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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Globalists Plan to Kill Christians and Trump Supporters

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What follows is a Grade-A pile of bullshit written by Fundamentalist Christian and conspiracy theorist Geri Ungurean. Readers may ask why I give people such as Ungurean notoriety through this blog, but I am of the opinion that it is vitally important to remind thinking Americans that millions of their fellow citizens are, to put it bluntly, nut jobs. We also need to be reminded of the fact that the Ungureans of our country VOTE. Ponder the damage Donald Trump has already done to the United States. Do we want another four years of fascist, authoritarian Trump? If not, we need to VOTE in record numbers.

From the beginning of the “Pandemic” which was orchestrated by Globalists; first in an Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China, where the the virus was Bioengineered; then by the Leftwing media taking every opportunity to disparage President Trump’s every move and decision during this horrific crisis.

Our President’s decision to stop any flights to and from China early on was attacked as ‘xenophobic’ by the Leftist press. Later, it was seen as a move which saved possibly over a million lives in the U.S.

This was a setup from the start.

This was a Global Tantrum by the U.N., The Gates Foundation, WHO, Johns Hopkins, the World Economic Forum, Climate Change fanatics and a host of other Leftist, Globalist bad actors on the world stage.

How dare you?!

And yes, that was in response to the Climate Change poster girl, Greta Thunberg.

How DARE the Globalists orchestrate such a despicable plan that would kill thousands upon thousands of people – and why? It’s not hard to understand this.

For years, the U.N. has used “Global Warming” (now called Climate Change) as a ruse to attempt to control the world’s economies.


Bill Gates and his Globalist friends around the world will stop at nothing to bring America and our President crashing down. Why? To insure that President Trump has no chance to win in November. I have quoted globalists in many of my articles saying this: “The only thing standing in the way of Global Governance is a Strong America.”

President Trump’s win in 2016 was the “Shock” heard round the Globalist world, and they have not gotten over that shock.

The failure of Global Warming to regulate the world’s economies, coupled with the election of Donald Trump sent Globalists worldwide into a tailspin. You may ask this: “So their anger would prompt them to cause a global pandemic?”

The answer to that is quite simply YES! Bill Gates and his globalist friends do NOT care about human life. I’ll take that a step further: Gates and his ilk are chomping at the bit to reduce the world’s population by over 90%!

Yes, you read that right.


The first commandment is this: “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”

If you do the math, and since our current population is approximately 7.8 billion; that leaves over 90% of the population which must be eradicated.
Bill Gates is a eugenicist. His father was a eugenicist and at one time was the head of Planned Parenthood [no he wasn’t].

Did you know that the word Eugenicist comes from the Greek word Eugenes? And did you know that Eugenes means “Of Noble Birth?

Brethren, that says it all, does it not? These mad scientists will not kill over 90% of random people. They have most likely figured out a way to rid the planet of people who:

  • ARE Christians
  • Do not believe the Global Warming mantra
  • Are not Leftwing Are against abortion
  • Are not in favor of gay marriage
  • Are not Globalists

I think that you can understand their rationale about who should live and who should not. This is so horrifying. But so is Satan.

– Geri Ungurean, Absolute Truth From the Word of God: Jesus Has Every Answer, Covid-19 Should Have Been Called Covert-2020: It Has Been Used To Smear Our President, April 16, 2020


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    dale M

    When the Nazis became this loud, most people simply ignored them. This Uri guy is telling us that if he isn’t stopped, he will end up going on a rampage, killing whole families that, he personally deems unworthy to live in Christ. When he starts bringing up “SATAN”, he is more than likely already a part of that satanic cult …. a cult partially derived from the Bible. Who else teaches about it ??

  2. Avatar

    Yes, they are nuts. I doubt Bill Gates and the globalists want to murder 90% of the population. The people I hear calling for the death of American citizens are the crazed RWNJs.

    BTW, the cat looks good in alum foil.

  3. Avatar
    Brian Vanderlip

    American evangelicals are so so fucked… They spread their completely fucked fantasies tax-free and harm us all… Jesus lives! Ane he saves at the Bank of America…

  4. Avatar

    Any virologist who figures out a way to create a virus that can choose its host based on their choice of beliefs (which is what religion is) deserves a freaking Nobel Prize, because that seems pretty impossible.

    These nut job religious conspiracy theorists obviously think their deity is either asleep at the wheel, is a weakling, or is a jerk if they’re so fixated on what Bill Gates et al are doing. Shouldn’t an all-powerful deity be able to squash any opposition?

  5. Avatar

    well, then someone has managed for figure out the TrueChristians(tm) since Christians themselves evidently can’t and the rest of us note that none of them can do what’s promised of them in the holy bibbly.

  6. Avatar
    Aram McLean

    Ah yes, another believer in the Georgia Guidestones conspiracy. The former principal of my ridiculous ACE school has also got it firmly in his head that the evil elite plan is to follow everything on these stones to the letter.

  7. Avatar
    Yulya Sevelova

    These globalists got their support from Ronald Reagan, the Bushes, Trump, so why should the Fundies be bothered by this stuff. This is what they wanted, no ?? They wanted a monolithic enemy. The anti-democratic types for right in. Democracy is in peril all over the world. 1980 saw the rise- again- of autocratic politicians. Reagan opened a position for an embassy for the Vatican. Trump himself really went all-out.

  8. Avatar

    This woman reminds me of the British conspiracist David Icke. He was at one point a respected sports journalist for the BBC then came out with saying he was the son of God and had all these conspiracy theories.

    He appeared on national TV and was interviewed by Terry Wogan (the interview still on YouTube). The audience laughed at Icke and Wogan is famous for saying to him, ‘They are laughing at you, not with you…. Just so you know.’

    For years he remained a national laughing stock.

    There is something about the American psyche were these types of people are given more ground and credibility.

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