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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Abortion Supporters Are Demon Possessed


As Christians, we know what all of the backlash and threats by the Left against Brett Kavanaugh are really about. The hatred we see for Kavanaugh is only about his pro Life views [and the fact he might have tried to rape a teenager and he liked taking his dick out of his pants and waving it around]. To the Left, anyone who is pro Life is worthy of death themselves [says no one ever].

It’s not that the Left have a person they are attempting to put forward for the position [Uh, how about Merrick Garland]. This hatred and animosity is driven by one thing: ABORTION [Sorry Geri, but our playlist has more than one song].

I believe that many of these Leftist/Marxist people are demon possessed. How else can we explain their frenzy over the right to kill the unborn? Are they sacrificing these unborn children to Molech [of course we are, All praise be Molech]?

— Geri Ungurean, It’s All About Abortion: The Blood Thirsty Left Cannot Kill Enough Babies, September 22, 2018


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    How else can we explain…abortion?

    Isn’t it strange that when evangelical leaders see something they don’t, personally, approve of it’s always Satan or demons to blame, it couldn’t possibly be God telling them they’ve got the message wrong? Perhaps it’s actually the case that God is trying to tell people that he’s pro-choice!

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    All hail Molech! All hail Satan! All hail the demons who possess me!

    Actually, I have a laundry list of items that I am concerned about with regard to appointing a right-wing conservative judge. Most of them concern human/equal rights and separation of religion and state. But again, those things are inspired by Satan so what do I know?

    As I say every election cycle, ” it’s ok if my guy does it, but it isn’t ok if your guy does it”.

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    I have an extremely hard time grasping the fundamentalist evangelical stance on this subject. Especially from Calvinists. Maybe you have some insight from your Calvinists days Bruce?

    The Calvinists believe God has foreordained everything and it happens for his glory. Then how can they oppose abortion? Obviously god has made it happen to bring glory to him in some way? Or maybe he’s really not in control of everything. Yeah, Calvinism really stumps me and it’s been a growing thing in my old SBC circles.

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    Well, I’m a vegetarian, pacifist tendency having, buddhist philosophy appreciating, pro choice person. The devil sure has his ways. I love the animals more than the fetus!! Hey, at least animals are sentient…more than I can say for a 10 week old fetus. Oh yeah, I care about way more than abortion but not like they give a rats ass about things like paid maternity leave or affordable daycare…

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    I’m against abortion, but stumped as to why Christians would even want to have kids considering children are considered hell bound the second they are born and have to have their will broken. By having kids, you are upping the already increasing number of billions of people on God’s hit list if they truly believe over 90% of all humans are going to hell.

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