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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Why God Gave IFB Pastor Steven Anderson Children

steven anderson

Raising children and keeping house is a lot of work, and a lot of ladies are getting burned out because they are doing too much [yeah, because they have nine children]. They are struggling with the demands of running a household [because their husbands don’t do their part?] when they could be delegating a lot of it, and I don’t mean they should be delegating it to their husbands. If my wife asks me to do something like take out the trash [how dare she!], I tell [ask?] her to have one of the kids do it. I didn’t sire [what a stud] nine children, so I could take out the trash or pick up after the family dog. I did my time shoveling dung and mowing the lawn. It’s not that I’m lazy. I just want to do other more important work [that’s not women’s work]. Not only that, but children need to get used to working.

— Steven Anderson, Teaching Children to Work, September 4, 2017


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    Appalachian Agnostic

    I read somewhere that a large percentage of children believe the only reason their parents had them was to make them wash the dishes. Sounds like this is true in the Anderson family.

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    A new low, even for him; another reason he’s my favorite of all these lunatics.

    Always fascinating to me how much he is caught up in his own importance; he really believes that the “work” he is doing is the most important in the world. Ironically, it isn’t, as he is just another IFB fanatic, doing virtually nothing that the rest of us can’t live without

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    Ugh. What a terrible example he’s setting for his sons: “Get out there and procreate so you don’t ever have to lift a finger to help your wife around the house.” Yeah, the best reason evah to have kids. It makes me wonder what he’d do if his famoly was killed in an accident, and he was left alone.

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      TLC: I am quite sure that he would immediately go out and start a new family to replace the one he lost. The most important thing to him is to prove what a big man he is.

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    I read one of Mrs A’s recent blog posts and I wondered if there might just possibly a tiny glimmer of hope for their older sons. She wrote about feeding the family and said the 3 oldest boys had summer jobs ‘so often ate out in the evenings’. Maybe she just means they take sandwiches from home -but I do so hope they are able to experience the real teenage world a little bit by going to McDonalds and having some FUN. Perhaps they tell her they go to a healthy salad bar and give out odious tracts….but at least they are out of prison for a short while, poor things.

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    Preacher Anderson rejoices in harming himself and others. His excess fascination with sexuality, particularly homosexuality, betrays him. One day this will come to light but meantime he remains a vile biped sharing his delusional obsession, that he is spreading the gospel of Jesus. Jesus has quite a family to answer for… When the sociopathic Christian begins to focus on the upbringing of children, I cringe. The man purports to teach them but he has a conscience so warped that his kids are pretty much doomed to critical harm done. To them, I would say: You have had to love and serve the beast, to live in fear and shame. All children love their parents regardless the harm those parents inflict. It is not right and nothing you did brought this horror upon you. When you can, when you feel safe enough to run, seek support far away from the beast who is your father. Find help to withdraw from his sick, cultic assaults on you. You are not evil. You did not deserve to be abused. With help, over time, you can be free of the beast.

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    Wow, this pastor is one lazy S.O.B. He’s too important to take out the trash? He can sleep somewhere else tonight.

    Also, pastor, they are your CHILDREN, not your slaves. What a guy!

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    hum. lost track of this pos. Lately, I’ve been listening to Kevin Swanson (generations radio). He, IMO, is much more dangerous than the obvious whack-a-doodle that Anderson is. Swanson is actually articulate and has a radio station. He is just as odious in his views about homosexuals, feminists and government overreach (we all live on government subsistance, evidently….) and insists we need to brain wash our kids in the correct “biblical world view” and get them out of public schools.

    Just my opiinon, but I think he is a closeted gay also. God forbid that one of his kids rebel or come out as gay. He constantly talks about mentoring young men, only refers to his daughters as cooks to feed his “mentoring ministy” and rarely mentions his wife. Hum,

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    maura hart

    Of course there are closeted gay that’s why they hate them they’re so afraid of dicks that they might want to put one in there mouth right away. I would fear for their children

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    This man just oozes aggression. It’s there in his “How dare she?”! I have read some of his wife’s blog and it horrifies me how totally she has bought into this man’s delusions and his hate speech and is colluding with him but, at the same time, I fear for her and their kids. A person as deeply, deeply angry as this man clearly is (to those who don’t know him: look at clips of him “preaching”) is one day going to assault someone, probably someone near to him. (If he hasn’t already.) He iss a powder keg and one day, he’ll explode.

    And yes, I think he probably IS a repressed homosexual. His rage on that topic in particular is so totally over the top, and that speaks volumes. (NB I have no problem with him or anyone else being gay, it’s the homophobia that disturbs, the sheer unadulterated hatred towards others and the way he stirs it up.)

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