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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: There are No Atheists

there is no such thing as an atheist

Atheists claim that they don’t believe in God. But God, according to the Bible, doesn’t believe in atheists.


The Bible teaches that there are no atheists; there are only people who suppress the truth about God in their unrighteousness. Romans 1 teaches that people know intuitively and from creation that there is a Creator, but they choose to pretend as though they don’t believe.


Of course, [Brad] Pitt is just affirming the Bible. Atheism is an act. Deep down, there are no atheists. There are only spiritualists and supernaturalists who reject truth as a means to place themselves as Lord and Savior of their own life.

At least Pitt was honest…atheism is for actors, both amateur and professional. Every person knows intuitively that supernaturality exists.

— Pulpit & Pen, In GQ Interview, Brad Pitt Admits Atheism Is Just an Act, Doesn’t Really Exist, September 17, 2019


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    Karen the rock whisperer

    I’m so tired of this BS. Few things annoy me more than someone telling me what I believe or don’t believe. It’s insufferably arrogant. Thankfully the Christians in my family have more respect for fellow humans than to do that.

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    I see the first comment is the silly nonsense of ‘how can you explain….’, followed by ‘it takes more faith to be an atheist’. I can’t explain why we are here, though I’m sure I can give a more in depth analysis of the problem than an average evangelical, but I don’t invent a solution then pretend others who don’t agree are stupid.

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    If “the bible says” is any part of your argument for the existence of atheists, you have already lost not your argument, but also any inkling of credibility you may have had with outsiders.

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    I guess a lot of theists like to put things into terms they understand, especially in opposites. Like, if you don’t worship God you must worship satan. I suppose when your while world revolves around a certain religious viewpoint you cannot fathom that there are a plethora of other options, one being that there are people who don’t believe in any deities.

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    I’ve been reading this website for a while. The main writer, JD Hall is a hardcore Calvinist. I refer to them as “poo-flinging Yahoos(in a swiftian sense). They ran a piece many months ago that women cannot be pastors, be cause, well they’re women. As a “non-existent atheist”, in his terms, that is totally incomprehensible for me. The writer of that article was shocked that people would take issue with that opinion.

    These guys love to play the semantic game when it’s other peoples terminology, they hate when we point out the inconsistency on their side.

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    Melissa A Montana

    It’s funny how those who say “You can’t dismiss god” are so easily dismissive of anyone who refuses to think the way they do.

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