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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: There is Zero Good in Democrats

democrats are evil

All Democrats, are in support of murdering babies [evidently, Sp8 has never heard of Democrats for Life] and for homosexuality. They pretend to care for Spanish and black people. All they want is our vote. There is zero good in a Democrat. They are godless and if they claim to believe in God, then they are deceiving themselves because they support unbiblical practices.

— Sp8, Spiritual Minefield, Racism In America, June 7, 2020


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    It’s weird that these fundagelicals only focus on abortion -about which the Bible says exactly zip- and homosexuality which is covered in several disputed verses. There’s no discussion about caring for the least of these and loving your neighbor.

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    Yeah, he’s a forced pro-birther, and undoubtedly supports the police killings, so the only life he’s really interested in is pre-birth.

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    Making blanket statements of binary us vs. them proclamations is easy – it is lazy, requires no work, requires no analysis of candidates and their platforms. It definitely isn’t conducive to reaching out to someone else to find out their beliefs and where you might find common ground for solutions beneficial to all.

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    a shame that most of these fools are probably on Medicare and Social Security that a Democrat thought to do.

    I can’t say that there is no good in Christians; there is. Conservative TrueChristians(tm) is another matter.

    I do wonder how these ever so self-important Christians can bear to use a computer, modern medicine, etc since those things were invented by homosexuals, liberals, etc.

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    John Arthur

    Hi Bruce,

    Spaniard viii is at it again. In his post “Christ Is Coming Soon. Are You Ready To Meet Him?” (9 September 2020), he says: ” Imagine Jesus comes while you are supporting the democratic party who advocates for killing of babies, are pro LGBT, are anti-God, and also supports other types of immorality.” In one of the comments on this blog post Spaniard claims that the Democratic Party is a demonic party. This guy is a lunatic! My, my, my .. I vote for the Australian Labor party which is a social democratic party. It’s to the left of the Democratic Party in the USA. So he must think that I vote for Satan himself.

    In a post on his other website called “The Cookie a Day”, he has a post “The Bible and Politics: What Does The Bible Say About Conservatism And Leftism?” He claims: “Those on the left, the Democrats are liberals, and they embrace the culture and its immoralities. Those on the right, the Republicans, stick to the traditions as found in the Scriptures. The Scriptures call those on the left fools, but those who are wise, walk towards the right.” He then spouts some more nonsense and concludes with Mat.25 with the sheep on Jesus’ right and the goats on the left.

    This guy is a complete nutcase and needs urgent psychiatric help!

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