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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Wearing Leggings is a Sin

lori alexander

Leggings are immodest. They are tight and clingy and show every curve. Men and even teenage boys are attracted to women’s bodies, regardless of how much the feminists want to reinvent and tell men how they should act and what they should prefer. What right do they have to demand that men change yet they can act, dress, and do as they please? What about not causing a brother to stumble? What about women being commanded by God to dress modestly (1 Timothy 2:9)? Do you notice God did not give this command to be modest to men because He knows that it is men who are more visual and women are more apt to dress immodestly to attract men. He’s the One who created men to be attracted to the female body and He did it for a good reason – to bond them in marriage and be fruitful and multiply.

No, it’s not shaming women to tell them to cover up and be modest. It’s what God commands of us. Since when are God’s commands shaming women? I am accused often of shaming women because I teach them to be keepers at home, chaste, virgins before marriage, not teaching men or being leaders in the churches, and modest. No Christian woman should be shamed by God’s Word. If they are, they must check their hearts to make sure they are in the faith.

Those in authority at this junior high have every right to tell the girls to wear leggings with a long shirt over them so they won’t distract the boys. Boys and men should be able to go to school and church without having to see women who are dressed immodestly. No, men shouldn’t lust and you must teach your boys about quickly bouncing their eyes [bouncing their eyes? Like a basketball?] because there will always be immodestly dressed women, but we must train our daughters to dress modestly in obedience to God and to not cause a brother to stumble. Neither of these are shaming girls or women. It’s truth.

— Lori Alexander, The Transformed Wife, Telling Girls to Dress Modestly is Not Shaming Them, December 4, 2018


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    Can’t recall whether it was Lori, or Debi Pearl, or Nancy Campbell – they seem interchangeable to me – who said her daughter had injured herself falling off a ladder whilst painting a room. I said, may I respectfully suggest that if she’d been wearing yoga pants instead of a long skirt…..????
    Mind you, I didn’t think wiminfolk were supposed to do the DIY anyway, they should be too busy 24/7 working themselves to death on house-cleaning, childcare and sex on demand!

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    I cringe every time I see something by this stupid woman. Does she not realise that she’s every bit a Muslim in her attitudes. Mind you, at least Islam goes the whole hog, so to speak, to its logical conclusion, and insists on covering faces!

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      The practice of covering isn’t directly of Islam, it’s more the cultural practices of the places Islam spread to. There was a time when Christian women covered their heads and many still do in churches. Orthodox Jewish women frequently cover or wear wigs and opaque stockings. They often will not wear sleeves that do not extend past their elbows. Ideas of modesty vary from culture to culture.

      Dressing modestly or not should be up to the individual.

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      GeoffT, I expect you are talking about extreme Muslim perspectives which are no different in kind than Christian ones? Otherwise, why would you think that suggesting she is like a Muslim would change anything? She answers to the one TRUE God! At least the face covering Muslims are direct in their hatred and not American Baptist, claiming they love women and have female interests first in line…. Christians adore torturing women and children for God’s sake every bit as much as Muslims do, praise his holy name!

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    If you go to this woman’s web site, you get sucked down into a deep, dark hole of misogyny. Not only are her teachings disturbing, but the comments that follow her articles go to the far, far right of normal social values. We may ridicule her, bu she is a dangerous person.

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    I’ve just been to Amazon to look at her book that she promotes on her site. Mainly one star reviews (I haven’t read it but can give it one star), but what’s really funny is that a good proportion of the five star reviews are just taking the mick! For example, a husband saying it’s great that he can have sex with his wife whether she wants to or not, or the quality of the paper is pretty good for toilet purposes.

    Seems that this dear lady isn’t taken very seriously even in evangelical circles!

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    Hey, Lori, I am wearing leggings right now. I just deadlifted over 200 lbs and ran 5 miles. Guess that makes me a shameless slut. Oh well.

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      ObstacleChick, you are not the only one wearing leggings. Lori’s own daughter, Alyssa, is fairly frequently seen on her Facebook wearing leggings. Alyssa is married, but doesn’t have any children yet. She may very well be struggling with infertility or maybe, with Lori as an example of “mothering”, Alyssa doesn’t find being a mother to be appealing. Lori not only shames women and girls who wear leggings, she’s also shamed the “barren” woman. (As an aside, does anyone else find the term “barren” for childless women to be offensive?)

      Lori is an absolute horror as a mother.

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