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Christians Say the Darnedest Things: Voting Democrat is Evil in the Sight of God

mark shepard

Is voting Democrat an evil act in God’s eyes?


The question raised is a most serious question, especially for those who seek to follow Jesus.


Today’s Democratic Party completely rejects Biblical teaching on morality and human nature – that man’s fallen nature cannot handle great power. Rather, it embraces pagan ideas, including the state being supreme. As such they work to shift power (responsibility and control) away from the smaller governing spheres of individual, family, church, community, etc. to higher and higher governing levels, including unaccountable international bodies.

The Democratic Party platforms and actions present an agenda that includes:

  • Abortion with no limits.
  • Doctor-assisted suicide for those deemed as not worthy of normal legal protections.
  • Rejecting of God’s design of marriage and creation of male and female, thus exploiting and indeed creating sexual and gender confusion.
  • Destructive life-altering hormone and surgical procedures in children of all ages.
  • Creating destabilizing unrest and divisions among Americans, with current efforts dividing by wealth, skin color, gender and sexuality.
  • Disenfranchising legal voters through weakening voting laws
  • Greater state control of individual healthcare decisions.
  • Suppressing the Christian-informed conscience.
  • Producing godless citizens through public schools where children are essentially drafted into the front lines of their war against God.


While some may claim that this column advocates for a theocracy, a theocracy goes much further than using a religious book as a guide for morality and good governing practices. A theocracy dictates religious beliefs and practices. The fact is it is the Democratic Party that is all too eager to force and coerce its pagan beliefs and practices on the entire population.

— Mark Shepard, Renew America, Is voting Democrat an evil act in God’s eyes?, October 7, 2021


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    This coward doesn’t even permit comments on his column. I suppose if he did, there would be too many evil Democrats proving that he’s 100% wrong…completely wrong on half of what he lists, and deliberately misconstruing the rest.

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    Yulya Sevelova

    There ARE Kennedy- style Democrats around, just not enough of them though. Too many ” New Democrats” these days,who are Washington insiders. They left behind middle-class ideals and the average citizen, and this is one reason why homelessness is such a crisis. No Democrat has restored HUD to it’s pre- Reagan cuts( 80%) to this day,for example. Reagan did this in 1984,while declaring ” homelessness is a choice.”. If anything, we need the kind of Democrats who believe in the middle-class. And restoring consumer protection again,too ! Now THAT would be truly ” godly.”

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    Yeah, I knew it wouldn’t be long until being a democrat was a sin. This is what happens when you mix religion and politics, you create a class of others, who are evil, and deserve punishment.

    This is also a textbook example of projecting.

    It is worth pointing out that most division is created they the far right conservatives who are foaming at the mouth daily in their effort to demand everyone follows their rules. This is just another example of this problem.

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    This is why preserving separation of church and state is so important. I am glad that religion is dwindling, but we can see how desperate and dangerous Christian nationalists are in their quest to retain power. Most Americans oppose this agenda, but the rest of us aren’t as mobilized and committed to voting as these right wing nut jobs are.

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    This is a good example of the new battle lines between the parties. It’s why one of the worst examples of personal immorality, Trump gets a pass because he is a useful tool to the religious right. “God uses imperfect people”. But notice God doesn’t use Joe Biden.

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    Barbara L. Jackson

    I don’t know if this comment belongs here or in the selfish article. I worked for a highway construction office a long time ago. What I learned is roads and bridges cost money to build and maintain. It doesn’t matter what religion or philosophy you have. We all use them every day. Democrats are more likely to get the money to do this. Republicans just don’t want to pay taxes

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