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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Why Pastors are Apostatizing in Droves

fear the gay agenda

There are two frontal attacks on the churches today, making many pastors apostatize in droves. The first one is the LGBTQ movement. The culture is forcing the churches to embrace the homosexual agenda as being right in God’s eyes. They claim that God made them gay. That is pure blasphemy.

The second attack by the devil is Critical Race Theory. The CRT is rooted in the thoughts of Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud. It comes from a Marxism mentality to destroy the Judeo-Christian values. The culture is forcing white people to bow down to black people and confess that they are racist. That is demonic and ungodly to suggest that just because God made a person white, they automatically are racist. All nationalities have their bad apples, but that doesn’t make the rest rotten. I went to a black school where the blacks were racist toward Spanish and white people and hated them because they were not black. Would I now say that all black people are evil and need to repent for being racist at my school? Of course not. In Matthew 24:7, Jesus said in the end times, different races will fight against each other.

— Spaniard VIII, Spiritual Minefield: Exposing the spiritual landmines of the devil through the Word of God, Critical Race Theory, August 2, 2021

If Spaniard VIII is interested, I will gladly educate him about the real reasons for an increasing number of pastors leaving Christianity. Come to the light, my friend, come to the light. 🙂


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      Let me disappoint you, BYRONIAC, I sleep like a baby at night.

      Bruce, I appreciate your offer to educate me on the matter, but I am well educated on it already. You see, what happened to you and what is happening to those fake Christians is a fulfillment of biblical prophecy as stated in 2 Thessalonians 2:3, which says, “Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way. For that day will not come unless the apostasy comes first and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction.”

      Before Jesus Christ comes to take the church to be with Him, many so-called Christians will abandon the faith, revealing that they never truly believed in Him (1 John 2:19). That is a sign of the end times.

      By the way, Bruce, how’s your wife? How are you guys doing? I hope all is well and that you may change your mind about Jesus Christ, repent and truly believe in Him for your salvation.

      I appreciate every time you take the time to write about me. I take no offense with what you say because I am firm in my convictions.

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        Bruce Gerencser

        Really? You refuse to accept my story at face value — dismissing out of hand 50 years of my life — and call on me to “repent” and really, really, really believe, and THEN you ask how my wife is and how we are doing? Think about how you sound to me and others, dude.

        I assume you don’t read my writing, so you “missed” that I was diagnosed with gastroparesis — an incurable disease — last year. I have lost 120#. I also suffer from fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. Worse yet, there’s this:

        Polly? She’s old, tired, ready to retire but can’t due to her sick husband, and she’s still the most awesome woman in the world. ❤️

        The line about “teaching” you was sarcasm. Surely you know that. Besides, you know “everything,” and the moment I deconverted all the knowledge I had about the Bible/Christianity/theology magically disappeared from my mind.

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          So, I can’t be worry about your soul and your heath at the same time?

          I refuse to believe in your conversion because the Scriptures clearly say that a true believer, one who has the Holy Spirit, cannot lose their salvation. Read John 10:27-30 for an example. We completely disagree when it come to the Lord but that doesn’t mean that I’m not concern about you and those I have come in contact with. You just get offended so you think I’m attacking you. All I can do is tell you the truth and reality. Look, I came here because you started talking about me, so I took the opportunity to tell you about Christ, which you need, and to find out about how you been. I didn’t know you had a page or post with what you are going through. I’m sorry to hear that.

          “Think about how you sound to me and others, dude.”

          To answer what you said. I sound like a person who will tell you the truth if you like it or not and will show you that I do care for you and your wife as well. I’m a Christian and the gospel is primary because it keeps people out of hell.

          I don’t read your posts. I only come when you post about me, if I happen to find out. I will read your link.

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            Bruce Gerencser


            No, you sound like just another “asshole for Jesus.” AFJs are unable to interact with people without having an ulterior motive: evangelizing or sermonizing. You could have asked how I (we) were doing. Instead, you used it as a pretext to tell me the “truth.”

            Ask yourself, what have you said in your two comments that I haven’t heard thousands (literally) of times before or said myself? Do you really think your words are “magic,” that after reading them, I will say, OML (oh my Loki), “Alex Ruiz is right. I need Jesus!” And with that, I fall on my knees, repent, and ask Jesus to save me? Please, there’s a better chance of you and me having sex than there is that happening.

            I encourage you to read my posts, Alex. You might learn something. Or at the very least, you will learn to interact with people who are different from you; not of your select little band of Christians.

            I do admit you are slipping. I’m surprised you didn’t say out loud that my chronic illnesses and pain are either God judging me or trying to get my attention.

            Just a warning of what’s ahead: I plan to write a short review of your epic commentary on Revelation. 😂

            Be well, Alex. May reason, skepticism, and intellectual inquiry— the triune God of rationalism — be with you alway. May her face shine upon you. Amen


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        Oh, I am not disappointed. Not all Christians are blessed wth a sense of cognitive dissonance when things do not make sense in their religion or are difficult to rationalize, or are honest about it, not sure which in your case, because I do not know you. However, if I take you at your word, then I have to question your empathy and compassion for your fellow human beings. By the way, if you truly wanted to communicate caring and concern in a believable way, you could have vastly reworded your first two paragraphs (excluding the first sentence directed at me), or omitted them altogether. Why, one would almost get the impression that you cared more about your first two paragraphs (after the first standalone sentence), then the rest of what you said, and question why you included the rest since it seems unnecessary to your basic message. And, hey, any advertising is good advertising, am I right? Sorry, not sorry, but after years as an evangelical I tend to see right through typical evangelical tactics for what they truly are.

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        I get sick and tired (well, for the few minutes in a week that I waste pondering the subject) of cultists, like yourself, insisting that they know the mindset of others better than they do themselves. You throw at Bruce that he was never truly saved, because of some superstitious text on which you rely, yet Bruce was as committed a Christian as you ever were, and are. Suppose you were suddenly to lose your faith, would that mean you weren’t ‘saved’ pending losing it? If Bruce had died in an accident moments before he committed to atheism, would he not have been saved in eternity? The verse you quote can only be turned into making logical sense if it includes people such as Bruce, who once believed and now don’t: their ‘being saved’ is maintained.

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        as usual, Span shows just how Christianity fails. Every Christian calls every other Christian “false”, and alas none of them can show they are a TrueChristian at all. The bible promises that every baptized believer in Christ as personal savior will have any prayer made in JC’s name answered quickly and with what was asked for. They will be able to to miracles just like JC and even better!

        Not a single one can. Why, it’s just like all of them are frauds.

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        John Arthur

        Hi Spaniard,
        What do you kow about Marxian theory? What do you know about Critical Race Theory?

        Instead of reading your barbaric bronze and iron age book, written by ignorant savages, why not read Marx’s Das Kapital (vols. I, 2 and 3). You might find some of its ideas instructive.

        Some people think that Jesus was the first socialist, Spaniard. Marx was a 19th. Century socialist, but his ideas were more advanced than Jesus. So why don’y you become a Christian Democratic Socialist. Vote for Bernie Sanders!

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    Spaniard, the world will change and evolve. If the church doesn’t change with it it will eventually disappear(not a bad thing in my mind personally). The evolution of the church shows that it is nothing more than a man made institution that is built on power and control over others. As for apostasy in the modern age, biblical christianity certainly did not exist in early church history as the bible in its current form did not exist until the 3rd or 4th century ce. That means many of the beliefs you hold dear may be considered heretical to the faith of the early christians. There is plenty of evidence of church infighting that was only stopped by authoritarian control from whichever person just happened to be the emperor or pope (and even then that didn’t stop schisms).

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      Barbara L. Jackson

      Trenton is correct. Christianity did not get power until Constantine the Roman emperor said it was the religion of the Romans. It is used to control people. As I have mentioned in other comments, You are Oliver Cromwell all over again, saying your form of religion is correct and everyone else is wrong. Oliver Cromwell in Britain had Penal Laws created for anyone who was not protestant the way they wanted, or Catholic.

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    Behold, I am Sage, the destroyer of Evangelicalism. My true form is🦄.

    Using my powers of persuasion, along with a top secret, eyes only, Agenda, and my Entrancing Rainbow Glitter Infused Horn (ERHIG), I entice ministers, church leaders and church members to turn form the church, and seek freedom, hope, love, and acceptance outside of the whitewashed walls of the sepulcher they once called their church. Soon, evangelicalism will fall before me, with only the hateful, nationalistic, self loving, bigots left huddling in the church.

    My fellow queers also stand, seducing the helpless church in their own way.

    Soon my plan – our plan – will be fulfilled… BWAHAHAHAHAHA

    I am so confident, I will tell you the plan – you may even say it is part of The Agenda. It is really so simple, so obvious, that you have been unable to understand it. The pure simplicity of the plan kept it hidden in plain sight – in fact, hidden in your very church and your very holy book – such is my incredible power.

    You will be shocked when you see it, you will most likely deny it, yet, it is there…

    The agenda is…🦄.. love your neighbor as yourself..🦄 The agenda is simply that, allow everyone to live equally and to end the intolerance of bigotry and judgmental hatred. Using this agenda, and my sultry ways, and my ERHIG, I seek to change to world to a better place, where everyone can live in harmony and acceptance, and intolerance trampled under my hooves.

    Yes, there is no love like religious intolerance – seriously, there is no love like that.

    But, I am not a 🦄 without a heart, and I so love a good challenge. With that in mind, I will tell you one way you can thwart my plans to destroy evangelicalism. It is very radical, it may well be impossible, and I suspect you will have no desire to accept this solution, because very few “so called christians” would dare actually do the very thing that may save the church.

    I suspect you are part of a church, maybe a leader, maybe even a minister. You have a nice building. Each week you and your other members get together in your private club to sing, dance, pray, confess, and TALK about god. These club meetings are so wonderful and important – so important that many churches fought for the right to stay open in the face of pandemic, willing to risk illness, perhaps death, to show you commitment to god. Perhaps during the week you find time to TALK about god to others in person or online. To TALK about god with the hope to bring others to god. How quaint.

    Outside there are hundreds of people. Many are sick, hungry, thirsty, homeless, in need of clothing, assistance and a helping hand. Instead of holding those fun group hug sessions in your church, clear out the sanctuary, the classrooms, the offices, fill it with beds, provide food, drink, clothing, support, and care to the homeless and other people who struggle in your community. Take all of this TALK of god and put it into ACTION. Who knows, you may even get your entire city involved. Imagine that, the church leading the city to care for people in need, and taking action to show how it may be accomplished. Who knows, that may even earn you some eternal reward?

    Sadly, I suspect your self love will not permit you this type of mercy. Those weekly services are just too important, and that church is the house of god and should be treated with the greatest respect and honor. It’s all about love, right?

    But I suspect this – Your love is like a morning cloud, like the dew that goes early away.

    Is showing mercy to those around you, who are not your brand of christian, such a hard thing? History would seem to tell us that it is…

    SO, I suspect that it will all come back too this…Behold, I am Sage, the destroyer of Evangelicalism. My true form is 🦄..

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    the world is changing and evolving for the greater good of humankind. this is what fundamentalists cannot stand and they fear. they know as people understand their world and each other, as peace and prosperity for all grow, that they will be cast aside. their traditions are mostly ugly and hateful and have caused pain. they deserve to go away. hope these pastors can lead more out of this crap.

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    MJ Lisbeth

    Of all the people I’ve heard denouncing CRT, I’ve yet to hear one who actually know what it is.

    As for the corrosive power of a queer transgender woman in late middle age (that would be me) on Christianity, I would say the reverse is true: The toxic doctrines and practices of Christians drive away people like me.

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    Davie from Glasgow

    “I refuse to believe X because my interpretation of the current translation I have of some stories from Bronze Age says Y.” And there’s really nowhere for anyone to go from there.

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    Spaniard, I am a Christian I wrote a comment on YOUR site that you chose not to approve, so I come here. Bruce is made in the Image of God. Treating him in this way is not okay. Please repent. I don’t see Jesus batting people over the head with Christianity.

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      John Arthur

      It is typical of Spaniard to not approve comments with which he disagrees. He also misrepresents the views of atheists, agostics, progressive Christians, and followers of non Christian religions.

      He is obsessed with the inerrancy of the bible and claims that you cannot be “saved” if you reject such a belief.

      He totally ignores the command to love God through showing kindness to others, including his enemies. Bible bashing is his view of showing love.

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