest of us, while the Fundamentalists get raptured.

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