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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Atheists are Working for Jesus


Those who are in the company of the godless attack the godly. Why? Puppetry. Satan pulls their strings to accomplish his will but God is in control and even though the enemy has evil intentions through Atheism, cults, and the occult, the Lord turns it around for His will and for the benefit of those who have put their trust in Jesus Christ.


When Satan sends you an Atheist to attack you, unknown to the devil, God has sent him your way so he can hear the Gospel.

— Spaniard VIII, Spiritual Minefield, Why Do Atheists Attack Christians? Satan Is Pulling Their Strings, September 30, 2018


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    I had to read over that a couple times, apparently the old adage about fundamentalism and grammar being mutually exclusive is proven once again.

    And as an atheist, I have never attacked anyone. I’ve given some dirty looks, and certainly showed my middle finger to a few.

    But I didn’t ask about anyone’s religion before doing so.

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    Err, if Satan is the puppeteer pulling the strings then it seems to me that he’s in control. Quite where that leaves God I don’t know, but he’d be able to do a much better job if he sent Satan away on a permanent vacation.

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