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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Liberals Serve Satan

barack obama satan worshiper

Satan is the author of confusion, the father of lies and the accuser of the Brethren both day and night.  The liberals…….BLM……Occupy……..and now Antifa are all under the spell of the god of this world.  They don’t think for themselves – they are told what to think.

President Trump loves Israel and this makes the evil one livid. While BHO was in office, his disdain for PM Netanyahu and Israel made the devil very happy.  Satan and his minions were enraged at the election of Donald Trump as our president. The dark forces of evil did NOT see that coming.

— Geri Ungurean, Absolute Truth From the Word Of God: Jesus Has Every Answer, Hatred for Trump is Demonically Inspired, September 27, 2018


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    Funny how those who do not agree with evangelicals are branded as minions (either unwittingly or wittingly) of Satan. It makes discussion difficult.

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    I find it funny how liberals dont think for themselves and they are told what to think by satan while he is telling the sheeple how to think who to vote for and blatantly changing perceptions of liberals with his words without a shred of evidence all in the name of jeebus.

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