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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Having Sex an Act of Christian Worship by Ashley Mazelin

ashley mazelin

Most likely if you are living together, you are also sleeping together. But the thing is, sex is not just physical, but also spiritual. When you have sex with someone who is not your spouse, you are not only taking something from that person that isn’t yours and sinning against your own body, but you are ultimately sinning against God. He created sex to be an act of worship to Him, representing the union of a man and woman who love each other the way that God loves the church and has covenanted with her. Outside of marriage, you can’t reflect that picture; in fact, you actually defile it. So my purpose in saving my virginity is not to simply give a nice gift to my husband on my wedding night, but to please my greatest love — the Lord God who made my body and my soul.

— Ashley Mazelin, publicist at Focus on the Family, Boundless, Living Together Isn’t the Answer, March 10, 2017


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    Hmm, I can just imagine husband the first night saying ‘bloody hell, that was terrible! Why didn’t you get some practice first?’

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    saving my virginity is not to simply give a nice gift to my husband on my wedding night, but to please my greatest love — the Lord God

    By gilly-gully, now that is some kind of capital ‘A’ Adultery! She saves a nice gift for her husband but she goes to bed with Jeebers! This kind of sexual disease is spread by evangelicals….beware!

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    How sad that this “My virginity will be a nice gift to my husband” shtick is still around in 2017, and in the mind of such a young person. Has she really learnt that it is only men who have a sexuality?

    Why should anyone listen to someone who is so poorly informed as this?

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    I hope the husband is okay being the third wheel in a threesome with her greatest love, the sweet baby Jesus. On second thought, if the sweet baby Jesus is involved should we get CPS involved. No wonder evangelicals are so dysfunctional whenit comes to sex

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    And yet the practice of temple prostitution was super evil and occult and what not: if Christian sex is spiritual too, why wasn’t that either?

    You can’t have it both.

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    Ok someone needs to turn the Song of Solomon into a tract. Yes be Christian. Join the fertility cult. Have tons of kids for the Lord’s army. Oh you can’t get preggers? Oh you disagree with us? Oh you are a woman with a brain? You are going to hell so you are pretty much worthless to us. These people need to find something else to do, they have waaay tooo much time on their hands.

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