Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Kevin Swanson Blames Immodesty for Larry Nassar’s Crimes

kevin swanson

There is an infatuation with the body, and, of course, the sexual aspects of the body as well. Some sports encourage immodesty, revealing large portions of the body and this happens in some sports. These are the risky sports. Here they are, what are the risky sports? Gymnastics. Gymnastics and swimming. These are the sports in which there is an added risk.

Why are all of the gymnasts [at] more of a risk than other sports? Do you really want your daughters involved in a sport that involves a fair amount of immodesty in which red-blooded American male coaches are interacting with these girls? Or, worse yet, where the infatuation of the body eventually effects the lesbian coaches?

— Kevin Swanson, Gymnastics and the Sexual Abuse of Kids, February 9, 2018


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  1. maura a hart

    a grown ass man, a medical doctor, a man with several advanced degrees, molested children for his own gratification and yet considers himself a victim. and this asshat blames the children??????? proof positive there is no god

  2. oldbroad1

    well! according to this jerk, unless a woman cries out CRIES OUT immediately and has 2-3 people (men) who can verify her account – it’s not real. ugh.

  3. ObstacleChick

    So…if red-blooded American males and lesbians see skin they’re going to sexually assault girls? Like, it’s a given? They can’t help it? I mean, if they see bare legs. Because last time I checked female gymnast wear long sleeved leotards. So it’s legs that are the culprit.

  4. Rebecca

    It’s almost as if he’s fallen into a form of gnosticism, the teaching that the material body is evil.

  5. howitis

    Please tell me this vile creature does not have children. I shudder to think what his reaction would be if one of them was sexually assaulted.

    Actually, I’m calling now…someday, we’re going to find out that Swanson has molested multiple women, or kids. Either that, or he was sexually abused as a child, and that’s the reason he is so batshit crazy today. He needs help.

  6. Trenton

    I wonder if he has any skeletons in his closet. Unfortunately he probably does have kids.


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