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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Lori Alexander Rages Against Women Who Dare to Have Careers


Of course, careers for women came from a godless, heathen world! There is nothing in the Bible that encourages or instructs women to leave their homes for hours every day, their children with strangers to raise, and go to a job. [neither is there anything in the Bible that says women should wear bras and shoes.] If there is one, I have never read it.


Are older women, as written in the Bible, to be known for their careers? No! They should be known for bringing up children, lodging strangers, washing the saints’ feet, relieving the afflicted, diligently following every good work (1 Timothy 5:10) and teaching the younger women (Titus 2:4). There’s nothing about them having careers.

Widows are not commanded to go out and pursue careers. Their families are the ones who should care for them and if the widow doesn’t have family, then the churches are to care for the widows. (Notice 1 Timothy 5:4 states who in the family should care for widows; “children or nephews” not “children or nieces” – the female children would most likely be married and have husbands who would provide whereas the nephews should help provide, not the nieces.) This is how God set it all up for the provision of women.

Men are the ones in the Bible that God commands to be the providers. This is God’s perfect will from the beginning of time and He reminds us that His commands are not burdensome. Nothing is impossible with Him and if He wants women home with their families, He will provide a way. He instructs us to ask for wisdom and He will give it freely! [In other words, if you are a woman and find yourself destitute, don’t get job. Just wait on Jesus to come through with a pile of cash to meet your every need.]

There are several problems I see with women having careers, even when they are single. After spending all the time and money in pursuing their career, it’s difficult to give it up once the children come along, if and when they do. Also, many husbands like the money their wives make and don’t want them to stop so they insist on their wives keeping the job even when it becomes a strain on the wife. Married women who don’t have children still come home exhausted after working all day. They don’t have the energy to care for their homes or husbands like they would like to do, unless they are high energy women.

I believe one of the main causes of divorce today is due to women having careers. Women put all of their time and energy into their careers and neglect their husbands. [Pity those poor men who are being neglected by their wives.] They were created to be their husband’s help meet but they fail to do what God has called them to do because they can’t do everything and are too tired and exhausted to be helpers to their husbands. This is a recipe for failure and marriage is important to the Lord so it should be a priority for us; for marriage is an example to a lost world of Christ and His Church! Plus, when women have careers, they know that they have the freedom to divorce their husbands since they aren’t dependent upon their husbands for provision but God created wives to be dependent upon their husbands. [ Damn straight, Skippy. Women working means that they no longer are slaves to their husbands; that if their husbands don’t treat them well they can tell them to take a hike.] This is a good thing, contrary to popular opinion.

Women who have careers typically have to work for a boss and the boss is usually a man, therefore, she is living in submission to a man who isn’t her husband which is not God’s plan. Plus, women don’t have the physical makeup that a man has and God created women with a more sensitive and emotional nature in order to be home with their children and/or caring for others, not out in the workforce. [All I can do here is *sigh*.]


But what about the women who do remain single their entire lives and don’t get married? What if careers are causing many more women to not get married since they don’t “need” a man to take care of them? What if this pursuit by women for careers makes them unattractive to men since they become forceful and independent? God’s plan from the beginning is for men and women to marry. He created men to need a help meet.

Colleges and universities don’t help women acquire meek and gentle spirits. Quite the contrary! They teach them to be strong (apart from the Lord), independent (they don’t need a husband), speak their minds, and stand up for themselves which is completely opposite of what the Lord wants for women. They don’t teach them to be gentle, submissive help meets to their husbands or how to raise godly offspring. Neither do they teach them anything about godly womanhood; no, not even the Christian colleges and universities since they push careers on the women. [Can’t have women who are strong, independent, speak their minds, and stand up for themselves, right? Why, such women might think they are equal to men, capable of doing almost anything the penis crowd can do.]

There are many things women can do who aren’t married without getting a job. Culture tell us that there’s only option for young women today but it’s not. The young, unmarried Duggar and Bates women [ Ah yes, Duggar and Bates women. “Perfect” examples for the young women of today.] take courses on-line, serve their families, go on mission’s trips, assist midwives, serve their communities, find ways to make money from home, and many other things that help others instead of pursuing careers which take them away from their homes. This seems the way it should be, in my opinion [How dare Alexander speak when God has not spoken!].

Women working have taken many jobs away from men. Men NEED to work. God created them to have jobs and this usually defines them, whereas women define themselves by their relationships. Men don’t have to take off time when they bear children, their children get sick (if they have a wife at home), and they don’t feel guilt leaving their children all day long like women do because women know deep down that they are the ones who are supposed to be home with their own children.

— Lori Alexander, The Transformed Wife, Not One Bible Verse Instructs Women to Have Careers, July 25, 2017


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    Michelle Fitzgerald

    I am watching “A Handmaids Tale” at the moment..anyone who thinks this show is a far cry from reality ought to read more shit like this from Lori Alexander!

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      A Handmaid’s Tale is NOT in the Bible, the only book worth your time. It was written by a gawdless non-Amurkan who lives in an igloo near the Candadia or the north pole or whatever 😉
      If my mom had not worked as an R.N., we would have suffered much lack, including food. My dad was a Baptist preacher and always in very samll churches that could not find a way to offer a decent wage. Viral Christianites will suggest that we would not have suffered if my mom had stayed home because God Big Man would have provided…. Yeah. The madness runs deep once the virus takes over.

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      Bruce Gerencser

      Surely this is a rhetorical question? ?

      Of course Alexander is clueless. According to her patriarchal Fundamentalist theology, women shouldn’t be blogging at all. Yet, she ignores this inconsistency and blogs away, offering “teaching” to men, married women, widows, and unmarried women.

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    In a hospital recently, I noted how many staff were female, from cleaners to top medics. If they all left tomorrow, well, I can’t begin to imagine. And fundies like Zsu Anderson think male Obs/Gynae doctors are perverts. Guess we’d all have to rely on prayer for healing. And who would staff schools, the retail trade…and pretty well every part of society? ‘Assist midwives’…the maternity unit where my g/son was born has one of the few male midwives in the UK. He has a great reputation and DD was a bit disappointed he was off-duty when she was giving birth. Zsu and Lori would have a fit of the vapours to know that!! For their information, it’s the 21stC, not the 19th.

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      Even back in the vaunted “good old days” that Lori and her foul minions want to return to, women made up the majority of teachers, nurses, secretaries, maids, waitstaff and sales clerks. Those positions were jobs considered to be “beneath” a man’s station (and many still do consider them “unmanly.”) It was also widely assumed that a woman would only work until she found a nice man to marry, at which time she would “settle down,” quit her job and become a good little mother and housewife. In fact, many employers (and husbands) forced women to quit their jobs once they got married. I had an aunt who, back in the era of the “Leave It To Beaver” and “Father Knows Best” bullshit, was a high school English teacher. She really loved her job, but once she got married, her husband expected her to quit. When she refused, her husband went to the Principal, and he fired her. My aunt was one of the most bitter, depressed people I ever knew. My cousins, her kids, claim she spent most of their childhood in a Valium haze (Valium was the “mothers little helper” prescribed by many doctors back in the 50s to all the housewives going mad with boredom, stuck in their houses all day while hubby was at work.) I don’t think she ever forgave my Uncle for forcing her out of her job, she would have been so much happier if she had been allowed to work. I wonder if that would explain why Lori Alexander is such a miserable and angry person….

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        Also, I wonder if Zsu Anderson realizes that back in the “good old days,” most if not all doctors who delivered babies were men, because women were not allowed in the profession. Of course I suppose she could be talking about the “good REALLY old days” when medicine as we know it didn’t exist, and most women had to deliver their own babies, or were delivered by illiterate, untrained relatives, or “midwives” who relied on superstition and folklore, and who probably killed as many (or more) women and children than they safely delivered …in fact, back in those “good old days,” childbirth itself was the leading cause of death for women of childbearing age. (Not that anyone cared, mind you, since women were nothing more than breeding stock anyhow…if your wife died in childbirth, no biggie, the farmer next door probably had a few unwanted daughters, and he would be happy to sell you one for the right price…) Of course, most of these Quiver-fullers like Zsu (doesn’t she have like 10 kids?) usually do the “home birth” thing with barely competent, lay midwives anyhow, because they can’t afford medical insurance and therefore cannot use a “real” doctor…hopefully we won’t be reading about Zsu dying at the hands of an incompetent, untrained home-birther midwife anytime soon….

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    Almost all top jobs in the UK are now held by women. Prime minister, Theresa May. President of the Supreme Court, Baroness Hale. Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Cressida Dick. Home Secretary, Amber Rudd. etc, etc.

    I don’t agree with much of what they say and do, but it has nothing to do with the fact they are women. The US came within a whisker of electing a female president (so many must now be regretting their foolish vote, though probably not Ms Lori), and it’s impossible to see how we could manage without women taking top jobs.

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    Melissa Montana

    And then all these Republican fundies scream at women on welfare “Get a job!” Or, back in the “good old days,” your African-American nanny looked after your children while hers were left alone. How funny; when you a poor minority woman, work is dignified and necessary, but white middle and upper class women need to be at home. Why anyone in this day and age still pushes this nonsense is beyond me.

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    When fundies use Biblical language that isn’t widely used anymore, it should give them SOME indication that they are on the wrong track. Case in point “helpmeet”. I wasn’t too sure what this archaic phrase meant and looked it up. While I suppose some might take pride in using their own archaic lingo, clearly the words aren’t modern and the advice isn’t as well. The reality is most women do give their families priority when considering getting employment. They don’t need a good book (or blogger) to tell them how much is too much. For those women who work by necessity, such blogs only serve as a guilt trip as well as a vanity piece for the writer. It also doesn’t mention the downside of working at home. Often this involves getting involved with “multi level marketing” a.k.a. pyramid scheme to make money.

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    Dear Geoff and Company, Lori’s blog is targeted toward women. Women communicating with/teaching women is Biblically okay. Please bear that in mind the next time you and your co-vipers decide to barge (uninvited) onto a keeper-at-home’s website.

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      Bruce Gerencser

      “Dear Sue and Company, Bruce’s blog is targeted towards doubting Evangelicals and those who have left Christianity. Please bear that in mind the next time you and your co-vipers decide to barge (uninvited) onto an atheist’s website.”

      Sounds silly, doesn’t it? Blogs, unless they are private, are public. Alexander wants women and men to read her virulent anti-human writing. She tries time and again not only to get women to bow before the rule of their husbands, but also to get men to rise to the occasion and be the heads of their homes. So enough of this nonsense that she’s only teaching women. She’s teaching men too, and in doing so she is in rebellion to Paul’s prohibition of women teaching men.

      I don’t give a shit one way or the other (outside of the fact that Alexander is a hypocrite). What matters is what she teaches and how damaging it is psychologically to women. I draw attention to Alexander’s nonsense because I have corresponded with scores of women over the last decade who have been psychologically and physically harmed by teachings such as hers. And let’s not forget Alexander’s promotion of ritualized child abuse and the destruction of self-worth. If you want to be a cheerleader for Alexander by all means do so — on the blog you don’t care anyone reads.

      As long as Alexander has a public blog I plan to critique her writing. Her latest whine about the all the publicity her tattoo post received is hysterical. I’m glad I played a part in exposing her abominable beliefs. If she doesn’t like such exposure, perhaps she should stop saying stuff that’s materially harmful to children, women, and families.

      “As many of you know, my post Men Prefer Debt-Free Virgins Without Tattoos went viral and is causing quite a stir. I should have definitely titled it “Godly Men Prefer Debt-Free Virgins Without Tattoos.” I want to make clear that the audience I teach are those young women who want to learn biblical womanhood as according to God’s instructions in Titus 2:3-5. They love the Lord and His beautiful ways.

      I have received almost 90,000 comments on this post on Facebook so far and most of them hate it. (I have thousands of comments on my blog awaiting moderation for this post, so I won’t be publishing any comments on my blog for a while.) To all of you who are believers in Jesus Christ who have debt and have not kept yourself pure, remember that God has made you a new creation in Christ, washed away all of your sin, and now you walk in newness of life!”

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