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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Wives Commanded to Submit to Abusive Husbands


If a husband physically abuses his wife, he is either a very troubled man or an evil man. Not one woman that I have mentored who has been physically abused by her husband has told me that their husband is evil. They all say their husband is very troubled and needs help. I encourage them to call the authorities if they are being physically abused and even separate for a time until he gets help. BUT this doesn’t make void God’s commands for wives to submit to their husband’s leadership and that women who are married to disobedient husbands are to win their husbands without the word by their godly behavior (1 Peter 3:1). God’s ways are “good, and acceptable, and perfect” (Romans 12:2) so we must trust and obey Him! There are TWELVE verses that clearly states a wife’s position under her husband. There’s no guessing game here.

— Lori Alexander, The Transformed Wife, Why Women Are More Easily Deceived, October 1, 2018


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    So if a woman follows this advice and is killed by her abuser, is that god’s will or perfect plan, or is it Satan/sin? They probably don’t care anyway – they will just say “praise Jesus, she is now in eternity with her blessed Savior” so it’s all good.

    Lethal advice.

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      Lori gave me this advice – do not leave your abusive husband because dying at his hands only makes me a better Christian. HOW SICK IS THAT, makes me want to cry.

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    I have come to HATE what this woman is doing, as she repeatedly tells women: your men are in charge and should be in charge, it’s your role to submit, your daughters shouldn’t be going to college. . .and if your husband is abusive, it’s important that you stay with him and set him a good Christian example and, before you know it, he will have reformed completely and you will be very happy old people with very happy children and grandchildren.

    My mother listened to this kind of “advice.” Result: a miserable marriage for her and three damaged children. Did my dad turn himself around and stop being abusive? No. Why would he, given that she would tolerate him whatever he did?

    If one thing comes out crystal-clear from Lori Alexander it is this: she despises (most) women. And if someone posts anything on her blog that disagrees with her, she doesn’t post it up: she really can’t tolerate any other opinion or point of view. Which makes her a bully as well.

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