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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Combating Global Climate Change is a Communist Plot Says Barry Stechschulte

barry stechschulteBarry Stechschulte, pastor of Holy Rosary Catholic Church in St. Marys, Ohio, let congregants know that combating global climate change is an attempt by communists to overthrow capitalism and evolution is all about sex, sex, sex without God getting in the way.

A Message from the Pastor

Another quote from the little booklet I have called “The Wonders of the Universe,” is from Galileo, the famed scientist who theorized about a sun-centered solar system. It reads, “In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual.”

Science is not popular opinion. Just because a lot of people believe something to be true in any scientific field, even if it’s a majority of scientists themselves, does not make something true. In Galileo’s time, he was about the only man to think that the earth revolved around the Sun, and yet he was correct. Today, a seeming majority of scientists and the media believe in man-made climate change – that human beings are responsible for global warming. But that doesn’t make it true.

So called global warming (more correctly called ‘climate change’) is a natural phenomenon. The Earth warms and cools over long periods of time. Scientists who say the Earth is warming and that sea-levels are rising and that our lives are in danger, were saying in the 1970’s that it was cooling and that an ice age was coming. Today, they say it is the change in Earth’s climate that is the problem, causing anything from increased storm activity to terrorism, and that man, through carbon emissions (driving a pickup truck, for example), is the cause.

First of all, not all the scientists believe this is the case. Probably only those who have grant money on the line are publishing papers which prop up this phony scenario for climate change. Buoyed by money from activists who want to take down capitalism in the West, modern science and the media are claiming some outrageous things about what the Earth will suffer if we continue on this path of fossil fuel use. Of course, nothing has happened and global temperatures have flat-lined in recent years.

This is agenda-driven science, much like the intolerant belief in evolution. In the case of evolution, it’s all about sex, free from any constraint of divine authority. For climate change, it’s redistribution of wealth on a global scale, with communist undertones. Hopefully, those few individuals, based on humble reasoning, will help authentic science to shine above the insanity that is climate change.

Father Barry

— Barry Stechschulte, Newsletter for Holy Rosary Catholic Church, St. Marys, Ohio, July 2,2017

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    John Arthur, quite. The paranoia or the sex obsession alone would qualify this man for a good number of sessions with Freud. I was brought up in the Catholic Church (have had nothing to do with it for thirty years, and will not ever again) and the trouble is, emotionally healthy young men, or emotionally healthy middle-aged men (or elderly ones, come to that) tend not to sign up for a job and a life which demands celibacy or, at least, a lack of actual relationships (partner, children.) The Vatican won’t countenance women as priests, any women, however able intellectually and pastorally. So they are pretty much dependent on male neurotics presenting themselves: men who are gay but feel unable to admit it and who see the priesthood as a bolt-hole; men who fear/despise women and see the priesthood as a bolt-hole; men who have complexes about Mommy; men who feel deep down that sex is disgusting. Given an intake like that, the Catholic Church is going to have problems at the most basic level. . .The only thing that will weed out characters like the one above is the actual CONGREGATIONS refusing to work with them. They should walk out of church if this stuff comes up in a sermon or talk. They should refuse to put money in the offertory plate. They should stop attending, end of. But they won’t. The people who are still in the pews, regularly, in the Catholic Church have not been driven out by the child abuse scandals, the cover-ups that were actually part of a global POLICY. . .so they are hardly likely to stop attending because some fruitcake starts on about Communist conspiracy and sex. They settle for crumbs and that, quite often, is what they get.

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    Yulya Sevelova

    That’s a real joke, what this priest is claiming. The Communists actually are AGAINST environmental protections, and they prosecute activist to do try to protect nature ! Stalin himself says that man must master the natural world– his words. The next time time some conservative tells you that the Earth and it’s condition doesn’t matter, quote the Commies, and tell them the source, Stalin, Mao and company.

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