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Roy Moore Defender: IFB Pastor Franklin Raddish Says More Women are Sexual Predators Than Men

pastor franklin raddish

Franklin “Frank” Raddish, pastor of Capitol Hill Independent Baptist Ministries and a staunch defender of Roy Moore, had this to say about women, LGBTQ people and pedophile:

More women are sexual predators than men.  Women are chasing young boys up and down the road, but we don’t hear about that because it’s not PC.

These people aren’t the good neighbor next door, they’re out to target young children. They must recruit their heritage. As many of them will die from AIDS, the only way they can keep their numbers is to recruit. Pedophiles and men dressing like ladies, their objective is recruitment of children.

The pedophiles will be here tomorrow. The men who dress like women will be here. The world wants to educate our children to be tolerant of homosexuals. The homosexuals can’t grow in number unless they recruit. How do they recruit? They sodomize. That’s the only way.

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Pastor Raddish, please….come out of the closet before you have a stroke.

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Video Link

Raddish attended Bob Jones University — shock — and graduated from Tabernacle Baptist College in Greenville, South Carolina.


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    What’s sad is that I knew a lot of people in my evangelical days who believed that gay people recruit more gay people by molesting them when they are children. That way they can justify their bigotry.

    But where he gets that there are more women sexual abusers than men is beyond me. Maybe it’s just an excuse to continue oppressing and demonizing women as his culture tends to do.

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    That anyone takes this mentally disturbed ranting seriously is the real mystery. Where ARE all these women chasing young boys up and down the road??!

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    Laura LaHay

    Wow! It takes a few minutes for all of the vile defensiveness to really sink in……the louder they “thump the bible”, the more afraid we should be of them… eager to pit one gender against the other…..why is it so hard to believe that Roy Moore and a lot of other “pious” men have a penchant for very young women and hide behind their religiosity – it happens in all religions, in all walks of life and from all socio-economic backgrounds…..and they have narrow minded people like this happy to help them show everyone that it’s “us against the world”… sad…no wonder than fewer and fewer people are attracted to organized religions…..oh, yeah, by the way, you really need to update your ideas regarding “creationism”….I saw your website – very scary…..have you ever thought that evolution was also “God’s plan”, just in slower motion? Just another example of the white, Anglo man thinking that he’s so superior to all else….that’s at the heart of the problem when they consider bigotry, climate change, environmentalism, science, women’s issues, etc…..of course we can treat/use/berate the earth for our own purposes….God gave it for us to do with as we wish….I think the word that’s been used is “stewardship” as a justification….very sad….

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    Real Truth

    Blatantly, honestly, truthful! He is right on point although there are many more being recruited today by brainwashing than there uses to be. Homosexual groups must recruit or they will disappear for they are unable to reproduce NATURALLY.

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      Err…homosexuals are reproduced naturally by heterosexual coupling. Homosexuals aren’t ‘recruited’ into groups, though homosexual people might form themselves into groups, in the same way as evangelicals, flat earthers, and any other like minded folks might do. Sexual orientation is something that exists from birth; no amount of brainwashing will convert somebody and no form of recruitment can possibly work.

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